Hello Everyone

Wow, I’m really digging the new forum system. I like how well it’s integrated into the main site, unlike the previous version. Looks a lot more unique too. The vbforum style is so generic these days. Kudos on the selection.

I see there are a few things which need to be fixed. Aw well, when things get ironed out, I’m sure things will look great.

So yeah! Haven’t exactly been here for a while now. Nice to see that things haven’t completely collapsed since the previous shut-down and things are starting to pick-up (maybe?). Even if things aren’t up to par, schools will be letting out soon (mine let out today, hence why I’m here). Hopefully I can be a bit more active than I have been in the past (and actually have things to contribute). Time will tell!

Good thing there is no more spam forum. It really brought the beast out of us. I’ve always been an advocate of getting rid of the spam section, but as soon as I started posting nonsense there, it was hard to make one serious post. Just one!

Oh! It was my birthday a week ago. I got two tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld in Portland! Looking forward to it. Hopefully he’s got some new material and doesn’t just rehash the same jokes that made him famous in the 90’s. Fortunately, I know nothing about his current material, so it’ll (hopefully) be a surprise to me.


Hey there Hentai.

Good to see you stop by, we were actually wondering where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to! How was your actual birthday?

The forums and site aren’t completely done yet, but there’s a lot of good and positive stuff happening for Anime Network and ADV after last year’s darker days. Lots of positive developments going on and coming soon… the AN staff and Rai have been swamped with work to do though. Heh. :slight_smile:

dragoon wrote:

Good to see you stop by, we were actually wondering where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to! How was your actual birthday?[/quote]

My actual birthday was all right. It was a school day, and if I recall correctly, it was a Thursday, so I just had molecular chemistry that day. It was all review, so nothing I couldn’t handle. However, my mom came up and brought me out lunch afterwards, which was very nice. However, age has not proven to enlarge my gut, so I only ate about half of the meal. Applebee’s serves way too much food!

Oh yeah, that’s understandable. Hopefully they can boost the security of the website, since it’s been hacked quite a few times. Makes me wonder why AN is even a target for hackers. What do they have to gain?

Welcome back, Hentai!!

Nice to have you back…

I actually wished you happy birthday in the ‘Happy Birthday’ thread. That’s how positive I was that you’d be back - sometime.

School’s out already? My, how time flies… those of us who do nothing have no conception of time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you come back often and keep things lively!

Slowhand wrote:

Yeah, my school gets out early, perhaps one of the earliest out in the state. All of my non-UMO friends are still stuck in school for another week or so. Oh well, I just look forward to the reunion parties that are sure to come. Spreading college gossip will be SO much fun.

Who are you again?

It’s your birthday?
Congratulations. You are one year closer to death.
I didn’t buy you anything

By all means, blabber with us.

things on the forum that need fixing:

  1. more sex
  2. tommy’s face
  3. your foul bigotry against us having avatars
  4. the fact that there is no new AVATAR: the last airbender forever
  5. I can’t fit your face in my mouth
  6. http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc35/niffgiffler/fu.jpg

welcome back Henati

Tommy stop being so hard on yourself!


Woo if it isnt the unofficial badass dude of tan. Good to see you alive and kicking. I love seeing the oldies come back :slight_smile:

I really need to find that old, canned welcome post I used to use back in '05…

Eightdevil+ wrote:

My cookie cutter, copy+paste intro was totally superior…

Hentai wrote:

[quote]Eightdevil+ wrote:

My cookie cutter, copy+paste intro was totally superior…[/quote]


Welcome Hentai

thanks kyouta

no problem Hentai

I missed teh Hentai? ;_;

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Welcome back hentai