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Back in Business A-Z


Just like the Anime Characters thread, this thread will be played out the same exact way, naming off companies starting with A and moving all the way to Z and back again. It’s that simple.
You know the basic posting rules so I won’t get into that.
Without further ado, let’s begin.



What about companies that are subsidiaries of other companies?


Hornet65 wrote:

Anything is fair game. Even international businesses if you know them. :slight_smile:


Then in that case…

Bethesda Softworks




[strike]I can’t think of any companies that start with D :([/strike]
I lied, found one!

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma (Japanese pharmaceutical company)

Also, what about fake companies from games, movies and TV shows? And what about companies that are no longer in business… like the most obvious E company :stuck_out_tongue:


Exxon Mobil


From Software


Hornet65 wrote:

Damn straight!

General Motors

Let’s see how long I can stick to car companies.






Good to know you like From Software Sbitzer…

Jones Soda Co.


Kraft Foods

(Remember to try to wait 10 minutes before posting again guys. That’s a basic rule.)


I don’t recall that being a rule in the other A-Z thread.

Lucasfilm Ltd.




Hornet65 wrote:

That’s Slowhand’s rule.



Snowy Stampede wrote:

[quote]Hornet65 wrote:

That’s Slowhand’s rule.[/quote]

Yeah, that was me. Sorry about that.



sbitzer wrote:

[quote]Snowy Stampede wrote:

That’s Slowhand’s rule.
Yeah, that was me. Sorry about that.[/quote]


Polaroid Corporation




P isn’t Q…
P is P…