Playstation 3 browser

I’m new to theanimenetwork ,I used to view anime through my playstation 3 justt fine, after the upgrade to site features like scrolling no longer work.
Does anybody know to configure the playstation brrowser so it will display content properly without overlapping and or running outside the conte field.
There were no issues with the previous version…any help would be appreciable

I would like to see this site be compatible with the ps3 browser as well. Would sure solve a lot of issues with me. Any chance of this happening?

It’s more or less up to Sony to update their browser.
Same deal with the Wii.
It may happen in the future but for right now I doubt they deem it as necessary.

Both only support up to Flash 7 I believe while a lot of sites are using 8 and up.

PS3 from what I can find is actually using a slightly modified version of Netfront which was more or less designed for Mobile devices.

Thanks for your response . i kinda figured it was something like that, couldn’t put my finger on it though . I guess ill figure something out , Thanks