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As the Mecha Turns II

Among his many talents, Cody is also a master chef. This is why Slow has sent him back to the Granvania Corporation. He is to help Itsuki and his female assistants to redevelop a failed grill design.

The grill was known as The Thirteenth Phantom. It was a good idea to begin with, but with a few adjustments, it could be a great idea. And perhaps it will also become a thorn in Maou’s side in the future.

Although Conception King shut down, its lab is still very much operational. Cody was surprised to see that the cute mascot that was plastered all over Conception King’s logo was actually a real red panda, although a very perverted one. It also talks and goes by the name of Mana. Cody smiles to himself. With all the things he’s seen and done, a talking mascot should not surprise him.

With miquelfire’s technical help, Cody thinks he has perfected The Thirteenth Phantom and is ready for a test run. Everyone has gathered in the corporation’s board room to watch the test.

Cody: “Okay everyone, this is just a test. If it doesn’t work, that just means it needs some adjustments.”

Cody heats up the grill and places one pound of ground beef on the surface. He closes the lid and presses a button. The grill sizzles and the lid pops open within seconds.

Cody: “It worked!!” He looks down at the thirteen perfect burgers. They are plump and smell delicious. “Now, for the taste test,” he says. The burgers are cut up and passed among the onlookers.

Slow: “Wonderful!”

Tonka: “I could eat these all day!”

Itsuki: “I can’t believe you got it to work this well. Our CEO will be very pleased!”

Slow: “I think it’s time to resurrect the Conception King chain. This is going to be a great partnership!”

Mana: “I will have a real job again!” The little mascot goes around hugging everyone and blushing.

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Newshawk can smell the story in the air. Something big is going on. With his trusty sidekick, Hornet65, to do some research, he is going to break this story wide open.

But first, a little work. As CEO of Newshawk Entertainment, he lives an entirely different life. He manages girls’ bands and right now he has several under his wing. It isn’t easy keeping track of everyone, but he has Hornet65 to help him here as well.

He just purchased a new venue for his girls, but first has to take care of some much needed renovations. He chuckles. Does his newspaper fund this other life of his, or do the bands fund his newspaper? No matter. He is very content with his life at the moment.

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Slow places a call to Newshawk.

Slow: “I have a scoop for you.”

Newshawk: “Do tell.”

Slow: “Off the record, I’ve secretly partnered with the Granvania Corporation.”

Newshawk: “What kind of scoop is that if I can’t print it?”

Slow: “Be patient. I’m about to give you the scoop!”

Newshawk: “Oh?”

Slow: “The Conception King chain is about to reopen. We’ve developed a grill that can produce delicious burgers with very little meat. This will be a great benefit for all involved. Delicious burgers at a great price.”

Slow: “Please give complete credit to Itsuki and his assistants at Gravania Corporation.”

Newshawk: “Will do.”

Slow: “Can you guarantee me a headline?”

Newshawk: “Done! However, I want exclusive rights to any follow up stories.”

Slow: “I think I can arrange that. Thanks, Newshawk!”

Both parties hang up. Both parties smile.

Newshawk pictures the headline: “Conception King Reopens! Have It Your Way Is Back!”

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Senko is at the stove, humming a tune. Several saucepans are on the stovetop and have steam rising from them. “Oh I do hope Shimakaze will like this meal. Let’s see now. Where did I put that grated garlic again?”

Suddenly, Nemesis barges in. “Hey Senko! I’m bored! Whatcha doing? Cooking? Let me help out!” She grabs an entire box of ghost pepper flakes and dumps it into one of the pots. “I bet that pig servant will love this. Especially if I say we made it together.” She laughs.

Senko is taken aback. “NEMESIS! That was for Shimakaze! Now I’ll have to remake the entire dish from scratch…”

Nemesis: “Did you forget who I am? My warping ability isn’t as powerful as big sis’s, but I was able to make a ship fly after all. This shouldn’t be a problem.”

She starts glowing her black glow, as does the pot and the empty bottle. Just like that, the bottle was filled as if it hadn’t been touched.

Nemesis: “I got most of it at least.”

Senko: I guess I could add some heavy cream to the recipe to be safe…"

Nemesis: “See? No prob! Sorry about that though.”

Senko glares at Nemesis.

Nemesis: “Anyway… How’s ship girl coming along? She feeling better yet?”

Senko: “She’s slept a lot, but I don’t know exactly. I’m worried about her. She used a lot of energy.”

Nemesis: “Yeah yeah. Everybody worries about the new girl. Meanwhile, I’m left in the shadows…”

Senko: “How dare you say that! She’s your sister too! And you know just as well as I do that he cares about you. I know I wouldn’t take all that abuse with a smile. Humph.”

Nemesis: “Sure…”

Senko: “Okay then, who made it possible to stabilize your dark matter body? If that was the case, then you’d need to be completely synced to someone else’s body to be stable. But look at you! You’re even able to access Darkness trans! Besides, you might not be blood related, but say that to your “big sister” Yami. She wouldn’t take it either. After all, who synced with you when that Rito guy was killed, and you lost your “stabilizer”? If she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t have done that.”

Nemesis has a look of sorrow on her face. “You’re right… Here. Let me actually help with this dish. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”

Senko: “Let’s fix this up!”

A little while later Senko and Nemesis are in front of Shimakaze’s room with a tray of food. Nemesis opens the door and Senko pushes the tray in. “Shimakaze! I hope you’re hungry!”

Shimakaze is asleep with her head on Yami’s thigh. An expression of pure contentment is on her face. Yami is displaying an exceptionally warm caring smile.

Nemesis: “Big sis! Not fair!”

She walks over to Yami, lays down, and puts her head on Yami’s other thigh. Yami’s expression changes to one of surprise.

Nemesis: (pouting) “I don’t want to be left out either…”

Yami: “Don’t worry Nemesis. I wouldn’t forget about you.” She begins rubbing her hair. “You take a nap too. Big sis will be here when you wake up.”

Nemesis almost instantaneously falls asleep.

Senko: (whispering) “I guess I should take this back to the kitchen, huh?”

Yami: (in a soft voice) “You can leave it for now. You want to chat for a little bit?”

Senko: “We won’t wake them?”

Yami: “They’re out like lights.”

Senko: “What did you want to talk about?”

Yami: “I’ve told you about my life before earth, yes? About how many lives I’ve taken, and how much misery I’ve caused? And how I even almost destroyed this beautiful world once?”

Senko: “I’ve heard your tales, yes. What about them?”

Yami: “To this day, as I sit here in front of you, I still wonder if I truly deserve all of this. I haven’t been forced to kill once since that fateful day.” She looks down at Nemesis and Shimakaze. “I was once all by myself, but I have a family now. I have caring friends. I… I…” She blushes. “I have someone whom I love body and soul. I’m truly happy now.” She places one hand on each of the girls foreheads in her lap, closes her eyes, and smiles, then her expression turns to one of sorrow. “This warmth. Does a murderer like myself honestly deserve a place where I can feel this way?”

Senko stands right up, and hugs Yami, careful to not bother Shimakaze or Nemesis. “You’ve repented for your sins. You feel sorrow for the lives you took. There is kindness in your soul. Absolutely, there is a place for you here. Yes you deserve this happiness. I know these ones love you, as does Mikan. Honestly, I’m fairly fond of you myself. Then, there’s him.”

Yami tears up. “He’d probably give his life for me without a second thought, wouldn’t he?”

Senko: “You already know, don’t you.”

Yami begins to cry and Senko hugs her again.

The commotion wakes up Shimakaze and Nemesis. “What’s wrong big sis?”

Yami: “Thank you everyone… I love you all so much. This is something that I’ve already told Shimakaze, but I need to let you all know this.” She dials Mikan. “Can you come to Shimakaze’s room? There’s something I need to tell you. Oh! And bring Tearju with you.”

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The buzzing of a fly wakes Slow from a disturbing dream. She sits up and hears a voice: “Will you be my friend?” Good lord! It’s not a fly, but that nutcase fairy, Sugar, again.

The tiny creature flies around Slow’s head and she swats at it. “Waffo!”, the fairy cries. “I just want you to be my friend and help me find my Twinkle!”

Slow: “I’m not in the market for any friends, especially you!”

Sugar: “Waffo!” The little fairy tries to kiss her.

Slow swats the fairy into the wall. The fairy flies off. “Finally! Some peace and quiet!” Slow settles back down on the bed and quickly falls asleep.

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Itsuki calls Slowhand’s group into a meeting.

Itsuki: “Thanks to your help, The Thirteenth Phantom is operational. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.” He looks over at Mana and Mahiru. They nod in agreement. “We have some intel about Maou, and feel due to our partnership you should be made aware of the info we have.”

Mahiru produces a massive binder. “Mana, if you please?”

Mana: “Maou himself is a mystery to us as well. We don’t know where he came from, or how he got into a position of power, but we have collected some data on the people who he keeps around him. You could say they’re his henchwomen.” She shuffles around some papers, picks one up and shows the group. “First, there’s this girl. Nemesis. We know the least about her, but aside from being really sadistic, she doesn’t seem to pose a threat. Next.” Mana’s face turns to one of sheer disgust. “We have this disgustingly atrocious thing. Looking at it makes me want to puke. He’s gotta have horrible tase to keep this ugly thing around.” She picks up the second paper. “This thing is Senko. It can control a spiritual flame. Ugh. I’m sick now.”

Itsuki: “Come here baby. I’ll make you feel better.”

Itsuki and Mana start making out right in front of everybody. Mana throws Itsuki to the ground, and rips his shirt off. “I DON’T CARE IF THEY WATCH!!!

Everyone in Slow’s group have blank expressions.

Mahiru stands up and pulls Mana off Itsuki. “We need to finish this meeting. Then you guys can get freaky. I want in on some of it too.”

Mana: “Fine.” She picks up the last paper. “This is the dangerous one. She was once known as the deadliest assassin in the universe! She is known as Golden Darkness, but no one knows her real name. She’s taken over 10,000 lives, so be careful around her. The worst part is she can turn her hands and that awful blonde hair into swords! And her eyes are red like the devil’s!”

Itsuki: “That’s all the info we have. I hope that was able to help. Oh! There is one other thing. Maou seems to have been restoring a Japanese warship. We did a little digging, and found the ship it was based on and brought it here. Tonka. I’ve heard you’re a good mechanic. Could you look over it?”

Tonka: “A Japanese warship, huh? Never worked on one of those before. Sounds like fun. Let me see what I can do.”

Slow: “It’s not the most helpful information, but everyone stay away from that blonde. I’ll take care of her if the time comes.”

Itsuki: “Meeting adjourned!”

Slow’s group leaves the boardroom, and right as the door is shut, the entire group hears loud seductive moaning coming from the room they were just in.

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Maou walks into the main laboratory. Haissan and Ueno are working on a device.

Maou: “Uh… What’s this thing? Where’s the grill at?”

Ueno: “Stupid! What do you think we’re working on? Seriously. I do not know how you even function with that pea brain of yours sometimes.”

Maou has an euphoric expression. “Yes. Berate me more. I deserve it.”

Haissan: “Dude. Really? What is wrong with you? Anyway, this is the revised grill, with design queues from Ueno. She’s brilliant! I’d never think of some of the mods she did to this thing!”

Ueno: “Well you know you can count on me! I really could have used Tearju’s help, but you had her building the body for that ghost girl, and then something came up with Yami.”


Ueno: “Geez. Drama queen… Tear said Yami was feeling nauseous, so they went to Mikado’s clinic. I think they went to check up on Shimakaze when they got back.”

Maou runs out of the laboratory. “I’ll look over the revisions later! This is more important!”

Haissan and Ueno stare blankly at the swinging door.

Back at Shimakaze’s room:

Yami: “So yes. Mikado confirmed it. I’m pregnant.”

Mikan hugs her with a gleeful expression. “I’m the godmother, right?”

Yami smiles softly. “Of course Mikan. There’s no one else I would even think of.”

Senko pouts.

Mikan: Why don’t you want to tell Maou though? Do you know how excited he would be?" She laughs. “He’d probably go clothes shopping right this minute, not even knowing if it was a boy or girl.”

Yami: “Please keep it a secret from him. His plan is almost to fruition, and if he found out, he’d stop everything until at least the child was born.” She lowers her head sadly. If not way longer than that…"

Everyone in the room: “We promise Yami. We won’t tell him.”

Maou slams the door open. "YAMI! WHERE IS SHE? IS SHE OKAY???

A look of shock spreads across everyone’s faces.

Yami: “Yes Maou. I’m fine.”

Maou: “But… But… But… Ueno said Tearju had taken you to Mikado’s clinic because you were nauseous!”

Mikan winks at Yami. “Oh that! She had food poisoning! I guess I didn’t cook that pork thoroughly the other day. I was kinda nauseous too, but chalked it to the change in the weather. What about you girls?”

“Same.” “Me too!” “I wasn’t the only one?”

Mikan: “You didn’t feel ill Maou?”

Maou: “No. I am known for an iron stomach though.” He laughs. “But Yami, are you sure you’re okay?”

Yami displays an irritated expression, and punches him with hair fists several times. “I said I’m fine. They said I’m fine. You don’t trust us?” She walks over to Maou and hugs him. “Thank you for worrying about me. Everything’s fine.” She kisses him on the forehead. “By the way, how’s that grill coming along?”

Maou: “Oh crap! I heard you were ill, and ran here right away! I left Haissan and Ueno just standing there! Better go apologize…”

Tearju: “I really should see if Ueno needs my help too…”

Mikan: “Let’s all go then! I’m curious about this so called ultra grill myself. You don’t mind, do you Maou?”

Maou: “Not at all Mikan. Let’s go then!”

Everyone leaves Shimakaze’s room.


Tonka is working on the Japanese warship that Itsuki’s company had acquired. Slow and Wicca enter the vessel and go to the bridge.

Wicca: “This is so weird! Why would Maou need a boat like this?”

Slow: “I don’t know Wicca, but we gotta trust Itsuki’s intel. Him and his company are good people, trying to defeat that demon. With their help, we should be able to rid the world of him once and for all.”

Wicca: “I trust him. He’s a cutie! And that red panda is just adorable! I want to hug it while I sleep!”

Slow gives a disgusted look. “I wouldn’t go that far. Now Tonka, what did you call us here for?”

Tonka: “Well, I wanted to show you this!”

He boots up a computer connected to the control terminal, then types several commands. All of a sudden, a voice speaks.

“Amatsukaze activated. Running diagnostic checks. Multiple faults found. Captain, do you wish of a list of all needed repairs?”

Tonka: "It’s crazy! I don’t know how, but when I linked my computer to this thing, it started talking to me! It’s like it’s possessed or something!

Both Slow and Wicca are taken aback at this revelation.

Slow: “Wicca. You’re of wiccan blood. Have you ever dealt with poltergeists?”

Wicca: “Once, but that was back when I was on the hard stuff. You know my magic power level is directly linked to my blood alcohol content. I’ve been practicing sober witchcraft, but the spells are of significantly lower strength. I can see what I can do though.”

Wicca begins chanting. A magic circle forms under her.

Slow: “Well, this takes me back! Tonka! Stay away from her! Trust me, you don’t want to get too close while she’s doing this!”

A whirlwind envelopes Wicca, as she continues to chant. She begins speaking in tongues. After a few minutes, everything subsides, and Wicca collapses. Slow and Tonka run over to her. “Wicca, are you okay!?!?”

Wicca picks herself up off of the floor. “You guys need not worry. The thing possessing the ship is the ship itself.”

Slow: “I am so lost. What do you mean?”

Wicca: “Well, it seems that this boat has something like a spirit attached to it. The spirit thinks it is the ship. It told me it would work with us if we repair the body.”

Tonka: “So I gotta work on a possessed ship. Great.”

Wicca: “At least it will work with us. That’s important.”

Tonka: “Fine. Fine. I’m gonna upgrade this baby like my trucks!”

Slow: “We gotta go Tonka. There’s another meeting we have to get to.”


Maou and all the girls return to the laboratory. Alice has arrived and is speaking with Ueno and Haissan.

Haissan: “Is he always like that? You gals must have it rough dealing with that all the time.”

Alice: “You get used to it. Trust me. Plus he’s a fan of Dr Pepper, so he can’t be all bad, right?”

Ueno: “Sigh. You and your Dr Pepper. It’s not bad, but I honestly wonder which obsession is greater. You with Dr Pepper, or Maou with Yami…”
She pauses for a moment. “You don’t have to answer that. I already know the answer myself too…”

Alice laughs. “Yeah. We all do.” She looks over. “Oh Maou! Guys! Welcome back!”

Mikan: “Heyyyy :heart:

Tearju: “Ueno. I’m back. Sorry for taking so long on everything. My absence wasn’t too much of a hindrance, was it?”

Ueno: “I had Haissan with me, plus little sis.” She glances over to a table where 2 girls are sitting, and points. “As well as little miss potato chip destroyer and muscles mcidiot over there.”

Girl with blonde hair: “I don’t even like potato chips!”

Girl with blue hair: “She was referring to me dunce. You’re supposed to be muscles mcidiot.”

Blonde hair: But that’s not my name Nymph. It’s Astrea. You know that, right? She puts both hands on her cheeks. “Oh no! Did my name change without me knowing???”

Ueno facepalms. “I’ve had to deal with them this entire time…”

Tearju: “I’m so sorry guys. You know my dear Eve is more important to me…”

Maou pats her on the back. “You don’t need to feel ashamed. You did the right thing.”

Tearju displays a smile with teary eyes.

Nemesis: “Stop with all this mushy stuff.” She punches Maou in the stomach. “Let’s get on with this.”

Ueno: “Haissan, it’s your grill. Do you want the honours?”

Haissan: “Nah. I don’t like speaking in front of crowds.”

Ueno: “Okay then. I gave you the chance.”

She begins talking ultra scientific lingo. Tearju and Alice nod in understanding. Everyone else looks at her with an expression of sheer dumbfoundedness. Astrea’s head explodes.

Maou: “Uh… Could you explain that in words we understand. Please?”

Alice: “I’ll take over Ueno.” She pops a can of Dr Pepper, and chugs it in less than 10 seconds. “Okay. We modeled it into a triple platen unit, from the original single platen design that was brought in. That means we can automatically make three runs in the same time as the old one did one run. But that’s not all. Check this out!”

She places 1 pound of beef on the grill and presses a button. In less than half the time of the old grill, the clamshell raises, and two burgers are sitting where the pound of beef had been placed.

Yami: “I’ll do the taste test.”

Maou: “No. Yami. You were just ill. I don’t want you getting sick again.”

Yami turns to Maou. “I’m actually really hungry right now, and kinda want a burger too.”

Maou: “I won’t stop you my angel.”

Yami blushes deep red and pummels Maou.

Haissan prepares a deluxe cheeseburger using one of the patties, and hands it to Yami. “Here ya go.”

Yami picks up the burger and takes a bite. Her eyes widen and her expression turns into one of bliss as she takes a second, much bigger bite. “This… This… This is delicious!!!” She takes a third bite. “It’s honestly the best burger I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!!!” She quickly devours the remainder of the burger. With an expression of sheer delight: “You guys have got to try it!!!”

Maou walks over to the grill, places a pound of beef on each platten, and activates all three of them. A short while later, the clams raise, revealing 6 patties. He takes the burgers and dresses them just as Haissan did: pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, and two slices of cheese. He then slices them into quarters and distributes the 24 pieces to everyone there.

Nemesis: “Ugh. Onions. You know I hate onions.” She punches him. HARD

Maou coughs up blood. “That’s how Yami’s burger was made. You don’t want to try it like she did?” He falls over.

Nemesis: “Fine. I’m doing it for her though. Not you pig.”

Maou stands back up, and everyone tries their burger.

“Oh my God!” “This is incredible!” “Delicious!” “Tasty!” “What grade beef is this, A5?” “It’s good, but would be better without onions.” “This burger makes me want a Dr Pepper.”

Maou: “Great job guys! Now, how many of these grills do you think we can have manufactured in a month?”


About a week later.

Yami enters Shimakaze’s room. “Little sis, are you ok?”

Shimakaze: “Today is my second startup. I’m worried I’ll overdo it again.”

Yami: “You’ll do fine. Just don’t push yourself and you’ll do fine.”

Shimakaze hugs Yami. “Thanks big sis!”

A little while later, Shimakaze and Yami arrive at Shimakaze’s ship body. The gang is already there.

Alice walks up to Shimakaze. “Because of the last test, we put a limiter on your turbine.”

Shimakaze scowls. “Why? That’s not fair! I can control my speed! Just let me show you!”

Yami: “I agree with her. She made a mistake, and paid for it. We’ve all done stupid things. Let’s give her another chance.”

Shimakaze’s eyes sparkle. “Oh big sis!”

Alice: “Sigh. Okay. I won’t disagree with you Yami. But Shimakaze. No more than 25% output, you hear? Even 1% more and I’m activating the limiter! Got it?”

Shimakaze nods in agreement.

They all got to the bridge. Psychopuppet is there, talking with Haissan.

Pup: “So yeah. Thanks for showing me how to drive this thing man.”

Haissan: “No. Thank you. I have to work on those grills, and don’t really have time to do this right now. You think you can handle it?”

Shimakaze walks up to them. “Really? I got it this time. Go ahead sit down. I’ll be fine.”

Yami: “Don’t be so arrogant little sis. Remember what happened last time.”

Shimakaze: “Ooookkkkaaayyy”

Maou: “Are you ready Shimakaze?”

Shimakaze: “No prob big bro!”

Maou: “Nemesis, you on standby?”

Nemesis: “You know it!”

Shimakaze enters the glowing panel. "Okay! I’m synced! Now: SHIMAKAZE LAUNCHING!!!

The boat departs, going at cruising speed.

Shimakaze: “Turbine, increase output to 20%!” Her boat body begins speeding up. “I think I’m good maintaining this level of output. I’m gonna do a couple laps just to make sure.”

The vessel makes several passes at almost Mach 1.

Senko: “Shimakaze dear, don’t exert yourself. Here. Have some of Mikan’s tea.”

Shimakaze: “Thanks Senko.” She takes the glass and drinks some. “Refreshing!”

Maou: “Are you ready Shimakaze, Nemesis?”

Both girls: “I guess.”

Nemesis: “Okay. Dark Matter Trans!”

Shimakaze feels a presence syncing up with her. “What is this???”

Nemesis: “Don’t worry Shimakaze. It’s my trans ability. I’m syncing with you, that way my spacial distortion can be used on your entire body. I did it before, after you passed out, but this way we can see how well we sync together.”

Shimakaze: “It feels weird, but let’s do it!”

Nemesis: “Alright! I’m ready when you are!”

Shimakaze: “I am. Let’s go!”

Both girls: “Dark matter trans!”

Nemesis begins glowing her black aura, as does Shimakaze. The propulsion jets under her boat body emanate the same glow, as the ship raises put of the water and begins flying at Mach 1.

Shimakaze looks over at Yami with a giddy expression. “See big sis? I got it!” She looks over at Psychopuppet and gives an akanbe face. “Na na. See? Told you!”

Nemesis jumps up and down. “Big sis, we’re working together, like I promised we would!”

Yami smiles and shakes her head. " What am I going to do with y’all? Good job both of you."

Maou: "Amazing Shimakaze, Nemesis! Now let’s dock and go home for the day.


Maou is in his personal kitchen, alongside Senko and Mikan.

Mikan: “Why did you ask us to come here Maou?”

Maou drops to a begging position. “Can you please teach me how to properly bake?”

Mikan and Senko give an expression of surprise. “But Maou, you can cook well enough. Why do you need us?”

Maou: “I can do some baking, but I’m not the best at it. It’s for something special, but I can’t tell you what it is for.”

Mikan and Senko look at each other. In unison: “Yami.”

Maou looks up at them, his face beet red.

Senko pats his head. “Dearie. Don’t worry. I’ve picked up plenty of skills in my 800 years. If Mikan can’t help, I got it.”

Mikan: “I have time! Besides, it’s for Yami. I’ll help too.”

Maou is teary eyed. “Thanks so much girls!” He hugs them both.

Mikan: “We need to know exactly how well you can bake first. Collect the ingredients, and we’ll watch you make something, then we’ll go from there.”

Time passes.

There is a smoldering black charred mass on a baking tray.

Mikan: “What IS this???”

Senko: “Now Mikan, let’s try it first. Maybe it just doesn’t look appetizing. It was made with love, right?”

Senko grabs a fork and uses it to pluck a crumble of the mass off of the tray. She puts it in her mouth. Immediately, her face turns green and she throws up. “Oh God! That’s awful!” She looks up, regaining her composure. “Oh. I mean you do have room for improvement.”

Mikan gives a smug smile. “That bad, huh? Told you.” She laughs.

Maou: “Yeah. I know…”

Senko: “Now mister. You’re about to get a crash course in baking from two masters of it!”


Slowhand and Wicca meet up with Roy and the rest of the crew.

Slow: "Okay everyone. One of my best informants set up this meeting. They were able to locate someone who had previous personal contact with Maou. It’s very important that we have to get as much information out of them as possible.

Roy: “But how can we know their intel is accurate?”

Slow cracks her whip. “I have my ways.”

They take Tonka’s truck to the meeting place.

Wicca: “Who or what are we looking for?”

Slow: “My informant said they will meet us.”

There’s a knocking on the window. Slowhand lowers it. Standing there is a woman with long red hair in a super short miniskirt. “Are you the TAN gang? I was told to look for a truck like this one.”

Slowhand thinks to herself: “I am going to kill whoever gave us that name.” She looks the woman in the eyes. “We are. Who wants to know?”

Redhead: “Someone told me that you wanted some intel about a certain demon.”

Slowhand smiles. “You have the right truck. We need to go somewhere more private to discuss this however. We’ll take you with us. Hop in.”

Redhead: “Nu uh. I don’t know you guys. I don’t trust you. I’ll follow you.”

Slowhand: “Fine. Have it your way.”

They pull out, followed by a Ferrari.

Some time later, they arrive at the Conception King headquarters.

They all enter the boardroom.

Slow: “My informant tells me you’ve had previous contact with Maou. That you may know some of his weaknesses. We’d like to work with you if you’d be okay with it.”

Redhead: “Oh. I know his weakness.” She pulls a sword out of nowhere, as her hair turns silver, and points her sword towards Slowhand. “My holy blade.”

Wicca: “You’re of angelic descent? How? I thought that type of power was just a legend!”

Redhead: “I’ve almost finished him off once before, when we were in our dimension. He escaped to your realm before I could deal the finishing blow. I followed him to this world, and through some strange coincidence, we fell in love.” She scowls. “Then he dumped me for some blonde bimbo.”

Slow: “This girl. She couldn’t perchance turn her hair into swords, could she?”

Redhead: “That’s exactly right! Her name was Dorkness or something like that. She was a trained killer, and I think that turned him on.”

Slowhand makes an evil smirk. “So. You want revenge?”

Redhead: “I’d love to castrate him, then run my blade through both of their hearts personally.” She begins laughing psychotically.

Slow: “You’ve come to the right place. Sounds like we can make a good partnership here. By the way, we’ve never been formerly acquainted. I’m Slowhand, and I’ll introduce you to everyone else in a while. And you are?”

Redhead: "I’m Emilia. Emilia Yuusa of the hero clan of Ente Isla.

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Back at Maou’s kitchen, it looks as if a tornado hit. Senko, Mikan, and Maou are covered in batter mixtures.

Mikan: “Okay. This will be attempt #14. Seriously. How can you be this bad at baking?”

Senko: “It is an anomaly, isn’t it? He can cook so well, but it seems like he’s never even made a store bought cake mix cake before…”

Maou slumps his head down. “It’s useless, isn’t it? I can’t bake desserts, can I?”

Mikan: “Well, you could start by JUST FOLLOWING THE RECIPE!!! Geez. I’m so irritated right now!”

Maou: " I just wanted it to be special for her birthday…"

Senko: “So you’re trying to make a birthday cake for Yami? That’s what all this is about? Then what was that thing I ate?”

Maou: “That was a cake…”

Both Senko and Mikan back up at that statement. “But how? That couldn’t have been a cake! It’s impossible!”

Maou: “Uhhhh… I’m not joking. That was supposed to be a cake…”

Mikan: “Okay. I taught a space assassin to cook, I can teach a demon to bake. Now follow EVERYTHING I say. To the tee. Got it???”

Maou: " Okay."

Baking montage.

They pull a successfully baked cake out of the oven. Maou is in tears. “Mikan, Senko, how can I ever repay you?”

They both smile. “You know the answer to that.”

Later that evening. Maou is sitting with Yami, watching a movie on TV.

Yami: “Mikan told me you asked her for help with something today. When I asked her what it was, she said it was a secret.” Yami pouts. “Why would she keep something from me? She’s my bestie…”

Maou smiles and begins rubbing her hair. “Don’t worry about it right now. I just needed her help with something. That’s all. Here now.”

Maou has Yami lay her head in his lap, as he grabs a brush. He begins brushing her long ravishing golden locks. “This always helps you calm down.”

Yami blushes cherry red. “I could obliterate you if I wanted to.”

Maou smiles. “You wouldn’t do that. I know you wouldn’t.” SMOOCH

Yami blushes again and says under her breath: "You know that I couldn’t actually hurt you. You mean too much to me. "

Mikan, Nemesis, Senko, Shimakaze, and Tearju enter the room. Yami shoots up.

Mikan: (smugly) “Oh ho! Did we interrupt something?”

Nemesis and Shimakaze: “Oooh! Big sis!”

Senko: “Mercy me!”

Tearju: “You get him, Eve!”

Maou thinks: “Well, there went the mood…”

Maou: “Well, I’m glad you’re all here. Especially you, Shimakaze. Theres’s something I need to tell y’all. Tomorrow we’re installing some of the grills in Shimakaze’s ship body.”

Shimakaze: “What???”