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###Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Anime Gets 1st Film Next Year
posted on 2016-10-06 07:45 EDT
Series about tiny gods born from objects premiered last October

Watch “Millennium Actress” Free on Tubi TV

November 18, 2016 8:50am CST
The Satoshi Kon classic is now in the ad-supported streaming site’s library.

###Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Anime Film’s Trailer, April 28 Premiere Revealed
posted on 2016-12-15 22:40 EST
New trailer introduces Cocotama World, Teppuru

###Tubi TV Adds Geneshaft Anime Streaming
posted on 2017-02-08 17:20 EST
Escaflowne’s Akane directed 2001 sci-fi series

###Tubi TV Adds Mars Daybreak, Jin-Roh Anime
posted on 2017-02-23 16:45 EST
Television anime, anime film added to streaming service

###Tubi TV Adds Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Anime
posted on 2017-03-16 00:00 EDT

###Bandai Namco Holdings To Acquire Anime Consortium Japan for 2.1 Billion Yen
March 16, 2017 3:30pm CDT
ACJ is the parent company of the Daisuki streaming service and sponsors fan events such as Anisong World Matsuri

###Bandai Namco to Take Full Ownership of Anime Consortium Japan
posted on 2017-03-17 03:15 EDT
Bandai Namco, Asatsu-DK, Aniplex, others established ACJ in 2014

Tubi TV Streams Millennium Actress Anime Film

posted on 2017-04-02 13:45 EDT
Satoshi Kon’s film premiered in 2001

###Bandai Namco Holdings Sees Record-High Sales in Fiscal Year 2017
posted on 2017-05-15 07:00 EDT
Net sales reached 600 billion yen for first time in company history

###Which Wolf Do You Feed? Red Eyes Gleam in "Jin Roh"
June 11, 2017 2:05pm CDT
This week’s “Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog” examines a spy-thriller set in an alternative, militaristic Japan

Bandai Visual Acquires Girls & Panzer Anime Studio Actas

posted on 2017-09-04 03:30 EDT
Company acquires studio to cultivate Girls & Panzer property; studio currently produces Princess Principal

.hack//G.U. Trilogy - Limited production Blu-ray release announcement CM

This Week in Anime - What the Hey is Wrong With Heybot?

by Michelle Liu and Steve Jones, Sep 26th 2017

Forget The Haters - “Heybot” DVD Set Pre-Order Campaign An Unqualified Success

October 18, 2017 10:25am CDT
All tiers for crowd-funding inspired “Project H” met

The 9 Must-Watch Episodes of Heybot!

October 18, 2017 1:00pm CDT
Micchy shares the 9 episodes of Heybot that you’re absolutely not allowed to miss!

Tubi TV Streams Tenamonya Voyagers Anime

posted on 2017-11-18 15:45 EST

Bandai, Shogakukan, Toei Animation Announce Bakutsuri Bar Hunter Franchise with Anime, Manga, Game, Toys

posted on 2018-01-14 23:40 EST
Children’s franchise focuses on barcodes, fishing

Get Ready for Bandai’s New AR Barcode Fisherman Game

January 15, 2018 5:15pm CST
“Bakutsuri Bar Hunter” mixed media project lets you become a barcode master

Real-life sake brands become handsome anime boys who promise to “get you drunk” for new series

January 24, 2018 / Sora News 24
Japan’s most popular sake is part of ensemble cast.

Bandai Namco Holdings Merges Lantis With Bandai Visual, Launches New Subsidiaries

posted on 2018-02-09 14:23 EST
New toy/hobby subsidiary Bandai Spirits launches

Tubi TV Streams Sola Anime

posted on 2018-02-16 21:00 EST

Sekkai Eightraid Anime’s 4 Promo Videos Highlight Characters

posted on 2018-03-01 20:45 EST
Videos will debut on &CAST!!! app in lead-up to anime