No dubs policy

It seems we haven’t seen a dubbed show on VOD since last summer with Little Busters S1. Now, for the first time ever, we have a schedule consisting only of subbed shows for both the free and subscription-based VOD services. We had subbed reruns of shows that were previously shown in English ( Broken Blade & Towanaquon ), ditto for the first season of K-On while season 2 was shown in English and, as of right now, Gatchaman is now shown in Japanese.

Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting for an announcement coming from the staff regarding this change of policy. Can anyone give us something ?

While I don’t expect to see any broadcast of the newer releases ( Sentai has to sell those DVDs ) it would be fun to see shows from last year to have their run in English. Must we expect to never see the dub of Rozen Maiden S4 , Phi Brain S3 & World God Only Knows S3 while all of their previous season were shown in English ? If the argument is “You can watch the dubs with an online subscription”, what about those paying for VOD ?

I don’t want this topic into the old " dub vs sub " debate, but it would be nice to see a balance between both on the VOD schedule.


[quote=“Sensei_Terry_Silver, post:1, topic:7893”]
Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting for an announcement coming from the staff regarding this change of policy. Can anyone give us something ?[/quote]
I’ve forwarded your post to Admin. We’ll see what they say.


Yea, its been MONTHS since online subscribers had new dubs as well. I think the shows you listed, will be sub only online as well the way things are going.

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They probably don’t want to stream the dubs because they think it’ll make more people buy their blu-rays.

But if that were the case there wouldn’t be a reason to continue to subscribe to TAN, since you can watch most of the stuff they simulcast on Crunchyroll. :confused:

And weeks earlier, in most cases…

has their been any news on this?I’ve been watching this post and others like it and there has been absolutely no news at all about dub content.

^Agree with all the following. I’ve been a premium subscriber for about two years now, but I’m not sure how much longer I will stay one. It doesn’t make sense for a ‘paid’ subscription if we’re going to end up receiving the same ‘free’ content as free subscribers or if we could just watch it on crunchyroll instead.

At least companies like Funimation have kept up to date with all their content and I’ll gladly buy the DVDs if I really like the series. However, the response we’ve received from TAN is:

“We haven’t announced a time for a streaming release, but we will let you know when we do…”. Which really seems like a stalling tactic to me (especially when a dub has been out for so long) because it makes it appear as if they have no intention of making such an announcement, but at the same time don’t want their premium subscribers to know that so they can maintain their paid subscriber base.

I REALLY hope that TAN has not started picking up an anti-dub release strategy, because that would be a poor decision…

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I’ve seen many topics about this, many questions about this and 0 answers about this.(other than keep checking the news post)

I think the dubbed anime stopped being added about 3-4 months ago and we have yet to hear any news about it.

so the question is: Is there going to be any new Sentai Filmworks dubbed anime added to this site?

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Still no word from TAN regarding this matter, even though it’s been several months since they last added new dubs to the site (or even the second halves of certain dubs like Hakkenden or Majestic Prince). I would like to renew my subscription but it doesn’t seem like subscribers are getting anything out of it (I can always watch the subs for free on Hulu or Crunchyroll) and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any answers any time soon.

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Admin, Moisme, gave a quick update on the matter in another thread.


thank you! at long last we finally got some information, hopefully it won’t take too much longer to get some release dates.

Now they tell us info. I just was wondering why no new dubs was being added 6 months ago? They have quite some stuff to catch up on? Until they start adding dubs again, I have ceased my subscription. I will resume my subscription when they go back and add dubbed anime , and caught up. Were they not able to come to an agreement in terms of dubbed anime?

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That’s in the VOD thread though, I can only assume that if they get dub content for VOD, then they will for the online player as well… but, I don’t make a habit of making such assumptions, so I won’t be holding my breath.

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Don’t want to be “that jerk”, but that doesn’t offer much in way of details on what exactly happened to the disappearance of dubs and when / if we can expect any more , either new or repeats, coming up any time soon.

It’s been like what, 5-6 months without a new English show airing ? What exactly caused Sentai to ixnay all dubs and why can’t we have an explanation on the matter ? Is March going to be another all-subs month ? Just my opinion, but I’d rather have repeats of old dubs like both Efs or Kids on the Slope instead of stuff like Dai Shogun or another idol or harem show.

Like I said, I don’t want to bitch & moan but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask any questions, even if they do seem to fall on deaf ears. It’s just the principle of knowing what is going on since a part of a paying service has vanished into the ether and we can’t seem to have a justification or a reason on why it happened.

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well I just checked the news posts for March and no surprise there was no new dubbed anime for streaming.


TAN hasn’t been uploading the dubbed versions of their shows on ITunes recently either. I wonder if this is all related.

Most likely it is.

maybe they found it cheaper not to buy the streaming rights for the dub shows?

You know, that sure would be fun if we could get some kind of a semblance of an official word about what’s going on after all those weeks of silence.

All right, see you next month !


Well It’s possible that they had some unavoidable legal issue that prevents them both from streaming new dubs as well as preventing them from announcing publicly that they are having such troubles (though I can’t think of what such a problem would be but im no lawyer)

… But the more bitter side of me feels fairly sure at this point they just decided they would be able to make more money not broadcasting new dubs and at the same time not announcing this policy change to the current paying members to keep stringing along the hopeful and lazy until they finally get fed up and motivated enough to cancel their subscriptions… like I am finally forced to.

If they wanted to change their policy in fear that their dub broadcasts were cutting into their sales then maybe they could have stopped putting them out a month or more before the physical release and instead released a month after the physical or something like that instead of this complete cold turkey BS. Now the only reason for a dub fan to subscribe is to avoid Hulu adds and watch their backlog that you haven’t purchased yet…

Here is hoping they get a clue sometime soon.