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Bonus Points if you know where my username is from...HI!


[size=4]Hey guys, new to this place, getting my fill on the zombie apocalypse with High School of the Dead. If anyone wants to talk zombies head on over to the,com_community/Itemid,79/groupid,857/task,viewgroup/view,groups/[/size] in Community, I’ve opened up a couple of discussions there. See you a round!


Welcome to TAN, any other anime you like?

I prefer the forums to the groups myself but that is a personal preference. There is a Zombie discussion on the forum.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,43311/


Yes I know who Cuervo Jones is. Hello and welcome!


What exactly can we use these “Bonus Points” for? :huh:


I’m guessing nothing to do with Jose Cuervo? That’s a shame really.


I still prefer Dos Equis


Hello! Welcome to the boards. I just recently signed on myself. And what’s more fun is that I definitely prefer zombies over vampires. Though Princess Ressurection does the vampire phenomenon justice…anyway.

Cuervo Jones was the Peruvian Revolutionary in Escape from L.A right? Something like that.

Oh, and BTW

shankajew wrote:

i just noticed that your name is shankajew. I’m a Jew. Please don’t shank me.


ericriskus wrote:

I’ve been waiting for over a year for someone to sign up and be remotely offended by my name… can I shake your hand?


You may!
i’m not so much offended as somewhat frightened for my physical well being. We Jews have a bad rap with pissing someone off just for being ourselves. It’s either the Egyptians, the Amalekites, the Ninehvites, the Philistines, the Babylonians, the Persians, The Romans, the Germans…

I should be honest however. I’m only Jew by blood, not by practice.

So there you have it. Eric Riskus = Jew.


Don’t be too impressed, it’s actually a play on his previous name…


You forgot the Palestinians, aren’t they your current nemesis? At least the one at the forefront of things?

Don’t worry though, one of my best friends is in the same nature Jewish.

Lol Slow, it’s been over a year, you’d think something else would happen to my screenname, and I’d have to change it again…


Slowhand wrote:



Is anyone opposed to me changing shak’s name to hugajew? It sounds like a fruit candy.

“Lemme get a red Icee and a box of Hugajew’s, please.”


Rai wrote:

[quote]Is anyone opposed to me changing shak’s name to hugajew? It sounds like a fruit candy.

“Lemme get a red Icee and a box of Hugajew’s, please.”[/quote]


I’d keep a collection of that.

“From the maker of Ju-Ju-Bees, it’s Hugajew.”


You just made it sound like a lovable stuffed toy that teaches you about Hanukkah. That settles it, Shak, you’re now a Jewish Teddy Ruxpin


I have a feeling I don’t have a choice in the matter… just give me a warning so that I know what to sign in as next time…


Rai wrote:


Though you probably know more about Hanukkah than I do.
I know there are 8 nights of presents, a candle, and a dradel or something that tells you how much chocolate you get.


Hello there Jose. Great to have ya here.