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As the Mecha Turns II

Yami and Mikan are watching her TV.

Yami: “Mikan! I don’t care if she does share my name, I am not like that!”

Mikan: “Aww. You don’t see a little bit of Maou in her???”

Yami blushes. “Well… Maybe a little bit…”

Mikan smiles smugly. “Maybe that’s how your daughter will be like when she grows up.”

Yami shoots up. “Mikan!!!”

Mikan falls over laughing. “I’m kidding Yami. Don’t get so serious.”

Yami pouts. Just then her phone rings. “Tear. How can I be of assistance? Um-hm. Okay. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Mikan: “What did your mom want?”

Yami: “Nothing too important. It’s just Mikado had Oshizu come over to get adjustments on her prosthetic body.”

Mikan: “Oshizu? I haven’t seen her in ages! You don’t mind if I come with?”

Yami: “Of course not!”

A few minutes later, Yami and Mikan enter Tearju’s lab. There’s a girl with dark blue hair lying on a stretcher, and an identical girl hovering right next to her.

Mikan: “Oshizu!”

The floating girl turns towards them, with a look of surprise. “Mikan! Yami! It’s so good to see you two again! You probably already know why I’m here.”

Mikan: “Your telekinesis shorted out your body again?”

Oshizu backs up, with a nervous expression. “WWWWWhat makes you say that?”

Yami and Mikan look at each other. “Dog.”


Oshizu destroys half the room and strips everyone naked using her telekinesis.

Yami has a look of total irritation. “Oshizu…”

Oshizu: “Sorry, sorry…”

A few minutes later, after everyone had gotten changed.

Yami: “You know how much Maou doesn’t like dogs. Do you really think there would be one here?”

Oshizu: “You never know… Oh! Mikado told me you’re gonna have a baby! Congratulations!”

Yami blushes. “That’s correct.”

Senko enters the room. “Good evening!”

Oshizu: “It’s been too long Senko!”

Tearju: “That’s right! You’ve known each other for some time, haven’t you?”

Senko: “My shrine was right next to the old Sainan High school building. It’s been nearly 400 years since we first met, hasn’t it Oshizu?”

Oshizu: “That’s right!”

Mikan: “Wait. Senko is a fox. She is in the canidae family, which includes dogs. But you’re okay with her?”

Oshizu hugs Senko. “She’s a special case! Senko helped me cope right after I became a spirit. I’m forever in her gratitude! Besides, isn’t she just so cute?”

Yami: “That’s Senko for you. She can even make a canine hater like her.”

Senko: “I’m not a dog…”

Yami: “I didn’t mean it like that Senko. Sorry…”

Senko: “It’s ok Yami. I’ll forgive you. Anyways, I’d like yours and Mikan’s help on a recipe. I think the flavor is off, but wanted a second opinion.”


A little while later, Mikan and Yami have joined Senko in her meal preparation, as Oshizu decided to tag along with them.

Mikan: “Can you even taste when you’re in your astral form? Huh Oshizu?”

Oshizu: “That’s actually a good question. I’ve never honestly tried eating anything, cause I haven’t been hungry since I passed away…”

Mikan sweats a nervous tear. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to drag down the room…”

Oshizu: “That was 400 years ago! I’m over it now!”

Senko: “You never did ask me to make anything, now that I think about it. Since I have a meal prepared now, we could see.” She ponders for a second. “But I don’t know if you would be able to tell what tastes good or not.”

Oshizu: “I do eat when I’m in my prosthetic body. Besides, I do know ice cream is delicious!”

Yami: “That can’t be all you eat though, is it? If so, that’s bad for you!”

Mikan and Senko have a look of irritation. “Says you, miss Taiyaki is 3/4ths of my diet.”

Yami backs up nervously. “I’m down to only a couple per week…” She lowers her head and blushes. “The ones Maou made today don’t count.

Senko: “That doesn’t matter missy. You need to eat better foods!”

Mikan nods in agreement. “You need to keep in good health Yami! After all, the mama has got to stay healthy for her baby!”

Yami: “I’m trying…”

Mikan proceeds to look around. “So what did you want us to check the flavor on?”

Senko: “This!” She goes over to the oven and retrieves a baking pan. Removing the lid, a puff of steam arises. Sitting in the pan are plump and juicy pork chops simmering in sauerkraut. “I tried a new seasoning blend for the pork chops, but I think it doesn’t meld well with the sauerkraut. To me, it tastes too tart, but I want your thoughts.”

She takes one of the pork chops, and divides it into four pieces, and plates it with a bit of the sauerkraut, then adds some applesauce to the plate, then hands a plate to each of the girls. They each begin to sample their plate.

Oshizu: "Oh my gosh! This is delicious! So flavorful!

Yami: “Oshizu’s right. It’s good.”

Mikan: “Hmm. You’re right Senko. The seasoning is too tart. It messes with the balance of flavors.”

Yami yawns. “Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that rudely. I’ve just been really sleepy recently.”

Mikan: “Senko you wouldn’t mind, would you? I’ll fix the meal here.”

Senko: “I don’t mind. Come along Yami.”

Yami: “I don’t want to impose…”

Senko: “Nonsense!” She grabs Yami by the hand. “Let’s go now!”

Senko takes Yami to her bedroom, and sits down on her bed. She then fluffs her tail. “Come now Yami. I’ll wake you when Mikan finishes dinner.”

Yami: “Are you sure?”

Senko: “Don’t make me use my fox magic to force you to.”

Yami: “Okay Senko. I’ll lay down.”

Yami crawls onto the bed and lays her head on Senko’s tail. Senko starts rubbing her hair and humming a lullaby as Yami falls asleep with a peaceful expression.


Shimakaze and Nemesis are with Ueno.

Ueno: “That Tearju. Leaving in the middle of our test like that…”

Nemesis: “She said she’d only take a little while. Besides, we’re only trying to see if it works to begin with. That doesn’t need any knowledge of my dark matter trans. Ready Shima?”

Shimakaze: “Let’s do it, big sis! Ichi, Nii, San!”

Shimakaze’s Rensouhou appear in front of her.

Ueno: “Make sure they’re all functioning properly first.”

Nemesis: “San. Come here!”

The smallest Rensouhou hovers to Nemesis.

Ueno: “Interesting. They only should listen to people Shimakaze truly trusts.”

Shimakaze: “She’s my big sis! I love her!”

Nemesis smiles smugly. “How about you see if they’ll listen to you?”

Ueno: “I don’t need to attempt that.”

Nemesis: “Cause ya can’t.” She sticks out her tongue.

Shimakaze: “Stop fighting you two!!! I’ll tell Sissy!”

Nemesis: “… Fine”

Ueno: “Whatever…”

Shimakaze: “All three Rensouhou seem to be okay. Let’s try it out now.”

Nemesis and Shimakaze: “Dark Matter Trans!”

Nemesis becomes a black cloud and envelopes Shimakaze, who then starts glowing a black glow. The Rensouhou begin emanating the same glow.

Ueno: “Their communication limit is a half mile radius, right? All’s we have to do is get them a little further away than that, and it should prove the theory at least.”

Shimakaze: “Ichi, Nii, San! Depart!”

The Rensouhou begin hovering away.

Ueno: “Let me call Tearju, and see how much longer she’s gonna be.”

Shimakaze: “No need! San! Check up on Mom for me!”

Nemesis pops her head out of Shimakaze. “Good idea. Her lab is more than a half mile away.”

Ueno: “Man. That’s creepy…”

A few minutes later, Rensouhou San hovers up to Tearju. “Mom? Mom!”

Tearju: “Shima, hi! I see you’re using the communication system in the Rensouhou! I’m almost done here. I’ve already put Oshizu’s body on the diagnostic scanner, so I can leave it for now. I’ll be right back over in just a few minutes.”


Tearju heads back to join Ueno’s group, alongside Rensouhou San.

Ueno: “You’re back, finally…”

Tearju: “Sorry, sorry…” She looks around. “Where did Nemesis go?”

Nemesis pops out of Shimakaze. “Yo.”

Tearju: “Oh! I see! You synced together, to increase the Rensouhou signal already!”

Nemesis: “Pretty much exactly.”

Shimakaze: “So how will we do this if Nemesis is busy?”

Tearju: “Hmm… Nemesis and her powers are one of a kind after all, aren’t they? I have a hypothesis though that if she transfers some of her dark matter particles directly into your bloodstream, they may adapt to you. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to access everything she can, but it should suffice for what we’re intending to try out.”

Shimakaze: "Pu…Pu…Put in my Bloodstream? Like with a needle???

Nemesis: “I’m pretty certain that’s exactly what she means.”

Ueno: “You all have fun with that. I’m gonna go check up on Astrea and Nymph. Psychopuppet needed some help with something, so I sent them to help him. It’s worrying me that I haven’t heard back from them yet.”

Tearju: “Go ahead Ueno. I’ll take Nemesis and Shimakaze to my lab” She looks over to Shimakaze. “And bring the Rensouhou with us too.”


Ueno finally locates Astrea and Nymph. They’re alongside Psychopuppet, who is working on his van. Astrea is holding up the front end of the van, and Psychopuppet is underneath it.

Ueno: “What are you guys doing?”

Nymph: “What does it look like we’re doing?”

Pup crawls from under the van. "The transmission pan seal sprung a leak, and I was just trying to repair it.

Ueno: “And queen dumb-dumb was holding up the van, why?”

Astrea “Who’s queen dumb-dumb? I’m holding up the van!”

Pup: The jack I had broke, so I had asked her to do it."

Ueno: “So where’s Skadi? I’m certain she would have been way more useful.”

Pup opens his van door. Skadi is laying there sleeping. “She’s still not regained all of her strength yet.”

Skadi wakes up. “Master :heart:

Pup: “Morning. Did you rest well? Hey Astrea, you can set the van down. Take a break for now.”

Astrea: “Yay! I want pudding!”

Nymph pulls a bag of potato chips out of nowhere, and starts eating them.

Ueno: “I don’t even want to know where you got those…”

Skadi: “Master. I’m hungry.”

Pup: 'Senko is making dinner. It should be ready soon."


Over at Tearju’s lab, Nemesis and Shimakaze arrive, alongside the Rensouhou.

Tearju: "Good! You’re here! Let’s get started then!

She pulls out a syringe. Shimakaze cowers.

Nemesis laughs. “You shouldn’t be scared. It’s only a needle.”

Tearju: “You ready then, Nemesis?”

Nemesis: “Yeah.” She puffs a small cloud of dark matter particles. “Take what you need.”

Tearju: “No. That won’t do. I need your blood, not just dark matter particles under your control.”

Nemesis is taken aback. “Eh?”

Shimakaze: “Now big sis, you weren’t just talking big, because you thought you weren’t going to get stabbed, now were you?”

Nemesis: “Th… That… That’s preposterous! I… I’m… I’m a trans weapon! A tiny needle doesn’t scare me!”

Shimakaze smiles slyly. “Then show your little sister how it’s done.”

Tearju: "Now Nemesis. It won’t hurt. I promise.

Shimakaze: “I’ll hold her still mom!”

Nemesis: “No! Wait! Ahhhh!!!”

A couple minutes later, Tearju is placing a vial onto one of her diagnostic scanners, while Nemesis is rubbing her arm.

Tearju: “Now let me run some tests really quick.”

After a couple more minutes pass. Tearju leaves her computer with some printouts. She returns to Shima and Neme. “It’s looking like my hypothesis is correct. Your blood type is AB, just as Eve and Shima.” She looks over at Shimakaze. “Are you ready?”

Shimakaze: (Nervously) “Ye… Yes…”

Tearju: “It’ll be over in just a minute.”

Shimakaze: “Ouch.”

Tearju: “There. See? It wasn’t too bad, was it? Now we have to wait for the dark matter to circulate through you. Neme, will you please stay with her? I’m going to quickly check on how Oshizu’s body is coming along. I’ll be right over there if you need me for anything.”


Tearju is working on Oshizu’s body. “Hmm. I really should put a stronger resistor in. That should at least assist in keeping her psychokinesis in check.”

A few minutes later. “And done! Now all’s I need to do is wait for Oshizu to get back to test it out.” She looks up. “I wonder if Shima is okay.”

She walks back to where Nemesis and Shimakaze are. Shimakaze appears to have fallen asleep.

Tearju goes over to Shimakaze, and pats her in the cheek. “Shima. Shima. Wake up Shima.”

Shimakaze: “Mmmmm. Mom. Five more minutes.”

Tearju: “Come on Shima. Time to get up.”

Nemesis pinches Shimakaze. “Get up little sis!”

Shimakaze: “Ow! Nemesis!”

Nemesis: “She’s up now.”

Tearju: “How do you feel? Any different?”

Shimakaze: “Not really. Just a little sleepy.”

Nemesis: “Let big sis help out. Okay. Put out your hand, and imagine something”

Shimakaze: “Like this?” She holds out her hand, and a black cloud envelops her hand. The cloud dissipates, and a turkey sub is sitting in her hand. “Woah! Cool!”

Tearju: “We did miss lunch today, didn’t we? Maybe I should cook something?”

Nemesis: “NO! Yami has told me the horror stories of your cooking. How do you even catch cereal in milk on fire?”

Tearju: “I really don’t want to talk about that…”

Nemesis: “There’s some dango I put in the fridge. We could snack on those till dinner.”

Shimakaze: “You’d share your dango? Big sis! :heart:


Yami is laying down, asleep. She slowly tosses herself awake.

“Good morning, beautiful. Did you have a nice nap?”

Yami rubs her eyes. As her eyes focus, she realizes she had been laying on Maou’s lap! She shoots up, embarrassed, clocking Maou with a hair fist. “MamamaMaou! Whawhawhat are you doing here??? Where did Senko go?”

Maou: “I was actually looking for you when I noticed you sleeping on her lap, so I asked her if she would mind if I took her place. She said she didn’t mind, so we traded places. I must say, her levitation magic is really nice. We switched places without even bothering your sleep!”

Yami turns beet red. “You didn’t have to do that…”

Maou: “You looked so peaceful sleeping there, and I wanted to bask in your beauty.”

Yami manages to turn even redder. “You say such embarrassing things sometimes, Maou.” She looks around. “But where did Senko go?”

Maou: “She said she wanted to check up on Mikan while I was watching over you.”

Yami yawns.

Maou: “Are you still tired? You can go back to sleep for a while. You can even continue to use my lap as a pillow, if you want.”

Yami: “No. That won’t do.” She proceeds to wrap her hair around Maou as she has them both lay down. “My hair isn’t as soft as Senko’s tail, but…”

Maou has a look of total shock. “Your hair is absolutely luxurious! It’s softness almost rivals Senko’s fur!”

Yami blushes. “Tha… That’s good to hear…”

Maou: “Is everything alright though? You know I always worry about you.”

Yami: “I’m fine Maou. I just want to cuddle with you right now.

Maou smiles. “I love you, my Angel.” SMOOCH

Yami returns a peaceful smile. “I love you too.” SMOOCH


Mikan is at the Stove. Oshizu is floating near her. Senko enters.

Oshizu: “Oh! Hi Senko! I thought you were with Yami!”

Senko: “Yeah. Maou saw Yami sleeping on my tail and asked me if he could trade places with me. He even got on his hands and knees!” She laughs.

Mikan: “That’s Maou for you…”

Senko: “So what have you two been talking about while I was gone?”

Oshizu: “I was just watching Mikan cook. She really has talent!”

Senko pouts.

Mikan: “Come on Senko. She didn’t mean it like that.”

Senko: “I know…” She looks at the oven. “Anyways, how did the pork chops turn out?”

Mikan: “Take a look!” She pulls out the dish from the oven. Removing the lid, she exclaims: “See?”

Senko: “Ooh! They smell delicious! How did you fix them?”

Mikan: “A little tumeric, a little garlic.” She winks. “And of course, a little Mikan magic!”

Oshizu: “Since dinner is ready, should we go get Maou and Yami?”

Mikan: “I don’t want to wake her, but she should have dinner. Yeah. Let’s go get them.”