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Dear Community,

We have an important update to share. The Anime Network will be sunsetting its main website on February 15, 2024. We understand how important the Anime Network forums have been for connection, support and sharing within the community, so they will remain accessible through the end of 2024.

As we say goodbye to the Anime Network website, please be sure to update your login credentials to continue using the forums. For convenience, we’ve enclosed a link to the forums so you can update your bookmarks:

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. You’ve made our community possible. Here’s to more engaging discussions ahead!

Warm regards,
The Anime Network Team

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Please note:

Sometime on/after February 15, you’ll need to re-login.

Forums - is not going away
Website - is going away


Did the VoD service end at some point? Or is it being rebranded (or has been)?


This is a sad day. I hope that Sentai/HIDIVE will continue to afford their loyal followers a home by introducing a new or rebranded forum. If not, where should we, as the TAN community, move to replicate this home base? BTW, I’ve used the login for years. I hope I don’t have to relog in, though it shouldn’t be hard.


No, it’s still going. Fewer providers, but still there.

You will have to re-log in, but now it’s easier to change your email/password without having to hunt for it.


I’ve been thru this several times with Boards that I was active on. It is always a loss, with the end of a built up community and the history that the community has.

I would think it would be natural to move the board under the HiDive site’s URL since much of the discussion these days relates to HiDive’s Series. A rebranding and retention of historical posts to preserve the community…

Just to drop it will be sad, but not entirely unexpected.

Mark Gosdin


Wow this is a shock to the system. I have been here since 2007 and it’s been quite an amazing journey here with everyone. As @mgosdin stated, I too have been through the loss of a few communities in the past. I’m happy to see the TAN forums sticking around through 2024, but I share in the sentiments of others that, if it is indeed possible, move the forums to HIDIVE so everything is under one home. The foundation is already there. Just needs the last piece.

In all honesty, I’d hate to see the forums go. It is always nice to share anime and game purchases with everyone. I may not always be one for discussing but I always cherish that.

We’ll see what the future holds.


That’s sad to hear, had a lot of good times with good people in this place. Was my first job, and probably my favorite job too! But at the end of the day it was the people I met here that truly make it special, and I’m sure many of you who come here on the regular would say the same.

I would really hope that they think about what a great community they have here, full of true and loyal fans of the brand, and would consider moving the forum to the hidive site. Having a working and well maintained community component keeps people engaged and returning to the site even when there’s not something to watch. And it’s just a great thing to have a place to talk to people who love the same things you love. :slight_smile:



My thought exactly @Rai

I appreciate all the leaders and members still on here
And whatever happens you all are all still apart of the TAN Clan no matter what.

And i think the regulars should get some kind of token of appreciation for being on the forums for years of logging in while posting.
Like a last TAN Hurrah before closing the curtain


A good group of people here, I would hate for the forums to just go away, Would hopefully rebrand under the HiDive Banner, which would get, I think, more traffic to the site. It would be interesting to see how many Lurkers we have compared to the people who still actively post here.

All in all they’re going to do what they are going to do, as it still costs money to pay for the forums. I personally hate discord just for the fact of how “In the moment it is” and I can’t reference older posts etc like we can here.


I agree that’d be pretty cool if the forums continued on in some form. We have quite a few regulars/lurkers here. If it went over to hidive I can definitely see an influx of more traffic which I can’t imagine being a bad thing.


My own feeling is that many Hidive subscribers don’t know about this site. If they have a problem, they go to social media, and don’t always get satisfaction unless Slowhand sees something and can point them in the right direction. If they want to talk about something, they go to social media, where turnover is quite fast and their comment can get lost.

Yes, there is a chat feature on Hidive, but it is per episode and goes away when the episode ends. So, that is useless. I never understood why it was there in the first place. People rarely even use that feature.

If our forums were attached to Hidive, people can come here with Hidive problems. We can try to help them or we can tell them to submit a help ticket. I think it is the human element that is important. There is too much AI help these days that isn’t really any help at all. We have a really good group of members here and someone is always willing to help, especially with new members.

In addition, if Hidive people come here, they have threads to chat and discuss anime series and movies, etc. - and not just Hidive shows, but many others. Since Funi is gone and Crunchyroll shut down their forums, people again turn to social media and it can be frustrating trying to talk about something when then next person wants to talk about something else. This site is more stable and their comments do not disappear, so they can come back often and pick up where they left off in a discussion or check to see if someone responded to a comment. Again, it is human interaction that is so important in these days of overdone tech / AI.

If our forums were attached to Hidive, the higher ups would have a better grasp on what people are saying about Hidive anime - what they like or don’t like and what they like or don’t like about non-Hidive shows. I think it would help marketing and the powers that be in licensing new anime and getting good sales numbers with more opinions from the people that actually watch the anime.

I would even like to see Hidive expand into more live action Asian drama and non-anime shows, like Pantheon - still not sure why it was dropped. I was enjoying it, but that is beside the point. Hidive could be a good testing ground for other types of shows and movies and the forums would contribute to excellent feedback for such experiments. A poll online or a survey at a convention can only provide limited feedback.

In addition, Slowhand does an amazing job with the VOD Reports. She is an incredible help to everyone. Series5Ranger puts together a complete license master list that we all refer to and depend on. We have information threads in addition to the anime threads, like the “What did you watch today” threads. I look at them often to see what people are watching and if I might be interested in something.

We also have fun threads, like the bishie game one. This is something that has been going on for years at this site. When a gamemaster leaves, another member will renew the game because it is so popular. Right now, we have a new gamemaster in OneWayDevil and we are all looking forward to fun rounds. We hope this version of the game will entertain us for even more years to come.

Finally, I just want to say that attaching these forums to Hidive would be beneficial to everyone, because there would be something for everyone. I know financial issues can be a deciding factor, and I, for one, would not mind seeing some kind of advertising. We have had ads on the forums in the past. I am not sure how it worked out because when the forums updated, the ads disappeared. I would not mind if they showed up again, if it meant keeping the forums around for many years to come.

Life can throw a lot at a person, and it is nice to have a home here and friends to talk to. I find it is the best place to relax. I think our community is one of the best family units that ever came together! Yes, I said “family” because in the end, that is exactly what we are.

Thank you for reading. Perhaps I said too much. Perhaps I have not said enough. I don’t really talk much, but when I get my head and heart set on something, watch out. :smiley: :v: :hearts:


I honestly can’t say much anything that hasn’t been said before.

Personal thoughts are that merging the forums to Hidive is an excellent idea.

If we advertise the forums to Hidive, the viewers can come here to discuss the current episodes they’re watching.

I’ve tried the chat feature (which, to my knowledge, only works on the website itself and not on Roku or Android), and it just doesn’t function properly. In one episode, I lost the chat connection 3 times and since it deletes everything once the page refreshes, I kept losing place when trying to talk about the episode. I haven’t tried it again since then…

And everyone here IS a family. When I had my old account, back in 2012 and left because we moved, I was greatly saddened. However, in 2017, when Comcast started hosting TAN again, I was able to rejoin, and not only was I welcomed back warmly, but everyone remembered me! You really don’t know how elated that made me! Our little community is almost like an oasis where the troubles of our daily lives don’t exist. Any time I’m here, it’s a calming experience, and everyone even goes along with conversations with Yami and Nemesis!


This feature was dropped in November. It was getting to the point where there was only ever one person in the chat. It was difficult to get together with other people when there was really no way to discuss a time to meet.


This is kind of odd for me. It gives me the sense of, “wait it’s leaving?! But I just got here!!”

Though I’ve only been officially here for a little over a year (I lurked for about 2 maybe) this forum feels safe to me. I’m not one for social media because the environments seem to be overly unhealthy. And my metal health has fluctuated greatly but stopping by here has been a place of relief. I come here to get away for a bit. See all the interesting posts people take time to make. I tend to be hesitant to interact with new people but I’ve seen that people here are very welcoming. I’m still shy but I feel I can go at my own pace. This forum has started to become a new home for me. And I appreciate every one who has kept it going for all these years. It gave me a future stomping ground I didn’t know existed. And I’d be sad to see it just disappear like it never existed.



I’ve been here since 2005. This forum has contributed greatly to my hobby of DVD/Bluray purchasing. This is probably the only sane place left to discuss anime without all of the nonsense. I hope the forum can be saved in some way.


Another good idea and another reason to have the forums connected to Hidive. People can meet up and have watch parties. We used to do it in the past with DVD’s and were assigned a certain number of episodes per day. Then we would come in here and discuss them. It was a lot of fun. I don’t see why people could not do that with a weekly show. Maybe I will do an experiment.

We really love it when old members return, if only to drop in and say “Hi”.

This is very true. I tend to stay away from all such places. The bullying can really do a number on one’s mental health. Stress, anxiety, dealing with whiners and complainers. It all adds up. You rarely get anything good out of it.

I was very shy too when I first came here and had to lurk for a while till I got up the courage to join. I did make a couple of horrifying mistakes (in my own mind) and almost left permanently. But yes, people were very welcoming a few days later when I bravely returned.

Some do’s and don’t were pointed out to me in a friendly manner and I appreciated it. After that, it did not take me long to settle in and go at my own pace. When I saw how much people loved the things I loved, I eventually joined more conversations and made what I feel are life-long friends. Granted, I am still a shy person and won’t say much, unless I feel I have to, but I still consider this place home, and I would love to see more like-minded people join us and extend the family.

Right now, I feel may have forgotten us, because we no longer have an online player. So, it kind of makes sense to attach us to one again. Rebranding the forums as a Hidive hangout would make perfect sense, giving people a place to have themselves heard and voice their opinions. Right now, people are very limited as to where they can go to get a good discussion going about anime, without getting grief from a bunch of nay-sayers. .

I still think attaching the forums to Hidive would get more people interested to join us and make it a lively, fun community, beneficial to all. We are all easygoing, and like to hear other opinions expressed, unlike some other forums, where the rules are so strict, you can get banned for criticizing a show that others like, or some other stupid reason. Not to say we allow everything here. LOL Some people have been banned in the past, and Slowhand has such a lovely ban hammer. She keeps us all in line!


I have been holding off on posting in here because I genuinely am not sure how to express the feelings I am having right now. Going to try the best I can but my thoughts at times are not the clearest. I have been coming here since near the beginning of the forums. Just over 18 years. We have had a lot of good times and good people here.

I had hoped since Hidive came in to being a set of forums would be created or these would be moved over. I know the forums cost money to keep up and running, but I always felt the move to social media made everything very impersonal. A bit of the members we would get were from reporting issues on the The Anime Network Online Player. Some would not stay long but others did stay. We lost that influx of people with the Online Player shutting down. Another advantage to the forums with problems with any of the services were able to be reported to who they needed to be and taken care of in a timely manner. Something I feel is lacking in the reporting of problems using a email or social media. Forums also provided a place to have a discussion that does not disappear near as soon as it’s started or a show ends. Most discussions on the internet generally turn in to an argument but I feel here the environment really allows people to just have a calm discussion even when disagreeing on things.

I have watched a lot of Anime things vanish over the years from, companies, Old Message boards on Compuserve, Chat Rooms on AOL, Buyouts of sites like Anime On DVD causing us to loose a lot of history, free websites used to create some great sources of info, web rings, and various other outlets. There is a lot of info in the older post in these very forums that will be lost to ages and thinking about it honestly upsets me as I have seen it happen so much over the years.

These forums and the family here have helped me through some tough times over these 18 odd years and the thought of them not being here anymore is upsetting. I hope they can continue in some way. If not thank you to everyone involved over the years.

I really don’t have a lot to add that has not been said so going to cut myself off before I go into a full ramble of thoughts in my head.


At least we’ll have the Wayback Machine:


I had another thought. Sorry, if I am stepping on some toes here. When Anime Network still had an online player, we used to get a list in the forums of what shows were leaving the site in 2 weeks, 3 weeks or in one month.

I know tons of people were complaining online recently about shows disappearing without notice. Not just on Hidive, but other sites as well.

Having the forums on Hidive would also provide a place to make these kinds of announcements and give people a final chance to watch an anime they’ve been wanting to see or rewatch a favorite legally before it leaves the Hidive player.

Two good things about this is that more people may buy the anime if they enjoyed watching it last minute, and it also gives a one up on other sites, which may attract more subscribers, since other sites have no place to make these kinds of announcements. People like to know when a show is leaving the site. I have been caught several times in the middle of something, only to have it disappear without any kind of warning. It is frustrating to say the least.

Yes, I know some anime do return - and that is always wonderful to see, but others do not. Having a list of leaving anime - even if only temporarily - was one really good feature on the old site and I think it is something that is missed by many.