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As the Mecha Turns II

Sometime after the meal, several of the girls are taking.

Senko: "Maou seemed somewhat familiar with you, but I don’t recall meeting any of you before today, and it appears that Yami had never met you before either. When did y’all meet?

Thi: “Oh. That’s simple! We were with Psychopuppet’s group when he was hired to assassinate Maou!”

Yami jolts up. “What???”

Tazusa: “Well, we had just formed our squadron, and Psychopuppet was the assigned leader on our first job.”

Miriam: “I recall we were dispatched because of a demon trying to take over one of the worlds most powerful corporations.”

Mikan: “That does sound somewhat familiar.”

Thi: “Yeah. I can honestly say they could have sent a way more experienced team, and they still would have lost against him…”

Tazusa: “We even unloaded a Neunwelt Tactic on him…”

Mikan: “I’m gonna take it as that was your ultimate attack?”

Miriam sighs. “Yes. And he was barely phased by it…”

Tazusa: “The peculiar thing is he never actually attacked us back. To this day, I find that peculiar of a demon. If the Neunwelt Tactic barely scratched him, he probably could have ripped us to shreds in an instant, but he didn’t.”

Thi: “If you want to know the truth, during the battle, the floor collapsed, and he saved us from falling to our deaths.”

Tazusa: “He then said something about not wanting to kill anymore after being in “This Realm”.”

Miriam: “Maou and Psychopuppet became chummy after that. Turns out they have fairly similar interests.”

Tazusa: “So. What about you, Yami?” What’s the deadliest assassin in the universe doing in a place like this?"

Yami: “It’s kinda a long story. I first came to earth because of an assassination target myself. Through situations, I just couldn’t kill him. And with continuing interactions, I met his sister and was able to rekindle my relationship with my creator. We eventually fell in love.” Her expression saddens. “Then, one day, a different assassin was sent to put a hit on him. I was able to defeat the assassin, but he snapped psychologically, and sweared vengeance. He kept sending his subordinates, which I dispatched until one day he returned with a device that hindered my powers useless. I watched as the heart of my first love was impaled by multiple swords.” She begins tearing up. "I will never forget his last words.: “Yami. Run. Please. I want you to live and find another place where you can experience happiness.” "

The entire group is in tears at this point.

Yami: “I went into hiding with Mikan, Tearju, and Nemesis, who’s powers had been depleted significantly from a previous battle. At that point, I had decided as long as they were safe, I could pass on without regrets. So with everyone safe, I called out the assassin, and prepared myself for my end. I thought it would be over in an instant, but no. It felt like the battle lasted an eternity. Then, out of a miracle, that’s when I met Maou. The assassin attacked him, but Maou killed the assassin with one blow. I thought he would have taken the bounty on me, and even begged him to, but no.” Yami begins to blush. “He said I was beautiful, and refused to let me die.”

Mikan: “Right after then, that’s when me, Tear, and Neme first met Maou.” She points to Yami. “He arrived carrying her like a princess.”

Yami blushes harder.

Mikan: “We moved here after that.”

Tazusa: “Seriously?”

Mikan: “Yep.” She points to Yami again. “And this one was even able to find love again as well.”

Yami turns crimson and smoke rises from her head from embarrassment. “Mikan…

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Shimakaze jumps on Yami and hugs her. With tears in her eyes: “Big sis! That’s true? You never told me you almost died!”

Yami has a look of shock. Yes Shima. That happened long before Tearju revived you. She smiles. “But don’t worry. I’m still here.”

Shimakaze starts crying harder. “Big sis! I don’t want to lose you!!!”

Suddenly, Nemesis pops out of Shimakaze’s body. “What’s all this racket? I’m trying to take a nap!”

Shimakaze: “Big sis Yami told me she was almost killed!!!”

Nemesis: “Oh yeah. I guess we hadn’t told you about that, did we?”

Senko hugs Shimakaze. “Here now dearie. Calm down. Yami is safe. You have nothing to worry about.”

Mikan: “Wow. She’s in full force waterworks right now. Hey. We should take her to her room.”

Senko: “Yes. Let’s.” She turns to the Hitotsuyanagi squad. “Sorry to cut the conversation short.”

Tazusa, Thi, and Miriam: “It’s fine. Goodnight.”

The girls lead Shimakaze to her room.

Yami sits on Shimakaze’s bed, and has Shima lay on her lap. “There there. That’s in the past. Your big sis is here, and she loves you.”

Shimakaze: “Big sis… Big sis…”

Yami: “You all can go on. I’ll stay with Shima until she falls asleep.”

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Shimakaze: “Big sis…”

Yami: “Shima, it’s okay. I didn’t die.”

Shimakaze: “But… But… But… I know that pain! I’ve died before! That feeling of despair. All the sorrow, all the regret!”

Yami: “That wasn’t the only time I nearly perished, there were plenty of times when I nearly died. That was my old life. You know I was an assassin when I first arrived on earth, yes? Being surrounded by death was part of my everyday life.” A sorrowful look comes across her face. “The amount of lives I’ve taken, it’s insurmountable. Every day that is my regret and burden. All the lives I’ve personally cut short. My hands are stained to the core with the blood I’ve shed.” She begins tearing up. “I’m a killer too.”

Shimakaze: “Big sis! Don’t cry too!”

Yami: “I can’t change the past. If I could, I would have escaped with Tearju before Eden tried to kill her! Before any of this happened.”

Shimakaze: “But that means Neme would be an assassin in your place! And if that’s the case, I might have never been resurrected, or have met you!”

Yami: “Those facts are true. Our lives could be significantly different.”

Shimakaze: “No! I need you!” She hugs Yami, and kisses her on the cheek. “I love you big sis!”

Yami displays a warm smile, and returns Shimakaze’s kiss on the cheek. “I love you too Shima. :heart: Don’t worry. I’m here with you.”

Mikan, Senko, and Neme enter the room.

Mikan: “Sister waterworks, huh?”

Nemesis runs over to Yami and Shima. “Don’t leave me out!” She hugs both of them.

Senko: “Here. I brought some snacks. Let’s all enjoy them together. :heart:

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Nemesis: “Shima, you really were worked up.” She ponders a moment. “Are you okay now?”

Shimakaze: “I feel a lot better now, thanks to big sis.”

Yami: “We had a long talk. She had just gotten worked up over hearing that.”

Senko: “Shima, would you like to lay on my tail for a little bit?”

Shimakaze: “I’d love to!”

Senko sits down, and Shimakaze lays her head on Senko’s tail. “So soft!”

Mikan: “You look sad too Yami. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Yami: “Heh. You know me too well, Mikan. I was just telling Shima about my life as an assassin, and how many lives were culled by these hands.” She turns her right hand into a blade. “It saddens me that I can’t return the lives my blade has taken.” She looks downward. “This blade is one of the sharpest, deadliest things in the universe.”

Suddenly, Mikan grabs her blade hand, and squeezes it.

Yami: “Mikan! What are you doing?”

Mikan smiles, then releases Yami’s blade. Her hands appear uninjured. “See Yami? You’re not deadly. There’s not even a scratch on me from that! Your blade wasn’t even hard.”

Yami: “That’s because I changed the molecular composition of my blade the second you started to grab it. Hurting you is the last thing I ever would want to do.”

Mikan: “Aww. Yami! You’re such a softie!”

Yami’s eyes dart. “No I’m not.”

Mikan hugs her. “Yes you are! And all of us know you didn’t honestly want to hurt anyone.” She embraces her harder. “You’re as soft as mochi!”

Yami blushes. “Mikan…”

Everyone laughs.

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