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I’d initially registered as Hentai to see if anyone had used it yet–after more than 6,000 users, no one had the gall to use Hentai as their username. I didn’t plan on keeping it and then created a Derek account, but after making a post on the forums under Hentai, I just decided to keep it.

Not a fan of hentai, btw, but if you are, then that’s cool too. :whistle:

So how about you?


My name elphie is easy to explain.

It stems from Elphaba Thropp from the book Wicked by: Gregory Maguire. Elphaba or Elphie is the wicked witch of the west and the book is from before Elphaba is born till during the time of Dorothy’s visit. I’m really glad I was able to have this name because in most websites the name is taken. :woohoo:

She is a great character that I identify with.


My name is my Gamer Tag on X-box, but its an ancient name that strikes feer into the natives of the amazon. This name is but of the gods.


Mine should be obvious by now, but if it isn’t, then… well…

Eric “Slowhand” Clapton


I just happen to love dragons, so I picked this name. It also happens to my user name on most other sites, except Anime Nation where it is dragonrider_cod. They apparently have a lower limit on the number of letters…lol


When I first started to post way back when, I felt like fresh meat. Thinking of fresh meat made me think of another genre I liked, thus…


My name is a pun on yes man way before the movie, like back in 99-2000 era. Anyway, I added an extra s because it looked better. Funny thing the name is basically and adjective and noun combination Hai being yes san indicating a person… Haisan but it looks better like this Haissan. I only found out later it is actually a middle eastern name.


Got teased a lot as a kid so hate nicknames. That is why I just went with my real name.


I think mine is obvious as well. I just have no imagination when it comes to names! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always been a huge fan of Mobile Suit Gundam. My parents bought me, for some birthday, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon DX for the PS2 (which I still play A LOT - and it’s a 2001 game and probably the best Gundam game ever made.). The Zaku II became my most-used mobile suit on the game, and I thought it looked the coolest, too. So I decided to name myself after it. When we came over to these forums, it wouldn’t let me take my Zaku name back, so I just switched it to ZakuAce, indicating I’m an ace pilot in a Zaku II.

Because I AM! And I STILL can’t get the highest rank in campaign mode! :pinch:


I came up with my name when Bill Clinton, a.k.a. Slick Willie, was making stains and smoking cigars back in the day. I love wolves, used to be called Wolfie, so I though Slick Wolfie, nice. I also had my fair share of stain making and cigar smoking, so it fit.


I had just seen Pokemon movie 3 in theaters and liked Entei a bit and I was talking to my cousins about how a lot of the DragonBall Z characters have G’s in their names. So I just combined the two with a misspelling on Entei. So G/entay (Entei). I liked the name and have used it as a username ever since


I just came up with this name Kurai means “Dark” and Tsuki means “Moon”

But my orginal Nickname which i wanted to use but couldnt was gonna be Mady this was given to meh by my boyfriend cuz he thought there was a little maddness in me…there you go with that one :huh: :dry: :unsure: :woohoo: HAHAHAHA!!


Sir Thomas of the Two Tacos is one of three main characters from a series of short stories I wrote in college. The stories were each written from the perspective of the participants, and represented different versions as well as different eras in their relationship. Tommy represented the story of the halcyon days, before ambition and mistrust began to tear them apart and ultimately destroy everything they had worked for. Tommy’s story ends with his death, which leads to the two decades of strife and warfare that follow between the stories remaining two characters. The other characters are Ninky Winerns, and Iki Maru.

I chose the name Tommy within the context of the story because my best friend in high school was named Ian Thomas Mahoney, and I always use one of these three names somewhere in everything I write. Thomas is also the famous doubter of biblical fame, being the one who doesn’t believe his eyes when jesus appears to him. This doubt is also Tommy’s major flaw, and eventually leads to the decisions that cause his ultimate demise.

Two Tacos is because I love the alliteration (having three T’s in a name) and I freaking OLEV tacos.


Mine is probably one of the more obscure ones.

It comes from the name of an attack that Yuber, a (bad ass) villain from Suikoden III, uses. Or rather, the English version of the attack name. Well, the attack name is actually from the name of the Rune he possesses.


Shadycat was one of the many nicknames for my precious 16 year old Siamese that just passed at Christmas. When I signed up, my life was pretty much all about the cat drama. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that the vet was a family friend! Plus, I thought it sounded better than Frisky Britches or Slinker. (My cat was Slinker and my sister’s cat is Stinker). She was a sweet little girl, but you can’t tell it from looking at her pictures!

The real shadycat:


It was my first ADV anime I have ever seen and it became sort of an obsession(I guess) the 3 comes from the 3 “maidens”(Kirika, Chloe, and mirelle)


I have always been curious about how people choose their usernames. Is it something you identify with or actually representative of you or just something you like?

When I commented that Shadycat was probably a better choice for bad girl it was because I figured someone who calls themself Shadycat is probably cooler than someone who calls themself Froggy.

I went with the name Froggy because I really do love frogs. I even have a tattoo of Michigan J. Frog. People often use a butterfly as a metaphor for change but I always felt the butterfly cheated. They were in a cocoon, safe and oblivious to the change they undergo. While the frog has to struggle for survival during its metamorphosis from a tadpole.

And please, Outlander, tell me if you got your name from Children of the Corn. Every time I see a post from you I get an image of the red headed kid yelling “Outlander, we have your woman!”.


I chose mine since I felt like I was going onto an unknown world with strange aliens (when I first started really getting into anime). I felt somewhat vulnerable, like a guy in a red shirt.


I was lazy with this screen name, my name is Chris Bus and I was born in 1982, so yeah.

I forgot to add, in my friend’s forum sites I go by psycho and my signature is; I’m just your friendly neighborhood psycho, but you wouldn’t believe how many times that handle is already taken.