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Bakutsuri Bar Hunter Anime Premieres This Fall

posted on 2018-06-07 01:05 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
More information on anime on Saturday

Cocotama Gets New TV Anime With New Protagonist in September

posted on 2018-06-07 03:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Minami Takahashi, Inori Minase, Mariya Ise, Yu Shimamura, Aki Toyosaki star in new story

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Story

posted on 2018-06-09 03:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Ryou Hirohashi, Yumi Uchiyama stars in series premiering this fall

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter Anime’s Short Video Previews Protagonist Totta

posted on 2018-06-14 08:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Toei Animation’s children series premieres this fall

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime’s Character Designs Revealed

posted on 2018-06-15 00:32 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Tubi TV Adds Junkers Come Here Anime

posted on 2018-06-22 09:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Bandai Entertainment previously released 1994 Junichi Sato film

Kids Fish the Digital Ocean in Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime

September 15, 2018 8:32am CDT
Children’s anime from Toei Animation heads to TV Tokyo on October 02, 2018

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime Unveils Latest Promo, Theme Song Artists, October 2 Debut

posted on 2018-09-15 11:02 EDT by Egan Loo
SymaG, Mikako Komatsu sing opening, ending themes

Four More Crazy Characters Join the Cast of Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime

September 24, 2018 11:09am CDT
Children’s show about fishing the digital ocean heads to TV Tokyo on October 02, 2018

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter TV Anime Reveals Additional Cast

posted on 2018-09-24 13:01 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Takeshi Kusao, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Takashi Matsuyama, Megumi Urawa join cast

Bandai Namco Establishes 2 Chinese Subsidiaries for Toys, Amusement Centers

posted on 2018-12-22 14:00 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Company now has 3 subsidiary companies based in China

Sunrise President Promoted to Bandai Namco Entertainment President

posted on 2019-02-08 14:14 EST by Karen Ressler
Satoshi Ōshita steps down, Yasuo Miyakawa promoted

Bandai’s Luminary Tears Candy Toys’ Anime Shorts Get TV Airing

posted on 2019-04-08 00:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
TV airing begins this Friday, shorts debuted online on March 28

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter Anime Adds 3 More Cast Members

posted on 2019-04-16 19:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Rie Kugimiya, Hideyuki Tanaka, Masuo Amada join cast

Eleven Arts to Screen Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress Anime Film in U.S. in August with New English Dub

posted on 2019-05-18 19:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Film to also have English-subtitled screening

How HEYBOT! Broke All The Rules Of Shows Designed To Sell You Toys

July 16, 2019 4:00pm CDT
Sure, HEYBOT! wanted you to buy things, but its approach was a little different than you’d expect

Eleven Arts Anime Studio Announces English Dub Cast For Millennium Actress Anime Film’s Theatrical Screenings

July 23, 2019 8:00pm EDT
Film to be screened on August 13th and 19th

Eleven Arts Reveals Millennium Actress Film’s New English Dub Cast

posted on 2019-07-24 02:47 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Eleven Arts, Fathom Events to screen film on August 13, 19 in the U.S.

Feel the Thrill of the Chase as Millennium Actress Comes to Theaters This August

August 09, 2019 11:00am CDT
Fathom Events’ limited screening resurrects Satoshi Kon’s love letter to Japanese cinema.

Satoshi Kon’s ‘Millennium Actress’ Comes to Blu-ray & DVD, Digital Download November 19, 2019

Aug 26th 2019

Find Your Favorite Anime Moments with Bandai Channel’s Dialogue Search

September 12, 2019 5:06pm CDT
New search function gets you right to the scenes you want to see

Cocotama Franchise Gets New Net Anime Series on Thursday

posted on 2019-09-25 01:32 EDT / ANN
Mono no Kami-sama Cocotama reunites recent TV anime’s cast; Kaoru Masaki, ERIKA perform theme song

ANN Review - Millennium Actress English dubbed theatrical release

by Theron Martin, Oct 1st 2019