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Any recommendations on Sentai anime?

Since the DVD sale has most sets around $15 each and I just got a $100 bonus check for store performance, I can pick up about 6 series.

My considerations, are Bakuon! Momokuri,and Aura the movie.

While I have a soft spot for SOL, there isn’t much I won’t at least try out, unless it’s the depressing level of Grave Of The Fireflies (Oh God! It still bothers me to this day!:disappointed:)

So, I was wondering what the lovely members of TAN forums would recommend.

Thanks for your input!

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First of all do you prefer dub / sub / both?

If you can handle subs I’d recommend Engaged to the Unidentified, Is the Order a Rabbit? (Both Seasons), Locodol. and Non Non Biyori


Both sub and dub are fine with me. Thanks for the selections!

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Once upon a time, I wrote a blog on reverse harems, because who doesn’t like to look at cute guys???

The links don’t work anymore, but the shows are all available on HIDIVE.

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Funny you mention Hakuoki, since I remember watching the series back when I was still known as eurekasevenfan, and more recently seeing the movies since ANOD launched on Comcast. UtaPri
(which I started with season 4) is also really good. The Seriyus have very well balanced singing voices amongst one another, and the fact there is a character who changes personas just by removing his glasses (a la Superman) is hilarious!

To Series5Ranger: Non Non Biyori is a definite yes. There is a video on YouTube of clips from the show synced to Scatman which has helped me on some pretty bad days, and it needs due respect from me to see where that genius originated from.


looking for some mecha:

Broken Blade - it’s Kingdom of Heaven/First Knight with big stompy robots
Godannar - Pacific Rim before there was a Pacific Rim
Knights of Sidonia - Battlestar Galactica meets Lovecraft/cthulhu
Majestic Prince - good fun/serious show. Has the right balance of both.


Okay. I noticed The World God Only Knows complete collection has a DVD release. Since I already have season 1 BD, and fave girl (Kanon), should I consider this set? More on point, does she make more appearances in Seasons 2 and 3?

Also, (this is sacrilege btw) I don’t have a copy of Elfen Lied. Should this be one of the ones I spurge with Blu Ray, or is it just fine on DVD?

Elfen Lied is not for the squeamish…

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Oh yes, I’m well aware of the extremities. Was able to finally watch it a couple months ago. However, since it’s a fairly older show, is it really necessary to have the Blu Ray?

That’s up to you, there are only a few shows that I’ve upgraded to Blu-Ray (Scrapped Princess, Record of Lodoss War OVA, Bubblegum Crisis OVA series, and the Ghibli Movies) but it’s really up to you as to whether it’s worth it.

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Reviving this old thread for another question.

I’m wanting both The Familiar Of Zero and Hayate The Combat Butler. Problem is, I can only afford 1 right now.

Already made one purchase from the Black Friday sale, but have just about $80 left…

FOZ is $34.99 for the complete series, while HTCB is $25.95 for DVD or $49.95 for Blu-ray for all individual series.

I don’t know which to choose :dizzy_face:

So here’s a poll, if y’all wouldn’t mind helping me decide.

  • Familiar Of Zero
  • Hayate Blu Ray
  • Familiar Of Zero and Hayate DVD
  • Other (Please explain)

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I’ll say this I dropped FoZ after S1 because Louise is a bitch, and because it was so obvious, who the bad guy was

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I changed my vote after you reminded me about that . I think it’s why I must have only picked up the first season and second season when Sentai first got it .

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Okay. Hayate wins the battle.

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