Weekend Binge Guide: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Too!

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[size=18]Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Too![/size]
By: Slowhand

A friend introduced me to anime several years ago, and gave me a few titles to watch. I was struck by how many anime had a male lead with several female characters chasing after him. I can tell you, from experience, it hardly ever happens that way. I’ve observed several instances of girls being chased by several guys, but hardly the other way around.

In that spirit, I’ve rounded up the true-to-life (?) experiences of reverse-harems!

Who do you trust when you don’t know who you are? When a young lady loses her memories, she has only a cell phone and a spirit guide to help her recover them. One thing is sure: time is not linear, and the date of August 1st may unlock her memories.

[size=16]Diabolik Lovers[/size]
When Yui Komori is unexpectedly sent to live with the six Sakamaki brothers, she discovers that their handsome faces hide a secret as twisted as their personalities. Not only are the brothers vampires, but they crave Yui’s blood!

[size=16]Hakuoki (Season 1) Demon of the Fleeting Blosson[/size]
Disguised as a boy, Chizuru Yukimura has come to Kyoto, searching for her missing father. The Shinsengumi, who are also searching for her father, take her into their custody for safe-keeping.

[size=16]Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood[/size]
After being forced to flee to Edo, the members of the Shinsengumi are disillusioned. As the flames of war threaten to engulf them, they must prepare to return to the battlefield once more or risk losing more than just their lives.

[size=16]Hakuoki: Dawn of the Shinsengumi[/size]
The Tokugawa Shogunate sends a force of masterless samurai to Kyoto. Ryunosuke Ibuki is a slave by blood debt, hating the samurai. In time, he begins to believe that there may still be a chance, for both himself and Japan.

[size=16]Hakuoki: A Memory of Snow Flowers[/size]
When rumors reach the Shinsengumi that a group of rogue warriors intend to attack, the only safe meeting place is the Sumi Inn. It’s up to Chizuru to disguise herself as a geisha and infiltrate the inn.

[size=16]Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga[/size]
Onikirimaru, Tamaki succeeds her grandmother as the Tamayori Princess. Puzzled by her new-found persona, yet skillfully guarded by a group of protectors, Tamaki begins to unravel the mysteries behind her new identity.

[size=16]Hiiro no Kakera Season 2[/size]
Just when Tamaki thinks her days of trouble are behind her, a traitor appears among the five Guardians. With the people closest to her now in question, who can Tamaki possibly trust?

[size=16]Kamigami no Asobi[/size]
The bond between humans and gods has weakened, and it is now up to Yui to teach the gods about love and what it means to be human. Therefore, Zeus has created a school and chosen Yui to the lead lost gods on a quest for knowledge.

[size=16]Uta no Prince Sama 1[/size]
When Haruka enters Saotome Academy for the Performing Arts, she dreams of composing songs for her favorite idol singer. With tough competition and even tougher projects, can one girl and six young men learn to make beautiful music together?

[size=16]Uta no Prince Sama 2[/size]
The STARISH sextet is finding success as their careers are put on the fast track! But before they can call themselves true idols, they must win an award…the mysterious "Newcomer Award!”

[size=16]Utano Princesama Revolutions[/size]
STARISH continues to expand their success in the entertainment industry, but a new battle is brewing in the music business! With so many elite artists vying for the chance to open for an international event, STARISH and Haruka have to up their game.

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