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Argevollen / Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen

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Episode 6 –


Jamie has to run through a warzone in order to reboot the Argevollen that has shut down to protect its pilot. This whole operation was a stab in the back for Unit 8. It was the intent all along to only use them as decoys and Unit 8 discovers that the hard way. However, Samonji may have a plan to get the focus off of his unit. And it works! It will at least buy enough time for Argevollen to reboot.

Jamie is a civilian and not cut out for this war stuff. She just had to drag her feet with her doubts. Their position is fired upon, but amazingly they survive. However, the path to Argevollen is completely blown away. There’s no safe way to get to Argevollen now, but Jamie finally finds her resolve to forge ahead.

Meanwhile, Tokimune is having a panic attack. He’s locked inside Argevollen and can’t get out. He can hear the attack getting closer and wonders if he will die. Just at that moment, the hatch opens to reveal Jamie. She calmly reboots Argevollen and leaves. Jamie watches Tokimune return to the battle, but he turns back to give her a thumbs up. Unit 8 will now join the advance. And it’s a successful one.

Later, Tokimune and Jamie talk a little and they are beginning to understand one another a little better. Samonji is given another mission along with the story of the flares being damaged and unusable. But Samonji is no dummy and already knows the truth. He accepts the explanation, but the tone of his voice lets his superior know he’s aware of exactly what happened. And there is a lot more going on with Argevollen and this Kybernes company than meets the eye!

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Ep. 04

Does this get better or at least less boring later, or do I have to slog through it like I’m doing with Captain Earth right now?

IMO there’s some charm to it that sets it a tiny bit above the stereotypical mecha show, something that kept me somewhat interested despite it being “trope tastic”, but I have to admit that I’ve moved this one to the back burner as it wasn’t all that enthralling (fwiw, as I prefer binge to weekly watching anyhow).

Still, a mecha show where the young male lead is not sullen, arrogantly stoic or a total wuss is somewhat revolutionary.

There was nothing about this show to let me last beyond episode 3… so you made it farther than I did Coffee. Nothing about the story makes me want to keep watching it. At least the other two mecha shows on my list have an interesting enough story to keep my attention.

The conspiracy element night have some potential but I’m not setting my hopes very high. I’d definitely give this the easy-to-earn “better mecha show than aldnoah” award though.

Guy who forces himself, despite lacking aptitude, to be a mech pilot for an ulterior motive > yet another group of sullen kids saving the world “because reasons”. Argevollen also has much less psuedo-science babbling than many a mecha show. So…

Interesting, I find Aldnoah to be much better than this show.

I’m not saying that this show is ultra amazing, and I’d be lying if I said that I weren’t biased towards it because it is a Sentai release. I’m just not feeling the aldnoah though. The premise is cool but the execution doesn’t appeal to me.

Except for a 5-minute show, every show I dropped so far this season was a Sentai licensed show. So I have no bias it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, this show I waited until it hit here before I bothered watching, and didn’t last that long.

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Ep. 08

So it has its moments, but on the whole, I really just can’t get into this series.

I think there’s more to the story of his sister than is presented.
And it also seems a bit odd, her relationship with Samonji seems much deeper than a superior/subordinate stance.

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