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Band Names


Have you ever noticed that some bands have such cool names you can’t help but give them a listen? I have found some of my favorite groups just out of curiosity about a weird name. Like The Butthole Surfers or JFA

Jodie Fosters Army

Got any bands you found the same way? Even if you don’t like their music you just love the concept of their name.


I ran across these guys when I was down in Little Tokyo a couple years ago.

Their name made me laugh, so I had to check them out.
They’re actually not oo bad.

I haven’t checked up on these guys in quite some time, and it looks like they’ve changed a few things. I can’t seem to find their music video I saw but here’s one of their older songs.

[video type=youtube]ZecRlJfHhBY[/video]


I hadn’t happened upon this group through means by name, rather hearing it over counter-strike a few years back and they been my favorite band since. The name alone I love, one of the things we yell out for how awesome it sounds when the entire stage is asking for an encore as we chant VNV or Victory, Not Vengence! The name of the band is Victory Not Vengeance Nation, but they go by VNV Nation.

it’s a small time Techno band in America, but they have a huge fan-base in Germany and Europe. You can find all of their songs on Youtube, sadly most places don’t hold their CD’s, Best Buy only ever has their latest album.