Anime Network Mobile (I can't download it..?)

You know this is really funny, yesterday or the day before I was looking at this app in itunes I searched for “anime” and this popped up as an anime app for ipod touch.

Today however it goes free for one day and all of a sudden I can’t find it ANYWHERE in itunes or in the app store on my ipod touch.

When I go to the itunes link for the app supposedly it’s “not available in the US Store”. What a CROCK!

I bet damn well this app will be available in my country tomorrow though for a whopping $6.99 to download, not to mention a subscription fee to watch anything decent on the god damn thing.

We had some updates done to the app, & it’s pending approval from Apple.
We’ll let you guys know when it’s available to download again.

Yes, yes I’m sure there were problems with the app. Especially on the day that it was put up for FREE TO DOWNLOAD and yet nobody could access it.

But hey will you look at that! A day later it’s back up in itunes! And I COULD hand over my hard earned $6.99 to buy it if I wanted! This is COMPLETE BS!

What I think you should do (But won’t happen because Anime Network is greedy) is put the app back up for free for a day since everything is “fixed” now. That way those of us who “missed out” on downloading it for FREE the other day can get it for FREE.

Uh. You’re not being robbed of a sale/promotion nor are you owed anything considering there was no intent to have that free and you never paid for it. I highly doubt there was any intention for Anime Network to offer that for free.

That was likely a mistake by someone - though I’m sure they’ll respond with an official reason.

This is a new service that Anime Network just added in January 2010 at $6.99/month - if there was, Anime Network would have released a press statement - such as:

[quote]Anime Network adds a new anime subscription service for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Anime Network video on demand App gives subscribers access to a select offering of anime TV series and films, as well as exclusive wallpapers for the user’s mobile device. The Anime Network Mobile app takes advantage of HTTP video streaming which adjusts the video quality based on the user’s connection speed, as well as allowing on-the-go access through 3G and WIFI.

The subscription service runs $6.99 and grants the subscriber 30 days of unlimited access to complete anime episodes and films available - New episodes and films are to be added weekly.[/quote]

When Anime Network has sales and special promotions they also announce those too in advance. No such promotion happened in this case.

Unfortunately, that was not a promotion. The developers at ZooVision found a problem within the app’s subscription service, so it was disabled from being downloaded in the App Store while they submitted an upgrade and Apple approved it. The app was never meant to be free to download- that apparently was an error that occurred when the app was disabled for download in the App Store.

The Anime Network Mobile app for the iPhone & iTouch, in it’s past & current form, is a separate VOD service from both our Cable/Satellite VOD & Online Player services. The $6.95 cost to initially download the app is actually that first month’s subscription fee for this mobile VOD service.

We are planning future apps for not only the iPhone/iTouch, but other mobile devices and carriers. More details will be available in the coming months, when these apps are nearing deployment.

We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the errors in the App Store the other day, as well as the app being unavailable for a period of time. The team of developers at ZooVision acted as quickly as they could to rectify the problem and get the service back online, so that our users would receive the highest quality service that can be offered.

If anyone has further questions about the Anime Network Mobile app and its subscription service, please feel free to email us at or post them here in the forums.