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As the Mecha Turns II

Shimakaze is speaking with Nymph and Astrea in the laboratory.

Astrea: “Yeah. Thanks two me you got built again. Your really heavy you know. I even had some trouble with you’re big butt.”

Shimakaze has a look of total embarrassment. “It’s the way I was built. I can’t help it…”

Nymph: “Don’t mind the blockhead. But what’s the deal with your software? Alice took nearly a week to get everything working with her computer!”

Shimakaze: “I really don’t know myself. I don’t have any memories of before my first launch. But it is crazy that I can explore more than just waterways now.” She gets teary-eyed. “And there’s people who care about me now. I have a place to call my home.”

Astrea: “But aren’t you a boat? Why do you need a home?”

Nymph has a disgusted look. “Don’t listen to her. Our master in Synapse abandoned us, so at least I do get not having a place to call my home. Before we were accepted here, we were somewhat of what you would call homeless too.”

Shimakaze: “Really? I’m so sorry.” She hugs both of them. “But you’re here now. And being with big sis Yami makes life better!”

Nymph: “You’ve really gotten attached to her, haven’t you?”

Shimakaze has a warm look. “I opened up thanks to her, Senko, and Mikan. Without them, I don’t think I would be as welcoming as I am now.”

Alice walks over to them. “Whatcha talking about, guys?”

Astrea: “Shimakaze’s big butt!!!”

Nymph, Shimakaze, and Alice all have blank looks.

Alice: “Astrea, you need a good smack on the head.” She looks at Shimakaze. “The grills have been calibrated, and we’re ready to install them, but I need you to be there.” She then turns back to Astrea. “Your strength will be assistive as well.”

Astrea picks up a table. “WHAT WILL MY STRENGTH BE???

Nymph: “She means it will help her. Now put the table down.”

Shimakaze laughs. “You guys are a trip. Are you sure you’re not practicing a comedy routine?”

Nymph: “I wish…”

Shimakaze: “So Alice, you say everything is ready? Is big sis there? I don’t want to do it without her by my side.”

Alice: “Don’t worry. Everyone is over at your ship body, including Yami. So. You ready?”

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Maou, Yami, and Nemesis stand by the grills, outside Shimakaze’s boat body.

Maou: "Where has Shimakaze went to? I thought I told her exactly at noon…

Ueno walks over to them. “Little sis went to go get her. They should be back any minute.”

Just then, Alice enters the docking bay, alongside Shimakaze, Astrea, and Nymph.

Nemesis: “Better late than never I guess. Where have you been off to? We’ve been waiting about an hour now!”

Shimakaze: “Sorry…”

Maou: “It’s okay. We just need to get this done today. Anyways, here are the grills. What do you think, Shimakaze?”

Shimakaze: “It’s massive! I won’t be able to fit that big thing! If you put that inside me, I’ll break!”

Yami conks her on the head. “Really?” She shoots a gaze at Nemesis. “Just what have you been talking with her about?”

Nemesis has an expression as sly as a cat. “Nothing at all!”

Yami turns back to Shimakaze. “They may look bigger, but Tear and Ueno did the measurements themselves. The new grills are no larger space wise than your original equipment.”

Shimakaze: “If you say so big sis.”

Yami: “Astrea, I need your help please.”

Astrea: “Sure thing Yami!”

Yami and Astrea go inside Shimakaze’s mess hall. A few minutes later, a purple portal appears next to the 3 grills. Astrea emerges, carrying one of the old grills single-handedly. She then flings it to the ground. It shatters. “I thought it would bounce like a basketball!!!”

Shimakaze has a look of shock. Maou facepalms.

Astrea picks up one of the new grills, and carries it through the portal. A few minutes later, she emerges with a second grill, and a smack mark on her face, then carries the second grill through the portal. This process repeats a third time, as the portal closes behind Astrea.

Ueno: “They did the hard work, now let’s finish up inside.”

Everyone follows behind her into Shimakaze’s mess hall.

Tearju and Ueno hook the grills in, as Yami and Astrea help them move the equipment around.

Tearju: “That’s that! We’re ready!” She presses the power buttons on all three grills. Suddenly, Shimakaze feels a shiver going through her.

Shimakaze: " What was that???"

Tearju: “Don’t worry. That’s just the grills syncing to you. Do me a favor please? Call out Rensouhou ichi nii san, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Shimakaze: “Uhhhhh… Rensouhou ichi nii san!”

Suddenly, the grills begin morphing their shape. They turn into miniature creatures, all with gun turrets on their heads.

Everyone looks astonished.

Tearju: “Yay! It worked!”

Shimakaze: “What…”

Tearju: “I told you they synced with you, didn’t I? They are your obedient familiars, the Rensouhou-chan! They’re your new grills and gun turrets combined! Cute, right?”

Shimakaze: “Yeah?”

Tearju: “Let me go through their functions for you!”

Just then, Pup rushes into the scene. “Maou. Please. I need you to help me!”

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Maou: “Pup, what’s wrong?”

Pup: "It’s a dragon girl. She’s having her life force drained, and she entrusted me with her very life! I want to save her Maou. Please. Plus she’s really cute.

Maou: “Tearju. I need your assistance please. You’re the one with knowledge of bio-organics.”

Tearju: “I was just about to tell Shimakaze about the Rensouhou-chan.”

Shimakaze: “This seems important Tearju. I can wait until you’re done.”

Tearju pats Shimakaze’s head.“You’re a good girl Shima.”

Shimakaze smiles with a gentle blush. “It’s what big sis would do if she were in my situation.”

Tearju: “That’s right! Eve! I might need your help. It’s a dragon girl. They’re fairly strong. Senko and Nemesis, you guys too! I might need your powers to subjugate her.”

Yami, Senko, and Nemesis: “Got it.”

Pup leads the group to his van and opens the sliding door. Skadi is laying on the shag carpet, asleep, her face looking flushed.

Nemesis smirks. “Oh ho ho. You sly dog.”

Pup: "It’s not like that! Look at her neck! That collar! Do any of you know anything about it???

Tearju shifts her glasses as she looks closer. She turns around with a stern look on her face. “Eve. Get her to my laboratory right now. I think I know exactly what this is.”

Yami transforms into her Darkness form, opens a portal, and pulls a stretcher from it, picks up Skadi with hair hands, and gently places her on the stretcher. “Come everyone.” Everyone rushes through the portal, as it closes.

The group is now in Tearju’s laboratory. Tearju begins inspecting the collar further. “It’s as I feared. It’s a kruton MX4Z. A magic power infused life draining collar. This isn’t going to be easy, as without the person who cast the enchantment with us, we have to brute force it. Senko. Im going to need your spiritual power to pop the lock. Nemesis. Mind jack the girl, and ensure her comfort. Use your dark matter trans to stabilize her. Eve. I need you the most. You’re the one who will be removing the collar. Now let me get my laptop.”

Pup has an astonished look over his face. “Wait. I never knew she could do this!”

Maou has a sparkling expression. “You doubt her? She is one of the top scientists of the universe! She gave Yami life, and that proves her brilliance!”

Yami and Tearju blush. “He really knows exactly what to say sometimes, doesn’t he Eve?”

Yami blushes harder. “Yes. Yes he does.” Smoke rises from her head.

Tearju: “Ahem. Okay. Nemesis, do it.”

Nemesis turns into a black smoke, and envelopes Skadi. “She doesn’t seem to have too much discomfort, but her pulse is very weak. I need to sync with her, and I’ll stabilize her heart rate.”

A few minutes later.

Nemesis: “Okay. She’s stable.”

Tearju: “Let me see now.” She hooks a device attached to her computer to the collar. “I’m gonna run a scan on this before we go any further.”

She runs a program on her computer. “Okay. Alice’s Heaven’s Memo Pad is now reading the magic encryption on the collar. Senko, can you beat it?”

Senko: “A humans magic is no match for a deity! Let me get to work!” She begins chanting “Ohhhmm Mofu-mofu ohhhhm mofu-mofu.”

Tearju is astonished as the magic code is eradicated in seconds.

Senko: “See? No sweat! But I can’t deactivate the lock. That’s a manual lock, not magical.”

Tearju: “Eve, please?”

Yami: “Hmm. It appears to be Zirconium Gundamindium.” She gently wraps her hands and several hair strands around the collar. “About 3,000 psi should break it.” Her hands and hair strands turn a metallic silver, and she begins squeezing. The collar shatters. “Done.”

Tearju turns to Pup. “She’s safe now.”

Pup starts crying. “Thank you everyone.”

Tearju: “Let her get some rest. That had to be rough on her.”

Pup: “I’ll stay with her until she wakes up.” He smiles. “She’s got a second chance at life.”


A couple hours later, in Skadi’s recovery room.

Skadi: “Umf. Ugh.” She wakes up. “Where am I?”

Pup: “Good morning cutie. How do you feel?”

Skadi: “What happened?” She feels around her neck. “The collar. It’s gone! You… You got it off! You saved me!”

Pup: “I didn’t do nothin. Thank Tearju and the girls. They’re the ones that did all the work, I just stood there in awe.”

Skadi’s eyes glimmer, as she begins to cry. “No. You saved me. I put my faith in you, and you were the one who decided to help me.” She jumps on Pup, knocking them both over. “I’m yours.” She nibbles his ear, then bites it. “That’s a dragon crest seal. It’s my contract, a proof of our binding. You saved my life, now I am yours.” She has a lustful look in her eyes. “Now. What do you want me to do, Master?”


Yami is conversing with Mikan about the events of the day.

Mikan: “Did Shimakaze take a liking to her new equipment? Tearju was telling me about the Rensouhou-chan the other day. How did they turn out?”

Yami: “I really don’t know. They activated, but Tear wasn’t able to show Shimakaze how to go about commanding them.”

Mikan: “And the dragon girl. Is she okay?”

Yami: “She seems to be. I do feel bad for her. We talked to Pup a little after the operation. He said she didn’t know who placed it on her.” Her expression changes to one of deep thought. “He also said she mentioned a red panda. It couldn’t possibly be them, could it?”

Mikan has a worried look. “You don’t mean…”

Yami turns to her. “Conception King.”

Mikan: “Did you already talk with Maou?”

Yami: “Pup told both of us, so I’m sure he discussed it with Maou when I left to come here.”

Mikan: “You should really talk with him too. They’re the ones that caused so much trouble for you two.”

Yami: “Don’t forget. Senko as well. And you too!” She has a serious look on her face, as she grabs Mikan’s hands. “It couldn’t have been easy for you either! You were in the middle of it all too! But thank you for everything. You know how much I care for you, right? After all, you’re part of the reason I can live happy like this!”

Mikan: “Yami. We’re best friends.” She smiles. “You mean so much to me too.”

Yami: “Ummm. Then can you please tell me what Maou needed your help with the other day?”

Mikan sighs. "You’re going to pester me until I tell you, aren’t you? Fiiiinnnneee. Maou had me teach him how to bake. Someone’s birthday is coming up, remember?

Yami: “He’s going to make me a cake himself?” She puts her hands over her mouth, and starts to tear up.

Mikan: “I swear Yami. I will deny it up and down if someone tells him I told you. Anyway, it’s getting late. I’m gonna hit the hay. Night Yami.”

Yami “Good night Mikan.”

Mikan gets up and leaves the room. Yami stands up and walks to her bedroom. She grabs her nightwear and goes into the bathroom. A little while later, she emerges. “That was a nice bath.” She looks over. Maou is on the bed already, fast asleep. Yami crawls into the bed and snuggles next to him as she rubs her stomach. She smiles. “Goodnight, my darling. I love you.”
She kisses him, and falls asleep holding his arm.


The next day, Tearju is with Shimakaze and Yami outside of her boat body.

Tearju: “Thank you so much Shimakaze! I really do appreciate you waiting a whole nother day for this.”

Shimakaze: “That’s not a problem Tearju!” She lowers her head a little, and starts to blush. “Um… You gave me a second life, and Yami is Big Sis. Would… Would… Would you mind if I called you mom?”

Tearju gets sparkly eyed. “Really?” She hugs Shimakaze while rubbing her her cheek with her own cheek. “Of course! You can call me mom! I’d love that!”

Shimakaze has a giddy smile. “I love you mommy! :heart:

Tearju looks at Yami. “And you can too, my dear lovely Eve.”

Yami blushes. “Stop embarrassing me mom…”

Tearju turns back to Shimakaze. "So are you ready Shima? Do you remember what we did yesterday?

Shimakaze: “Yes! Okay! Rensouhou ichi nii san!”

In a split second all three of her Rensouhou are hovering next to her.

Tearju: “Okay. These are all part of you Shima, so technically it would be similar to even moving your arms or legs. Just think of what you want them to do, and they’ll do it. They will also accept verbal commands, and an important thing is they will also accept orders from anyone you trust with all of your being.”

Shimakaze: “I trust you both.” She looks at Yami. “Big Sis.” She then turns to Tearju. “Mom.”

Tearju smiles. “I’ll show you then. Nii get us each a Dr Pepper from the fridge!”

The middle sized Rensouhou floats over to Shimakaze’s fridge and retrieves three cans of Dr Pepper, then brings them back to Tearju.

Tearju hands a can to Yami and Shimakaze, then pops her can and takes a swig. “I didn’t like this stuff when I first came here, but it grew on me. Try it Shima. It’s good.”

Shimakaze pops her can and takes a swig. “Such a unique flavor! Tasty!”

Yami chuckles slightly. “Maou got me addicted to it too.”

Tearju: “So, getting back to your Rensouhou, name one and say grill mode.”

Shimakaze: “San! Grill mode!”

The smallest Rensouhou turns back into it’s grill form, exactly to it’s spec, but missing it’s power cable.

Tearju: “You see that it no longer has a power cord. That’s cause it’s synced directly to you, and receives a remote continuous power supply from your boat body, thanks to my trans technology! Watch. Ichi! Can you bring me a pack of beef please?”

The largest Rensouhou brings over a package of beef. Tearju takes it, places it on the grill, and presses the button. The grill cooks the patties as it usually would. “See? Neat, right? Now I want you to try commanding them.”

Shimakaze: “Okay!”

Ichi comes over to Shimakaze, and let’s her sit on it’s head. It then starts floating around with her sitting on it. “Weee! This is fun!”

Senko walks in. “My my! That’s so cute!”

Tearju “Good morning Senko! Doing well today?”

Senko: "Yes-yes. I just came this morning to check up on Shimakaze. I see Yami is here, but I thought Nemesis would be here too.

Suddenly, Nemesis pops out of Yami. Shimakaze screams.

Nemesis: “Yo.”

Yami conks her on the head. “You didn’t have to scare Shimakaze like that.”

Nemesis: "Owwww. I wasn’t trying to. But I already told you I needed to recharge my dark matter. That dragon girl took a lot out of me, and besides, you’re the one who said I could sync with you this morning, since not being in a physical form makes my recovery way faster.

Yami: “Still you could have waited until we were done here.”

Shimakaze pokes Nemesis. “Big sis, you’re really part of Bigger Sis right now?”

Nemesis: “Yep. I can do it to you too! See?” She turns into a black cloud, then reappears protruding out of Shimakaze’s side. “I can’t do this with Senko though.”

Senko: “Since I’m a Fox spirit, dark matter and myself are incompatible. It’s not that I don’t want to be of assistance, I can’t. Neme-chan I really do hope you don’t hold any anger towards me for that…”

Nemesis: “You know I don’t. Just cause you can’t sync with me isn’t because you don’t want to. I know that. Anyway, I’ve rested for a couple hours now, I should be good now.” She exits Shimakaze’s body.

Yami: "Don’t be scared about it Shimakaze. Nemesis is made of dark matter. She can do those things exactly because of that reason.

Shimakaze: "By the way big sis, what was the deal with that outfit you were wearing the other day? It was so skimpy!

Yami turns bright red. “That’s my Darkness form. When I activate it, whatever I’m wearing changes to that outfit.” She then turns crimson. “Maou said I looked good wearing it…”

Tearju and Nemesis smirk smug smiles. In unison: “Do you wear it when???”

Smoke starts pouring out of Yami’s head. Yelling flusteredly: WHY WOULD I TELL YOU THAT???

Nemesis turns to Tearju with a sadistic smile. “That’s a definite yes.”

Shimakaze walks over to Senko. “What are they talking about?”

Senko pats her head. “There there. You’ll find out when you’re older.”


Maou goes to Skadi’s recovery room. She’s sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed. Pup is asleep on the rooms couch, which had been moved next to the bed. They’re holding hands.

Maou walks over to Pup and shakes him. “Pup. I need to talk to you again.”

Pup wakes up groggily. “Maou. Why did you wake me? I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Maou: “Sorry Pup. I actually came here to talk with… Her name is Skadi, right?”

Pup: “That’s her name. Let me see if she’ll wake up.” He goes over to Skadi and shakes her gently. “Wake up cutie. Maou needs to talk to you.”

Skadi: “Master Pup… I’m still tired…”

Maou: “Master???”

Pup has an embarrassed look. “Don’t say it Maou.” He goes back to trying to wake Skadi. “Come on. It’s important.”

Skadi grabs Pup and pulls him on the bed. “No. Master. Sleep with me now. We can do that later.”

Maou: “I really don’t want to interrupt this, but, Skadi, I need anything you remember about that collar.” He signals to the door. “Alice. You can come in. They’re up now.”

Alice walks in the room. “Are you sure? I just heard way different than that.”

Skadi starts pouting. “Fine. I’m up. Now what do you need?”

Alice: "What can you tell us about that collar. Pup told us you don’t know who put it on you, but any info will help. Do you have an inkling of where your life energy was being sent to? I’m not too familiar with dragons, but if you’re anything like a Kitsune Deity, you should be able to recognize your own energy.

Skadi: “Kitsune Deity? You’ve met one? I’ve heard tales, but thought they were just a legend! But… To your question… No. I don’t. Dragons usually have an abundance of power, so something like that is trivial to my species.”

Maou: “Do you think maybe you were targeted? Or is there some reason you could think of why you were the one they put that collar on?”

Pup: “She is a Grand Dragon. You think that could have something to do with it?”

Maou is astonished. “She’s a Grand Dragon??? You mean to tell me that the girl sitting there has the power to level mountains???”

Skadi: “It sounds like you’re insulting me. If you weren’t the friend of My Master, you would be ash right now.” She jumps on Pup’s lap and kisses him. “Right, Master?”

Pup: “Apologize Maou.”

Maou: “Sorry Skadi. Anyways, Pup, what’s with the whole Master deal? That’s all she’s called you.”

Skadi: “Master is Master. He saved me.” She kisses Pup again.

Pup: “She formed a pact with me. I’m now officially a dragonkin. But I didn’t force her to do it. She entered the pact of her own will.”

Skadi snuggles Pup. “Master… Master…”

Alice: “So Dragon Girl. Any info at all will help. Do you remember anything that could be a lead?”

Skadi: “There is one other thing. As the magic was taking effect, I did hear a man’s voice say to the red panda This dragon’s life force should power the thirteenth phantom nicely..”

Maou: “Hmm. The Thirteenth Phantom.” He turns to Alice. "I need you to do as much investigation on that as soon as possible! He turns back to Skadi and Pup. “I’ll let you guys get back to rest. Thanks for your help.”

Alice and Maou leave.

Skadi: “They honestly know a Kitsune Deity? They really do exist? Do you know it too? I want to meet it! Please, Master?”

Pup: “Get a little more rest first, then I’ll introduce you. Try to go back to sleep for now. I’ll stay with you.”

Skadi snuggles to Pup again. “Master :heart:


Mikan enters the docking bay.

She walks over to the group, still conversing over the Rensouhou-chan. She notices Ichi and Nii. “Awww! They’re so cute! What are they?”

Tearju has a giddy expression. “You think they’re cute? See, everyone? See? See? Mikan thinks they’re cute too!”

Mikan sweats. “Uhhhhh”

Tearju: “They’re my creation, the Rensouhou-chan! Let me tell you all about them!”

Mikan: Maybe later Tearju. I actually wanted to talk with Yami and Senko. I was told they were with Shimakaze, so that’s why I’m here."

Tearju: “Oh… Okay…”

Yami: “Mikan. What do you need of Senko and Myself?”

Mikan: “The pantry is getting kinda low, so I was wondering if y’all would help go grocery shopping with me.”

Senko: “Of course! There are a couple of new recipes I’d like to try out, if you don’t mind.”

Yami: “Do you need me to carry the bags for you?”

Mikan: But Yami, I don’t want you straining yourself." She looks at Yami’s belly. “After all…”

Yami: “Don’t worry about me Mikan. A couple thousand pounds isn’t a problem. I only needed Astrea’s help with the grills cause I created the portals using Darkness, and didn’t want to spread myself too thin.” She gives a thumbs up. “I’m fine. I really do appreciate your concern.” She smiles. “Thanks Mikan.”

Senko: “Shall we go then? You wouldn’t mind if I picked up some fried tofu while we are out, would you?”

Yami and Mikan: “Of course not Senko!”


At the farmers market. A purple portal opens and Senko, Mikan, and Yami in her Darkness outfit walk through. It closes behind them, as Yami’s outfit reverts to normal.

Mikan chuckles. “That outfit sure makes you look like an exhibitionist Yami. You really can’t change the design?”

Yami has a look of total embarrassment. “That outfit is engraved into the darkness trans program. I’d change it if I could, but I can’t. It’s the fastest way to travel though…”

Senko: “There there. It looks good on you, if not a little bit skimpy. It’s hot!”

Yami has a blank expression. “You’ve been hanging around Maou too much recently…”

Mikan: “Don’t mind it. Now. Let’s get shopping!”

Senko: Yes! Let’s!"

Shopping montage.

Mikan: “These are the freshest. See the colour of the skin and the firmness?”

Senko: "No. No. These are fresher! I can tell!

Yami: "Stop fighting you two. We can get both. Remember. We have that interspacial fridge that Ueno made, which will keep everything as fresh as when you put them in it.

Mikan and Senko: “Oh yeah! Sorry…”

Yami: “Can we go over to the poultry section? I’d like to pick up some chicken breasts and backs.”

Mikan: “Strange. You’re usually not one to specify what you want to eat. Are you having unusual cravings already?”

Yami: “Not unusual cravings. But I did have a craving for chicken noodle soup…”

Mikan and Senko: “What???”

Yami blushes. “Maou made it for me a while ago. I just really wanted some again.”

Senko: “Ara-ara!”

Mikan: “You sly girl. You just want Maou to cook it for you again, don’t you?”

Yami blushes harder.

Senko pats her head. “Aww! That’s so sweet!”

Another shopping montage.

Several hours later, Yami is carrying several massive totes with her hair.

Senko: “That’s pretty much everything on the list. Oh! My fried tofu!”

Mikan: “Go ahead and get it. Yami and I will wait for you around here.”

Senko: “Thanks!” She hurries off.

Mikan: “Go ahead and sit down over there Yami. I’ll be right back.”

Yami sits down on a bench and lowers the totes to the ground next to her. Her hair returns to it’s normal form.

Mikan returns. “Here ya go!” She hands Yami a Taiyaki and a Dr Pepper. She then proceeds to sit down next to her.

Yami: “This has been nice today, just hanging out with you and Senko. Everything has been so busy lately. It’s relaxing to just take some time to do things and not rush rush rush.”

Mikan: “I agree. It’s been pleasant today, not having to worry about anything.”

Yami takes a sip of her Dr Pepper. Her expression sours. “Where did you get this, huh Mikan?”

Mikan: “At that stand over there. Why?”

Yami looks discernably upset. “It’s flat.”

Mikan laughs. “If Maou were here, he’d be raising hell, wouldn’t he?”

Yami laughs. "He’d be like: “This is an insult to Charles Alderton!!!

They both laugh harder.

Senko returns. “What’s so funny you two?”

Yami: “Flat Dr Pepper.”

Senko is utterly confused. “Anyway, I got my tofu. Are y’all finished?”

Mikan: “Yep. Ready to go?”

Yami: “I don’t like going Darkness in public if I can avoid it, let’s go someplace quieter.”

She picks up the totes with her hair, and they go to a secluded area. Yami glows yellow, as her outfit turns into practically nothing but a cape, straps, and a thong and two horns manifest on the top of her head. “Okay. Ready?” She opens a portal and all three girls pass through.


Meanwhile, Shimakaze is still going through the paces with her Rensouhou. Astrea and Nymph go over to her.

Nymph: “What’s those things Shimakaze?”

Shimakaze: “They’re my familiars; the Rensouhou-chan!”

Astrea: “Ren shoehorn? What kind of name is that? I’d call them Blaster Masters!”

Nymph shoots a glare. “Man I don’t know how you survive sometimes.”

Astrea: “But they have canons on their heads!”

Shimakaze: “I don’t know… You’d have to ask Tearju.”

Nemesis pops out of Shimakaze. Nymph looks shocked. Astrea passes out.

Nemesis laughs. “I love doing that! It’s funny when it happens to someone else, isn’t it?”

Shimakaze: "Kinda. But that’s mean big sis. You shouldn’t scare people like that!

Nemesis: “Don’t be a prude. The dumb one over there insulted your familiars.”

Shimakaze: “She just doesn’t know better. Keep it up, and I’ll tell Mikan and Senko what you did, and they’ll cut off your supply of dango.”

Nemesis: “You wouldn’t! Mikan’s dango are so good! Don’t do that to your big sister! Fine… Iiiimmmmm sssooorrrrrrryyyy.”

Shimakaze: “Sissy and the others should be back soon. We should get going. Okay! Ichi, Nii, San! Return!”

The three Rensouhou vanish.

Nymph: “Where did they go?”

Shimakaze: "They went back into my boat body! Guys. I’m going to wait for Sissy with Mom. You all want to come along?


In Skadi’s recovery room, Psychopuppet and Skadi are sleeping. Skadi wakes up. She nudges Pup. “Master. Get up Master. :heart:

Pup: “Skadi. 5 more minutes.”

Skadi: “But Master…”

Pup: “What is it Skadi?”

Skadi: “I’m feeling much better now. And I want to see this place. Can you show me around?”

Pup: “Sure. Let me get ready.”

A few minutes later, Pup is dressed and him and Skadi leave the room.

Travel montage.

Pup: “And this is the product development laboratory.”

Ueno and Tearju are there, conversing with Alice.

Tearju: “Shimakaze is trying out operating the Rensouhou now. Nemesis is keeping an eye on her for the time being. So what did you call us for Alice?”

Alice: “Maou wants me to look up anything into something called The Thirteenth Phantom. This might take a while, but if you all come across anything, let me know or report it to him immediately.”

Ueno: “I feel like I’ve heard that name before.”

Tearju: “Me too… Hmmm…”

The group notice Skadi and Pup.

Tearju: “Oh! Skadi! How are you doing? Are you already feeling closer to normal?”

Skadi smiles. “Yes. I’ll even show you.” She breathes a massive flame. “See? All better. Thank you for helping save me.”

Ueno: “You’re an actual dragon?” She looks over Skadi. “Crazy! I thought dragons were massive lizard-like things, not girls my height.”

Skadi has a look of anger. "You want to see a dragon, huh? I’ll show you a dragon. Let me turn into my original form, and you’ll scream from terror.

Pup “Don’t take it to heart Skadi. After all, that is how dragons are depicted in folklore.”

Skadi: “Oh, Master. Okay. :heart:

Tearju: “What are you guys doing?”

Pup: “Skadi wanted to look around Maou’s headquarters.”

Skadi: “And Master tells me that you all know a Kitsune Deity!!! I want to meet it!”

Pup: “She means Senko.”

Tearju, Ueno, and Alice: “We figured…”

Pup: “Anyways, do you know where she’s at?”

Tearju: “She went with Eve and Mikan grocery shopping. They should be back soon. You want a personal tour? I have some time to show you around. You want me to?”

Skadi: “Of course!”


On board the Amatsukaze, Tonka appears to be finishing up repairs on the turbine. He talks to himself: “Man. That was a job right there! All those busted parts were one of a kind. Sigh. Just rebuilding it took 3 times what I had planned…”

LadyOfWicca and Emilia enter. Wicca goes over to Tonka. “How’s the ship coming along? How about our apparition?”

Tonka: “I just finished working on the motor, hopefully it will crank. They ran it to the ground, I tell you that. As for the ghost, see for yourself.”

He opens his laptop, which had been wirelessly connected to the Amatsukaze. The same girl as before appears.

Amatsukaze: “Hello. Amatsukaze here. How may I be of assistance?”

Emilia: “So this ghost really thinks it’s a boat? That’s a new one for me.”

Wicca: “Em. Amatsukaze, was it? How long do you think it will be till you’re really to operate?”

Amatsukaze: “Diagnostic running. Complete. Hull status: buoyant. Engine status: currently unavailable. Once my engine is confirmed functional, I will be able to resume my duties.”

Wicca: “That’s great! I can’t wait to tell Mana! She’ll be so happy that she’ll let me brush her fur and cuddle her!!!”

Tonka: “How are her and Itsuki doing after that psychopathic assassin tried to kill everybody?”

Wicca: “Cody patched them up good, and I cast a healing spell afterwards. They’re already good as new!”

Emilia: “Tch. If I had been there, I would have had a chance to hurt that bastard Maou right where it counts.” She laughs hysterically. “I’d serve him her head on a silver platter and then, as he has a look of absolute helplessness and fear, disembowel him where he stands. That blonde bimbo taking my man. They both deserve to die!”

Tonka: “Dark man. Really dark.”

Wicca: “Thanks for the update Tonka. Emilia and I are gonna get going then. Gotta let boss lady know this info too.”

Tonka: “See ya then. I’ll try to have her operational by next week at the latest.” He groans. “These Japanese engines use way different designs than I’m used to.”

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Tearju is showing Skadi around.

Tearju: “And the final stop; My personal laboratory! This is where we released that collar from you!” Her cellphone rings. “Eve! Are you back already? Yes. Is Senko is with you? She is? Great! I’m in my lab. Can you meet me there, please? And have Senko tag along. I have someone who i would like to introduce to her.”

A few minutes later, Senko enters the room, accompanied by Yami. Skadi runs over to Senko, not even noticing Yami.

Skadi: “Oh my gosh! You have ears! And a fluffy tail! Are you really? Are you really a fox deity?”

Senko: "Goodness! You’re an excitable one, aren’t you? But yes I am. I’m the Kitsune demigod, Senko. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Skadi: “So you really do exist! You’re the first I’ve ever met! My name’s Skadi. I’m a Grand Dragon! I really hope we can be friends!” She finally realizes that someone had entered with Senko. “Oh I’m so sorry I ignored you. I’m…” Her expression turns to absolute terror. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LONG GOLDEN HAIR! RED EYES! DRESSED IN GOTHIC LOLITA FASHION! YOU CAN’T BE, CAN YOU? ARE YOU REALLY THE KILLER: GOLDEN DARKNESS? WHY ARE YOU HERE? YOU WERE SENT BY THAT RACCOON TO KILL ME, WEREN’T YOU? I WARN YOU, I’M A DRAGON. I’LL TAKE YOU DOWN BEFORE YOU EVEN GET A CHANCE TO ATTACK ME!!!”

Senko: “Calm down Skadi. No one is here to hurt you. I promise.”

Skadi: “YOU TOO SENKO??? SHE MUST HAVE HYPNOTIZED YOU TOO! I’M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!” She begins inhaling as to charge a flame attack.

Senko: “YAMI!”

Yami: “I know.”

Yami transforms several locks of her hair into hands, and grabs Skadi by all of her limbs, then wraps several hair strands around her mouth, preventing Skadi from breathing flames. Senko runs over to her, grabs her head, and with Yami’s help, positions Skadi to have her head on Senko’s tail.

Senko: “Fox Magic: Calming Hypnotism!”

Skadi begins to simmer down. Yami releases her.

Senko: “There there. Mofu-Mofu Mofu-Mofu. You’re safe here.”

Sakdi: (tearfully) “I. I don’t want to die. Please don’t kill me.”

Yami: “I’m not here to kill you. I left that life long ago. I don’t even acknowledge my full name of Golden Darkness anymore. As a matter of fact, I helped save you. I assisted Tear in removing that collar, alongside Senko here. This is where I live now, surrounded by the people I care about.” She lends out a hand. “Here. Let me help you up.”

Skadi: “No. I refuse. I don’t trust you.”

Tearju: “Eve…”

Yami: “It’s fine Tear.” She turns her head away. “She knows of my life of the past. All the blood I’ve shed. All the sins I’ve committed.” She begins tearing up. “Only someone crazy would trust me, having that knowledge.”

Suddenly, a slap is heard. Senko’s hand is wide open. Skadi’s cheek is bright red. Her eyes are wide with shock.

Senko: “It doesn’t matter what she has done in the past, she’s a changed person! She even saved your life! Without her strength, we wouldn’t have been able to remove that collar! And most importantly, I trust her! So, you mean to tell me that you don’t believe a so called rare mystical deity?” She forces Skadi to stand up.

Yami: “Senko…” She runs to Senko, and hugs her while crying. “Thank you.”

Senko: “It’s okay Yami. You have us. Here now.” She has Yami lay on her tail, and rubs her hair. Yami’s tears subside. Senko shoots back to Skadi. “Apologize. Now. I don’t want to get Maou involved, cause you’re with Psychopuppet, but if I have to, I will. You really don’t want to see Maou if he hears that someone insulted her.”

Skadi: “I’m… I’m sorry. There. I said it.”

Senko: “That won’t do. All that dragon arrogance. Say it like you mean it.”

Skadi: “Yami, I am sorry for not trusting you. If Senko says you are an okay person, then I suppose you are okay with me.” She looks at Senko. “Better?”

Senko: “Much.” She looks down at Yami, still laying on her tail. "Feel a little better, huh Yami?

Yami: (through sniffles) “Yes. Thank you Senko. I do now.” She gets up.

Senko stands up as well, and dusts herself off. “Now that we have that out of the way, you two shake hands.”

Yami holds out her hand. Skadi seems hesitant to. Senko pouts. “Do it.” Skadi grabs Yami’s hand, and shakes. “I’m Skadi Dragenfelt.” Yami smiles. “You can call me Yami.”

Senko: "It’s getting late. Let’s continue this conversation tomorrow. Anyways, Skadi, I bet Psychopuppet is wondering where you went.


That night in Maou and Yami’s room:

Yami lays in bed, thinking about the ordeal with Skadi. Maou enters the room and lays down. Yami grabs his arm, and curls herself around it.

Maou seems surprised. “What’s with this Yami? You’re usually not so assertive.”

Yami looks at him with concerned eyes. “Knowing what you know about me and my past, are you really not scared of me?”

Maou shoots up, dragging Yami a little. “You are my treasure! Every day since the day we first met has been a happy one. I could never fear you, my Angel.”

Yami blushes neon red, and punches Maou with hair fists several times. "You’re so embarrassing sometimes! But…
That’s part of why I love you…

Maou: “And I’ll always love you too.” SMOOCH