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Alternative title: Blast of Tempest: The Civilization Blaster
Genres: action, fantasy, mystery
Themes: mages
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2012-10-04
Opening Theme: 1. “Spirit Inspiration” by Nothing’s Carved in Stone
2. “Daisuki na noni (Even though I love you)” by Kylee
Ending Theme: 1. “happy endings” by Kana Hanazawa
2. “Bokutachi no Uta (Our Song)” by Sako Tomohisa

Plot Summary: Yoshino Takigawa and Mahiro Fuwa are two teenagers who start a quest to help a stranded magician at the same time strange phenomenons are occurring throughout Japan. Despite being a young girl, Hakaze Kusaribe is an extremely powerful sorcerer who has been isolated from the rest of the world by the rest of her clan due to her connection to a godlike entity called the Tree of Genesis. Her brother plots to awaken the Tree of Exodus during her exile to try to reshape the world without her interference. In exchange for the help of Yoshino and Mahiro, Hakaze will help find the culprit behind the murder of Fuwa’s sister. (from ANN)

Zetsuen no Tempest Fantasy Mystery Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-05-10 02:30 EDT
Shonen Gangan series from Spiral story creator Kyou Shirodaira


Episode 1 –


Good beginning and I like the references to Shakespeare. I’m curious about the Black Iron Syndrome that turns people to metal. I wonder if the butterflies have anything to do with it. Reminds me a little of No.6 with the bees.

And why isn’t Yoshino affected? Mahiro says it was because Yoshino was with him and that the cause is magic, but how does Mahiro fight this disease? It looks like he knows magic as well, so perhaps that is how he is immune to the disease.

I like how Mahiro and Hakaze speak through a tiny wooden doll and I liked Yoshino’s reaction when he first saw this. But it was sad to see that the dead Aika was Yoshino’s girlfriend and it looks like Mahiro never knew it. Yet Mahiro is the one seeking revenge for her death. Interesting.


Episode 2 –


Yoshino gets caught up in Mahiro’s plan to save the world. But perhaps he’d like to know who killed Aika as well. Mahiro tries to send Yoshino away, saying that he should be with his girlfriend. Mahiro also says that he knows Yoshino never got along with his sister and isn’t obligated to join him in his plan of vengeance. Such deception! Now would be a good time for Yoshino to confess. But I’m not sure how Mahiro would take it since he never wanted his sister to have a boyfriend. Perhaps this is why Yoshino keeps his secret.

At least Mahiro gives Yoshino some of Hakaze’s talismans to protect him from the Black Iron Syndrome and he finds out that the butterflies are connected! Mahiro promises to return after he kills Aika’s murderer and says that he’d like to meet Yoshino’s girlfriend at that time. Again, instead of telling Mahiro the truth, he just agrees with him.

It was sad when Yoshino sees his dead classmates and he knows nothing will ever be the same again. That woman finds him again and really believes that he is so involved with Mahiro and Hakaze that he knows everything. Meanwhile, Aika’s murder may be connected to everything that is going on and Mahiro and Hakaze might end up having the same enemy.

While Mahiro fights one of Samon’s mages, Yoshino confronts the woman that has been chasing him and makes some kind of deal with her. And why would he tell her that Aika was his girlfriend? He says that he is not like Mahiro in seeking vengeance and wonders what good it would do anyway, since nothing can be changed. I am really enjoying all the Shakespeare that is woven in to this story, especially the quotes.


Episode 3 –


Mahiro loses his fight with the mage but manages to escape. Yoshino meets up with him again together they flee. However, the mage catches up with them and I thought it funny that Mahiro wants Hakaze to teach Yoshino all about magic in those few minutes. But it was some interesting background information. Yoshino decides to help Mahiro and it was strange that he didn’t want to go down the escalator with all the bodies on it, yet, he is surrounded by these bodies everywhere he goes. And what happened to the woman he made a deal with? I’m sure she could help. I am also beginning to wonder how she avoided the disease herself.

Helicopters show up to bomb entrances and exits to the town, cutting it off from the rest of the outside world. Mahiro is still fighting with the mage and really doesn’t stand a chance. But Yoshino shows up at just the right moment and so do the helicopters, allowing the boys to make a clean escape. But Natsuma survived as well. And that little side scene with the children singing was interesting. Hakaze seems to know that song as well.

A convenient cover story is put out to cover up what happened in the town and Mahiro tells Yoshino that someone in the Kusaribe clan is Aika’s killer. So everything is connected!


Episode 4 –


The boys escape to the country, but the butterflies appear again and with them comes the metallic death. Yoshino tries to warn an old couple, but they don’t believe him. He also tries to save two little boys and it was sad that they died holding on to each other like that. Sadder still was when Yoshino put his umbrella over them to protect them from the rain – that kind gesture really got me.

The guys take shelter from the rain in a house and Yoshiro tells Hakaze the story of their reluctant friendship. Strange that they became friends over Mahiro’s attempted murder.

I think perhaps Yoshiro was finally going to confess to Mahiro that Aika was his girlfriend, but Mahiro fell asleep before Yoshiro could say anything.

In the past, young Yoshino writes an essay for class and describes Mahiro’s “accident”. He gives the story a nice twist and I think Mahiro would have gladly killed him for it. Looks like Yoshino has his own brand of vengeance. But I think Mahiro is a better person for having a friend like Yoshino and even Mahiro can admit that much to Hakaze.

And of course I got all emotional when Mahiro left the water bottle by the two little dead boys. I think both of them see themselves and their friendship in those two little boys. It was very touching and a sweet way to end the episode.


Episode 5 –


Well, there was a little more interesting info about those trees. Hakaze now has the guys looking for another talisman – at an aquarium this time. But another of Samon’s men has found them as well.

As he walks through the dead aquarium, Yoshino remembers a date with Aika at the aquarium where they spoke of Mahiro. They decide to keep their relationship a secret from Mahiro and Aika tells Yoshino that “everything happens for a reason”. She quotes an appropriate line form Hamlet, but Yoshino doesn’t get it. Now, he wonders if she really believed that everything happens for a reason.

The boys find the talisman and Tetsuma and his men find them. The talisman is a penguin necklace and Yoshino seems surprised by it. Later, it comes to light that Aika gave him one just like it during their date. Yoshino thinks it a coincidence, but I am beginning to wonder. But now Yoshino is also wondering if Aika died for a reason – just so Mahiro could save the world.

They find a way to get rid of Tetsuma and his men, but now Hakaze sends them to someone she knows and trusts. They are to get the talisman but not tell Junichiro about Hakaze’s current situation. Why? Hakaze said she didn’t want to upset Junichiro, but why is there an altar with Hakae’s picture in his apartment?

Cliffhanger! Junichiro claims she’s dead! And that he saw proof! What??? He says she died on an island next to a barrel. Ok, so what’s going on? Here I was laughing that Hakaze kept the barrel that Samon had put her in and now Samon has that same barrel, much aged and with Hakaze’s skeleton in it! I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this twist!!

Also, is it wrong that when Samon held the skull, I was waiting for the “alas poor Yorick” quote? :grin:


Episode 6 –


So, they can’t figure out why Samon has Hakaze’s bones either. And why is Junichiro so sure that it is Hakaze that will destroy the world? He is also quite strong without the use of magic. I can see all the reasons why Samon wants him on his side.

The boys are on their way to Samon, but stop to camp for the night. Yoshiro is constantly playing with his phone and Mahiro thinks he’s texting his girlfriend, but is he really? Mahiro mentions that he heard a rumor that Aika had a boyfriend. From the look on his face, I wonder if he does know about Yoshiro after all. And Yoshiro almost gives it away too.

As Mahiro examines the special talisman, they are surrounded by soldiers and Mahiro is knocked out. It was that woman again! And Yoshiro is with her! That must have been what all the texting was about, but I am still wondering about this deal between them – especially since it looks like they left Mahiro with the talisman.

Yoshiro is taken to a base camp and introduced to the Assistant Director of the Countermeasures Force. It seems Yoshiro has been feeding them information and now a war is about to be declared against the mages. They let Yoshiro in on the plan and he agrees to help them.

But then Mahiro shows up! How did he find them so quickly? The truck Yoshiro is in takes off with Mahiro following. He easily overtakes it and Yoshiro “escapes” his captors. They run into the woods and the soldiers are ordered to let them go. They retrieve the talisman and Yoshiro secretly wonders why Mahiro doesn’t suspect him. As they return to their mission, I see perhaps that Mahiro’s feelings for Aika may not be all that brotherly at all. Could it be possible she was with both of them? More mystery!


Episode 7 –


So, Mahiro isn’t sure he wants his step sister, but he doesn’t want her to see anyone else either. Typical. At least he can admit that she intrigues him. But she surprised him by saying she might already have a boyfriend. However, Aika really doesn’t admit it and leaves it to Mahiro to figure it out.

Back in the present, Yoshino knows that the only thing keeping Mahiro going are his thoughts of revenge and wonders what will become of him once he kills Aika’s murderer. Yoshino daydreams a bit and remembers a past summer with Aika. She has chosen the perfect spot for their first kiss. But first, Mahiro has roped him in on a double date! And it was funny when the dart game became a competition and the girls ended up being ignored. Later, Aika isn’t too happy that Mahiro is trying to find a Yoshino a girlfriend. And why would she be?

The present Yoshino is positive that had the siblings met under different circumstances, they would have been a couple. But he wonders if Mahiro even knows that what he felt for his sister was love. Mahiro did seem confused about his feelings towards Aika.

So, the trio ended up at the summer house alone. I think Yoshino feels a little out of place with these two! He and Aika do get to meet and almost kiss under the stars, but Mahiro interrupts them and even wonders why the two are there together, though he doesn’t think about it too much. He even later warns Yoshino about Aika’s “evil plots” and says he shouldn’t be alone with her. Yoshino is still trying to figure out if Mahiro suspects anything. And the following day, another opportunity for a first kiss is lost when Aika changes her mind.

Wow, Mahiro looked really determined there for a minute when he aimed the talisman gun at Yoshino. And Yoshino looked scared. Then Mahiro laughs and says he’d never shoot him, but I wonder. More quotes from Hamlet and the boys are off to the big fight!


Episode 8 –


The boys meet Samon at the tree while the military work on breaking the barrier, but Samon has the barrel with him. Hakaze tries to make Samon see reason and threatens him with the gun talisman. And yet Samon thinks that his tree will save the world. Between Samon’s and Junichiro’s explanations, I see now why the two trees are needed to balance one another. But Mahiro doesn’t care about all this; he never cared who was right. He just wants his revenge. Mahiro only wants Samon to bring Hakaze back so she can help him find Aika’s murderer.

While even Hakaze tries to piece things together, Yoshino is wondering if fate should answer to Mahiro’s desire for revenge. He realizes now that Mahiro hates the world, for the world killed Aika, so why should Mahiro care which is the right tree? But I don’t think Yoshino knows what the right choice is either.

In the end, Samon removes Hakaze’s skeleton from the barrel to prove to them that she is dead after all and cannot grant Mahiro’s wish. And yet they can still talk to her through the wooden doll. The trick is revealed when they realize that they are speaking to Hakaze two years in the past! But again how is this possible? Samon’s explanation doesn’t make much sense. How exactly does magic connect the two times? Hakaze and the boys are all stunned, for it looks as if Hakaze may really be dead. And why does Samon keep pounding his sword against the ground? Is he doing some kind of magic? And again the episode ends too soon!


Episode 9 –


So, it turns out Hakaze really is dead and the connection to two years in the past is explained. Hakaze is useless to Mahiro now and he throws the doll away. However, he does keep the talisman gun. He really doesn’t care which side wins, but now wants Samon to grant his wish of finding Aika’s killer. Samon seems a little surprised that one of his clan could be the culprit but he agrees to help in exchange for the talisman.

Samon orders Tetsuma to find the killer. Yoshino is amazed that with all that has happened, Mahiro is just so intent upon his personal wish. Yoshino, knows he can’t do much about anything, but he retrieves the wooden doll and speaks with Hakaze to let her know that Mahiro and Samon have made a deal. And there is nothing Hakaze can do about it either, seeing as how she is already dead in the present.

Then Yoshino remembers that Aika also used to quote Hamlet constantly and when he asked her to stop, she then told him the story of The Tempest. Yoshino remembers that story now and wonders if it is coincidence that the same things are happening now. Remembering the story also makes Yoshino wonder if there is a way to avert this tragedy now. He thinks he may even be able to save Hakaze from the island.

Making his decision, Yoshino uses flash grenades and attacks Mahiro. While the boys fight over the talisman, an enraged Samon refuses to let things become more uncertain and joins the fight. It’s strange that Mahiro still won’t let anyone harm Yoshino and with another flash grenade, Yoshino is at the top of the hill where Samon once stood, next to Hakaze’s skeleton.

He asks Mahiro that if he can return the unjustly killed Hakaze, will he return to her side of the fight. Samon is stunned to hear that there may be a possibility of bringing Hakaze back, but Mahiro really doesn’t care either way. He’s already made a deal with Samon to find out the identity of Aika’s killer, so what does he need Hakaze for now? But Yoshino knows his friend and informs him that he will tell him who Aika’s boyfriend was. Mahiro still questions how Hakaze can be brought back, but makes the deal with Yoshino and manages to annoy Samon in the process. But Mahiro is really playing both sides. He will give Yoshino a chance, but while he does, he still expects Samon to find out who killed Aika. And again Hakaze can only wonder at how everything revolves around Aika.

Meanwhile, Natsumura has been attacking the army that is trying to break the barrier and doing very well on his own too, but now he has to face Evangeline. And she is using the talismans that Yoshino gave her! I did like how she threw Natsumura’s words back at him when she proclaimed her own unannounced visit!


Episode 10 –


Yoshino explains his theory of how everything that happened was not mere coincidence, but the tree protecting Hakaze and that Samon knew this all along. Yoshino even thinks that Samon knows that Hakaze can return to the present. Samon knows that everything Yoshino has said is true and that this was his exact plan – to have Hakaze believe that she is dead and without hope. He is amazed that Yoshino saw through his plan, but I think he still has an ace up his sleeve.

Samon makes his point that Hakaze cannot be brought back from a prison of time. And once again, Mahiro is swayed by his argument, but Yoshino says that the time shift is only an illusion. This must be true judging by Samon’s reaction to this statement. Yoshino’s theory is that Hakaze was put to sleep for two years before being taken to the island, thus creating a psychological illusion that she is in the past.

Now, to explain the skeleton – Yoshino declares it to be a prop. He seems to insinuate that the bones were created by magic and that is why Junichiro thought it was Hakaze. Mahiro now seems to think that if he shoots the tree with the talisman, Samon will have to bring Hakaze back. However, Samon denies that he had Hakaze put to sleep for two years and insists that the skeleton really is Hakaze’s. He believes Yoshino’s theory to be false. So, then what is the truth? Yoshino asks for proof. But Samon knows that either way, Hakaze has already won.

Meanwhile, Evangeline is still fighting with Natsumura, hoping to give the army enough time to call for reinforcements. She is tiring, but once it seems she’s about to lose, the air support arrives. This is forcing Tetsuma to speed up the ritual to fully revive the tree.

Samon will use the barrel as proof of a time shift. He wants Hazake to carve a word on her barrel and supposedly it will show up on the barrel next to Yoshino in the present. The word Yoshino chose appears on the barrel, proving that the two barrels are one in the same. Samon believes that he has proven his point and that Yoshino’s theory is a false one.

Natsumura has defeated Evangeline, but leaves her alive. As he walks away from her, Junichiro shows up and asks him to wait. Then the wind changes direction. Samon wants Yoshino to admit defeat, but Hakaze won’t let him. She tells him that while his theory was wrong, it was still basically correct. She is convinced that Samon is hiding something and doesn’t want Yoshino to give up.

Mahiro is still willing to play both sides, but he sees Yoshino’s true plan of making Samon panic at his theory and giving Hakaze hope. I think Mahiro might actually be leaning towards Hakaze’s side again, but they still have to find a way of crossing time to bring Hakaze back before Samon can produce Aika’s killer. And to amuse himself until the murderer is brought to him, Mahiro will even help them to think of a way to get Hakaze back!


Episode 11 –


Much to Samon’s dismay, the three put their heads together and decide that they can somehow use Hakaze’s skeleton to bring her back. And Samon knows that they are exactly right!

Junichiro hands Evangeline a bottle of water and challenges Natsumura, who ends up flat on his back and very much surprised. Natsumura tries to retreat and ends up on his back again. Junichiro is amazing!

Mahiro asks Hakaze if she could transfer herself to the skeleton they have and leave hers on the island. Hakaze feels that it’s possible and that she can do it, however, she doesn’t have the right kind of offering on that island of hers.

Great! Now the fruit is heading towards Tetsuma and the ritual. Although the first barrier has failed, the Black Iron Syndrome is affecting the pilots and they are now crashing into the barrier too. I guess that takes care of the army and the threat they would have brought.

Now Samon tells them that there is a sufficient offering hidden somewhere on the island! But he also tells them that everything that has happened is a plot by the Tree of Genesis. Samon even tries to tie in Aika’s murder to the Tree’s plot and also tries to convince Mahiro to take his revenge on the Tree instead of Aika’s killer. Of course now they all realize that Aika may very well have been killed for Hakaze’s sake.

Samon wants Mahiro back on his side, but Yoshino interferes once again. If Samon had not put Hakaze on the island, there would have been no need to kill Aika. Good logic! Yoshino blames the sacrifice of Aika on the revival of the Tree of Exodus. But will Mahiro buy it? In any case, it gives Hakaze a little time to find the offering on the island.

Samon also tries to convince Mahiro that no one in their clan would commit murder for the price would be too high according to their own laws. But Hakaze does admit that the killer is definitely a member of the Kusaribe and her reason is that the Tree deemed the murder necessary and forgave the killer. What will Mahiro do? Everything seems to rest on his decision.

Mahiro knows that Samon was buying time just as much as Yoshino was, but now Samon has been contacted with the identity of the killer. Mahiro tells him to hurry and bring the killer before him. Then Mahiro will choose a side. But Samon is then informed that will be impossible since the murderer was not of their clan! This cannot be possible and Mahiro demands an explanation. There is only one way the killer could have escaped magical detection. Just as Hakaze is a Princess of the Tree of Genesis, there may have been a Mage of Exodus!!


Blast of Tempest Anime’s 4th Promo Previews 2nd Half

posted on 2012-12-31 14:00 EST
Kylee, Tomohisa Sakō to perform new opening, ending themes for 2nd half premiering January 10


Episode 12 –


Hakaze’s role as princess is to determine when the time is right for the Tree of Genesis to revive, but it looks like the Tree has already revived without her. While Samon and Hakaze argue, Mahiro demands to know if there is such a thing as a Mage of Exodus and Samon tells him that it isn’t completely impossible. But now Yoshino reasons that if such is the case, then the Tree of Genesis had nothing to do with Aika’s murder and the deed lies with the Tree of Exodus. Mahiro now points the talisman gun at Samon, for in reviving the Tree of Exodus, he is indirectly responsible for the death of Aika. Samon has lost!

Mahiro is still trying to work through the logic of what is true and false. Yoshino still wants Mahiro to believe in Hakaze and the Tree of Genesis. Is this more manipulation by the Tree? Meanwhile, Samon can only hope that the Tree of Exodus revives before Hakaze can return. He is sure that Hakaze won’t be able to find the offering for at least another hour. But Hakaze is about to disappoint him. Unable to find the offering Samon has left, the Tree has sent Hakaze another in the form of an unexploded missile. This leads Hakaze to question the logic of her Tree.

Yoshino is instructed to place the doll around the neck of the skeleton. Hakaze prays to her Tree and disappears! In an awesome scene, the skeleton in the present is made flesh and the guys are stunned. Hakaze has escaped her prison of time! However, she’s also naked and Yoshino rushes to give her his jacket. Such a gentleman! Apparently Hakaze didn’t have time to regenerate clothes as well as herself.

Hakaze quickly takes control of the situation and once again promises Mahiro that she will find Aika’s killer. Mahiro agrees, but just as he reminds Yoshino about his promise to name Aika’s boyfriend, the Tree of Genesis breaks through the barrier to the Tree of Exodus. Tetsuma informs Samon that the Tree of Exodus is trying to break free of their control and attack the Tree of Genesis. He asks for orders, but it’s too late.

Fascinating! I’ve never seen two trees fight one another before. It’s more exciting than I thought it would be! Hakaze asks Mahiro for the talisman gun so she can strengthen their barrier in case the Tree of Exodus attacks. She also promises to calm the Tree of Genesis that is now attacking all of civilization around the entire world. But before she can act, both Yoshino and Mahiro are attacked – are they dead?

Hakaze runs towards the boys and I wonder if the Tree distracted her like this on purpose. While she tries to save Yoshino, Hakaze orders Samon to save Mahiro. Hakaze uses the talisman gun as an offering and Samon uses his sword. Will it be enough? While multiple tornadoes form and the entire world is about to go to hell, Hakaze can only wonder what the Tree of Genesis wants of her. This episode was so amazing and I can’t wait to see how things will turn out!


Episode 13 –


Mahiro wakes in a pool of his own blood and the butterflies begin to cover him. Suddenly, he is back in the past, in his own home and with Aika. Aika is still quoting The Tempest and Mahiro talks to her about it.

Now Mahiro is a child again and is with a younger Yoshino. He reminds Mahiro that he was supposed to save the world. But an older Mahiro remembers the death of his sister and vows revenge. He isn’t sure how this vow related to saving the world. He also remembers the plight of Hakaze and her time on the island. He remembers the Tree of Exodus and the Tree of Genesis. He remembers Samon and his plot to revive the Tree of Exodus. He remembered the gathering of the fruits and the Black Iron Syndrome - so much death that he really didn’t care about, because he only wanted to find Aika’s killer. And so he made a deal with Hakaze. He was helping a mage and saving the world was a mere coincidence. In return, Hakaze would use magic to find Aika’s murderer. But somehow Yoshino became involved as well.

Hakaze helped Mahiro to ascertain that the killer is one of Hakaze’s own Kusaribe clan. Thus the journey begins to confront the clan and find the killer and the others they meet along the way. He remembers confronting Samon and learning that Hakaze was dead. Mahiro remembers making a new deal with Samon to find his sister’s killer and the fact that Yoshino wanted to fight for the Hakaze that was trapped in time. He also remembers that Yoshino claimed he knew who Aika’s boyfriend was.

But while Mahiro wavers between sides, he learns that a Mage of Exodus may exist and that person could have been Aika’s killer. He remembers the return of Hakaze and the beginning of the war of the Trees. He remembers seeing Yoshino attacked and then himself. So much blood! And now Mahiro thinks he’s dead, although the Aika he sees reminds him that the story doesn’t end in tragedy.

Mahiro suddenly awakens in a hospital room. Another dream? And a younger Yoshino is sitting by his bedside. Mahiro demands the identity of Aika’s boyfriend, but the young Yoshino asks him if he wants to know what happened next instead. Yoshino tells him that the Tree of Genesis swallowed everyone and they all died. The Tree swallowed entire cities worldwide and the people in them and those that went to fight never returned. This had happened in a matter of hours and now the world population is greatly reduced. Anyone that opposes the Tree is absorbed. The Tree also wiped out war, rebellion and even minor crime. The Tree does not tolerate fighting of any kind and the world now lives with this “peace”. Deserts have become forests and polluted waters are now clean. There are no longer food or water shortages in the world that now exists.

Mahiro is a little upset that the world was saved without him, but then Yoshino questions his revenge and Mahiro remembers his true purpose. An older Mahiro is suddenly in front of his house and becomes concerned when he finds the door unlocked. Entering the too quiet house, he opens the main door to find his sister sleeping on a chair. He approaches her and finds himself walking through a pool of blood. Stroking her hair and touching her cold skin, he realizes that Aika is dead, but can’t believe it. Kneeling in her blood, Mahiro berates himself for not knowing her better and begins to scream.

Once again, Mahiro wakes up in a bed, badly shaken from his “dream”. Samon walks in and tells him that he’d been sleeping for about a month. Samon kept him asleep with magic and as he opens the curtains, Mahiro can see the damage the Tree of Genesis has wrought. He says it is like his dream and then asks about Yoshino. Samon tells him that he is “acting separately” and is more “healthy and intelligent” than Mahiro. What does that mean?

Mahiro also questions the fact that Samon kept him alive and asks him what he wants. Samon answers him with a question. Could he kill Yoshino? What??? What has Yoshino been doing in the month that Mahiro was asleep? Ok, so this was basically a recap episode, but it was still pretty amazing! Even with the way the episode ended, there is more after the credits. At a construction site, someone named Hanemura takes his lunch break. He tells his friend that his girlfriend dumped him because he has no future. Then his friend mentions the rumor of an existence of a Mage of Exodus, who could make the Tree of Genesis go away and return things to normal. Hanemura says that they are probably taking about him. Another shock!! This show definitely doesn’t fail in that department!! Anyway, Hanemura shows his friend a taste of his power and asks him if he saves the world, would he have a future? Color me impressed!!


Episode 14 –


Samon wasn’t kidding when he ask Mahiro if he could kill Yoshino. Hakaze is touring, looking to see what the Tree of Genesis has done and Yoshino was the only one she would allow to accompany her. Mahiro is given a meal and reintroduced to Evangeline and Hayakawa of the Countermeasures Force. It seems strange that they are with Samon now. But they do bring up the Mage of Exodus and that gets Mahiro’s attention! They have been spreading rumors that one exists, for if one really does, they want to contain this Mage from doing any more damage.

Yoshino and Hakaze are visiting Aika’s grave. Hakaze asks Yoshino what Aika was like and he tells her that she was very much like Mahiro. She teases Yoshino and tells him to introduce her to Aika’s boyfriend. Then she apologizes to Aika, because she may have been the cause of her death. Hakaze also wonders just how many lost lives she might have been responsible for. Hanemura is thinking of the Trees and the rumors and wonders if he could actually revive the Tree of Exodus and save the world. He seems a sad, lonely person and the only reason he has to save the world is to get his girlfriend back. Not a very good reason in my opinion.

Yoshino and Hakaze wander through the city where Yoshino used to live. She asks Yoshino about his memories and he tells her that there are more bad ones than good ones. He knows that she worries about the power the Tree of Genesis holds. After he and Mahiro were injured, Hakaze stopped the Trees. However, the Tree of Genesis did absorb all the Black Iron Syndrome bodies and caused more than enough damage. She admits that she underestimated the Tree’s power and all this happened because only a portion of the Tree was awake. Hakaze fears what will happen if the Tree fully awakens. Yoshino tries to reassure her, but she just doesn’t know what is right anymore.

Samon tells Mahiro that Hakaze has a crush on Yoshino although she doesn’t realize it, being that she had led such a sheltered life. And Yoshino did save her life and that must have had an effect on her. But Mahiro wonders what all this has to do with killing him. Now, the other reason Hakaze is traveling, is to find the remaining fruits that would revive the Tree of Exodus. She says it’s a precaution, but she is truly unsure of what to do. This is where Yoshino is a danger – he could sway her choice whether or not to fully revive the Tree of Genesis. Samon claims that Hakaze has been making all of her recent decisions with Yoshino in mind and now the fate of the world lies in his hands.

As Hakaze berates herself about Yoshino and his supposed girlfriend, it seems she may be comparing herself to his girlfriend. Hakaze thinks his girlfriend may just be as perfect as Yoshino is. Yup, love sure is blind! When she rejoins Yoshino, he is giving directions to Hanemura and for no reason, Hakaze attacks Hanemura! The reason she gives Yoshino was that she felt “uneasy” and asks if that was wrong. It bothers her even more once Hakaze finds out that Hanemura is trying to get to Mt. Fuji – where the Tree of Exodus is. Hanemura says that although the Tree has a strong barrier and is off limits, he “sort of” has to go and asks them if they have heard the rumors of the Mage of Exodus. Hanemura admits that he might be that Mage.

Over a meal, Hakaze questions Hanemura about his power. He seems of have acquired it about a year ago and after the Tree of Exodus appeared, it grew stronger. Hakaze realizes that Hanemura’s power appeared at the same time Samon was putting his plan into action. Once Hanemura heard the rumors, he thought he might be the Mage of Exodus. Hakaze bullies him a bit and wonders how he can be so uncertain of the power he has. Hakaze reveals herself as a Mage as well – for the Tree of Genesis - and shocks the heck out of Hanemura! She asks him if he’d like to spar.

Samon tells Mahiro that thankfully, Yoshino doesn’t realize how Hakaze feels about him or the power he holds over her. But since he does tend to sacrifice others when he believes in something, he may exert undue influence over Hakaze. Mahiro is to stop him before he might use that influence – not necessarily kill him, but stop him all the same. Mahiro thinks that as long as Yoshino’s girlfriend is alive, he won’t do anything reckless. And here we have a mess again! Especially since Evangeline knows all about Yoshino’s girlfriend. Where Mahiro thinks there is no cause for such concern, Evangeline knows that there is. In the end, Mahiro agrees to help with Yoshino, in return of course for help in finding Aika’s killer. They agree and Mahiro says that he will do whatever they want. He thinks he’s protecting Yoshino, but Hayakawa asks Samon when he will tell Mahiro the truth about Yoshino. They think Yoshino is the Mage of Exodus!

In a school field, Hakaze is about to test Hanemura’s powers. She needs to ascertain just how powerful he might be and if he has the will to kill. Yoshino is concerned but Hakaze promises that Hanemura will not best her in this sparring match. She begins to attack Hanemura and feels that if he is a Mage, he can easily neutralize her magic. As Samon tells Hayakawa that Yoshino is unnecessary to the Tree of Genesis and that Mahiro would have been able to get Hakaze back without him, it looks like Hanemura is doing well in defending himself against Hakaze. He knows that Hakaze may not be his enemy and he can feel more power awakening within him.

Hanemura attacks and manages to break through Hakaze’s defensive barrier. He panics when he sees that he has removed Hakaze’s arm in the process and Hakaze tells him to stop being a baby as she grows her arm back. She calls him a weakling and attacks him again. With Hanemura unconscious, she tells Yoshino that while she believes that Hanemura does have the power of Exodus, he lacks the heart and would be unable to destroy without mercy. Evangeline receives a call from Yoshino and tells the others that the Mage of Exodus has been found. So much for Samon’s theories!


Episode 15 -


While Samon takes Mahiro shopping to distract him – and he knows it too - Evangeline and Natsumura pick up Hanemura. Does Hakaze really think this timid guy could have possibly killed Aika? Evangeline and Natsumura question Hanemura and discover that he does not need any offerings for the magic that comes so easily to him. However, as Hakaze told them, Hanemura doesn’t know just how to use his magic. Natsumura asks him about attacking an enemy and Hanemura walks over to a nearby tree. He places his hand on it and thinks about making it disappear and it does – leaving a large crater in the ground. And that surprised Hanemura as much as it did Evangeline and Natsumura!

Evangeline grabs him and tosses him into the car, yelling at him to never use magic without permission! Hanemura timidly agrees. I can’t quite tell what Natsumura thinks of him yet. Hanemura is given the same feast that Mahiro got when he woke up. However, he must have lost his appetite with Mahiro glaring at him from across the table that way! Then Hanemura gets another shock when Evangeline tells him that they will be interrogating him with regards to a murder charge. Samon tells him not to be nervous – and how could he not be? Mahiro asks him for his whereabouts on the night of the murder and pretty much tells him that Aika’s killer will die. Hanemura’s response? “Who’s Aika?” And that almost sent Mahiro off the deep end!

So, how could anyone remember what they were doing on a certain date at a certain time over a year ago? How will Hanemura? Thankfully, with the help of his phone, Hanemura does remember that he was with his girlfriend that day. Mahiro wants to check on his alibi, but Hanemura is against it. Not only does he not want his girlfriend drawn into anything dangerous, but Hanemura also has to tell them that his girlfriend dumped him and has probably moved away. Mahiro is not happy!

Next, they are at a gym and Mahiro wants to spar with Hanemura. Hanemura is reluctant because of his power, but Mahiro really doesn’t care. Mahiro lets Hanemura know that if he should kill him, Yoshino and Hakaze will avenge him. I don’t think Hanemura liked hearing that either. Mahiro and Samon taunt Hanemura about his girlfriend – if she even existed and Mahiro calls him a stalker. Actually, Mahiro came pretty close to the reason the girl dumped Hanemura when he said she must have thought he was pathetic. Of course all this taunting did the job and Hanemura gets angry enough to attack Mahiro with magic.

Hanemura misses Mahiro on purpose and gets knocked to the ground by Mahiro, who tells him to attack like he means it. With all this, Samon has his own opinions. Yes, Hanemura is powerful, but his heart is weak which makes Samon still believes that Yoshino is the true Mage of Exodus – and that he is plotting something big.

Meanwhile, the others had to cover up Hanemura’s little demonstration of making the tree disappear, but the rumors are still flying that it might have been done by the Mage of Exodus. And another team has gone to Mt. Fuji to investigate the tree. If this keeps up, the Kusaribe clan’s secrets will be revealed. They think perhaps it’s time to go on the offensive. And another mystery pops up!

Yoshino and Hakaze are currently at an amusement park where couples are celebrating the New Year. Observing how life goes on, Hakaze says that it seems like the disaster never happened and that these people have no sense of the remaining dangers. Yoshino reminds Hakaze that the world was just as dangerous before the Tree and that this is just how people are. They are startled out of their serious conversation when Jun shows up. He gives Yoshino some money and sends him off for coffee for the three of them. Of course he only did this to get Hakaze alone and the first thing out of his mouth is if Hakaze realizes that she’s in love with Yoshino!

Hanemura is still fighting Mahiro and using only his feet, Mahiro is still beating him with his hands in his pockets, but he thinks Hanemura is getting better. Mahiro still wants him to be more aggressive, but Hanemura admits he’s afraid of blood. Hanemura still doesn’t have the mental capacity to use his magic and Mahiro even makes fun of him for wanting to defeat the Tree just to get his girlfriend back. Hanemura finally gets in a good jab when he tells Mahiro that he has a sister complex! They others had been thinking this all along and approve of Hanemura for saying it, but Mahiro just kicks Hanemura in the face again. Mahiro explains his relationship to Hanemura and tells him that they weren’t related by blood, so Hanemura says that it sounds like he was in love with her. Mahiro is angry and isn’t sure how to respond.

Back at the amusement park, Hakaze is still in shock from Jun’s question and Jun asks Hakaze if he’s wrong. Hakaze assures him that he is wrong and lists some reasons, but her body language is saying something else entirely. Then she starts listing his good points and that really gives it away! Jun just smiles and tells her that she actually is in love with Yoshino. Hakaze finally realizes it too!

Mahiro tells Hanemura that “there’s no way a brother would fall in love with his younger sister.” Another one with his head in the ground! Hanemura points out that Mahiro just said that Aika wasn’t his sister. Mahiro says it’s time for a break and reminds Hanemura that he still thinks he killed Aika, before leaving. Evangeline thinks they make a good pair! Meanwhile, Hayakawa is presenting a “plan” to Samon, but a plan for what? Hayakawa tells Samon that they know so little about the Trees and that this plan will let them “reexamine everything from square one”. Samon approves of this plan, but wants control and Hayakawa agrees. Now, they just have to convince Hakaze which will be hard. Surprisingly, Hakaze is in such a state of mind that she tells a shocked Samon to just do whatever he wants! I’ve never seen the cool Samon so frazzled – and then Hakaze hangs up on him!

Jun has made her realize that she is in love with Yoshino, but what does she do now? This wasn’t her plan and Jun tells her that such things are never planned. He also tells her that loving Yoshino isn’t a good idea ether. Hakaze agrees with him but is thinking of different reasons. Jun enlightens her when he tells her that if her desire for a relationship with Yoshino is strong enough, then the Tree of Genesis would kill his girlfriend. Hakaze is just stunned.

Hanemura has received a text on his phone that the Mage of Exodus will destroy the Tree of Genesis! The text gives a date and a time and also some suggested viewing spots. He questions Evangeline about it and Tetsuma opens a case which looks like it contains some weird armor. Evangeline grabs Hanemura and announces that the Mage of Exodus is going to make his “debut”!!!


Episode 16 –


The episode begins with a flashback of summer fireworks and Aika and Yoshiro. Aika teases Yoshino about not having a backbone and he calls her a “terrible person”. She asks him if he claims to be a “virtuous person” and he thinks about dating Mahiro’s sister behind his back. Then Aika tells Yoshino that he is the “most frightening” person she knows. I wonder why she said that. I still don’t believe that Yoshino is the Mage of Exodus.

Hakaze thinks over her conversation with Jun and doesn’t believe that the Tree would kill Yoshino’s girlfriend. She tells herself that she is happy with the way things are. Yoshino mentions that there is a spy among the Kusaribe clan. But more important, they are in a crowd about to watch the Mage of Exodus work his magic on TV.

There is another crowd near the Tree that is to be destroyed. Two cloaked mages appear and begin a light show. A third person appears, covered in armor. He holds out a hand to the Tree and says “eradicate”. In a flash of light, the Tree disappears! The crowd is stunned as the mages fly off. It was funny when Yoshino thought they were a bit too “flashy”. Hakaze decides that it’s time to return home. If there is a spy, Hakaze needs to be there to investigate. But is it only an excuse not to be alone with Yoshino anymore?

Samon and Mahiro were also in the watching crowd and although Hanemura played his part well, he’s still a wimp! He didn’t take it well either when Evangeline told him he was going on tour! Hakaze and Yoshino return to the Kusaribe village and are greeting by the residents. One little boy asks her if she got a boyfriend through magic. Funny reaction!

It seems the information about the spy was a ploy to get them to come back and to see if Yoshino is really the Mage of Exodus. Others seem to believe he is, but not me! I think he is just too kind-hearted. And I cannot believe that he could have killed Aika either. A ghost has been seen and Hakaze thinks this must be the spy. It’s mentioned that Hakaze seems more responsible and two old ladies say it must be because of a man – as they look at Yoshino. This flusters Hakaze – especially when the women speak of having babies.

Hakaze takes Yoshino to the shrine where the ghost was seen and Yoshino finds out that much of the clan’s history is oral. There is nothing for the spy to steal. To protect the village, Hakaze had forbidden the use of magic. There will be nothing for the spy to see now either. Later, in the night, Hakaze and Yoshino talk and Yoshino thinks he knows the reason Tetsuma doesn’t like Hakaze so much. She declares that she isn’t afraid of ghosts and then wonders if she was, would Yoshino find her cuter? Then she berates herself for thinking such things. Yoshino however, does believe in ghosts and speaks of Hamlet.

Back in the past, Yoshino is upset that Aika thinks he’s scary. She quotes Hamlet to him and says that he is the type of person to deny seeing a ghost even if he had. He says that he doesn’t believe in ghosts and Aika says that he is getting just as boring as Mahiro and “won’t accept irrational things”. She then asks Yoshino if he’d like to see her ghost. Does she have an inkling of her upcoming death?

Back in the moonlight, Hakaze gazes at the daydreaming Yoshino as a commotion erupts. Villagers are searching for a missing child named Sana. Ironically, Mahiro is in the middle of reading Hamlet and tells Natsumura that the moment Hamlet believed in something irrational, he was doomed. He says that spirits are “delusions imagined by the living”. Yoshino claims he doesn’t like Hamlet but Aika used to quote from it. But Natsumura remembers that Hamlet is a tale that ends in death and likens the brother in Hamlet to Mahiro. Mahiro also tells Natsumura that Aika also quoted from The Tempest. Mahiro tells him that in the end of that one, everything is forgiven and everyone is happy. Natsumura later tells Evangeline that both are tales of revenge but with completely opposite endings.

Yoshino and Hakaze join in the search for Sana. But now the shrine is on fire and the bridge has been destroyed. Natsumura goes to help, but Tetsuma stops him, saying that this is the perfect test to see if Yoshino is truly the Mage of Exodus. Someone is holding Sana at the burning shrine. But when Hakaze says that Sana shouldn’t even be there, Yoshino is sure she went because of the ghost. Hakaze is ready to use magic, but Yoshino reminds that that is what they want. What to do?

Yoshino grabs a chain from the broken bridge and slides over the rope to the other side over Hakaze’s protests. The rope breaks just before he reaches it and as he hangs there, Tetsuma is positive that it is all a show. Yoshino runs up behind the man holding the little girl hostage – didn’t he see Yoshino coming? – and throwing the chain at him, wrestles with him. He tells Sana to run into the forest as he continues to struggle with the man. The man throws him and pulls out a gun. Yoshino stupidly runs to the burning shrine which begins to collapse.

Hakaze uses her magic to save him and Tetsuma is positive that Yoshino made her use magic! The man witnesses the use of magic and runs off. Yoshino is injured and can’t follow him. Natsumura and Tetsuma meet the fleeing man as Hakaze flies to Yoshino. She runs into his arms, telling him how worried she was. Meanwhile, Evangeline is told that this all played out according to the Mage’s – Yoshino’s - wishes. Tetsuma tells her that Hakaze is beginning to go against the logic of the Tree of Genesis for Yoshino’s sake and who would have that kind of power but the Mage of Exodus? Evangeline thinks that Hakaze may see things a different way and she herself doesn’t know what to believe. Hakaze, still in Yoshino’s arms, admits to herself that all guilt aside, she is completely in love with Yoshino. And in the ruins of the burnt shrine, Evangeline may have found a clue as to why the Trees exist!


Episode 17 –


The Mage of Exodus is still making public appearances to destroy Trees and I wonder why the Tree hasn’t made any counterattacks. Hanemura looks exhausted and no wonder – he’s pretty much flown around the entire world in two weeks!

Hakaze is still having love problems with Yoshino. Even a simple meal out could be considered a date and Hakaze is worried about falling deeper in love with Yoshino than she already is. It also annoys her that Yoshino hasn’t seemed to notice her very obvious feelings. Then again, he has a girlfriend, so he shouldn’t be looking at anyone else. And every time she finds another good quality in Yoshino, she falls more in love. I have to feel sorry for this poor confused girl. What an awful “first love” experience she’s having! And from her behavior, Yoshino must think she’s a little on the nutsy side.

Hakaze is still worried about the Tree harming Yoshino’s girlfriend if her feelings become too intense. To counteract that, she tries to get Yoshino to tell her about his girlfriend. But the questions she asks him are a little embarrassing. Hakaze hopes that by realizing that his girlfriend is so much better than her, she will be able to give him up and stop loving him. I guess she’ll have to find out for herself that things don’t always work that way.

And so Yoshino begins to tell her about Aika, remembering a Valentine’s Day in the past. They spoke of Marine Snow and Aika let her jealousy show by twisting it into something ugly. The way Yoshino describes her, Hakaze isn’t sure what to think. She asks Yoshino what his girlfriend must think about them traveling together for weeks on end, but Yoshino just tells her that it isn’t a problem. But that answer annoys Hakaze and she asks him how he can be so sure. Is she that unattractive that his girlfriend has nothing to worry about? But once Yoshino tells Hakaze that she’s pretty and her personality is better, Hakaze looks as if she could float on air.

Not seeming to notice Hakaze’s reaction, Yoshino remembers something else from the past. In order to prevent another girl from getting close to Yoshino, Aika tells her that Yoshino is cruel and has personality problems. Aika really does have an interesting jealous streak. If he ever went out with another girl, Aika said that she would freeze and then put him through an ice shaver. She describes this so calmly, like a psychopath. Yoshino hopes she’s joking, but she says she isn’t. But Aika also says that he just isn’t the type to look at other girls and says something really nice about their relationship. Yoshino speaks of Aika as if she’s still alive and needs him. The way he talks about Aika doesn’t make Hakaze feel any better either.

Meanwhile the worldwide debate over the Trees grows even more intense. Hanemura is doing a good job, but I wonder for how much longer. He truly is exhausted. Mahiro is still struggling with the fact that Yoshino might be the true Mage of Exodus. But when he looks at Hanemura, he still doesn’t quite believe that such a weakling could be the mage. Hanemura still doesn’t have the will to kill. Once Samon realizes that Mahiro knows about Yoshino, he presents his theory that the mage may have been split, “separating heart from body”.

Samon is still convinced that Yoshino is the mage. Although Yoshino cannot use magic, he may have the heart and with it the cunning of the Mage of Exodus. By having Hakaze fall in love with him, he also has the protection of the Tree of Genesis – very clever on his part! Samon reminds Mahiro that if Yoshino is the true mage, he might have killed Aika. Mahiro doesn’t know what to think, but Jun tells him that if it should come to it, he will help Mahiro kill Yoshino. Mahiro thinks for a moment and asks about finding Yoshino’s girlfriend. He isn’t sure why, but Yoshino doesn’t talk about her, so maybe she has some kind of influence over him. Mahiro thinks she would make a good hostage.

Samon thinks it might be a good idea, but Jun thinks that if he had to, Yoshino would abandon her. In that case Mahiro would agree to kill him. Jun agrees and Samon says they should first figure out who she is. Obviously she would be a classmate or a student at a nearby school. Samon questions Mahiro if Yoshino had any such contacts. Mahiro says that he tried to introduce him to girls, but Aika told him that there was a rumor among the girls that Yoshino was malicious and that no one in the entire area would date him. Jealous Aika strikes again! She also tells her brother that if he does get involved with fixing up Yoshino, he will also be involved in the rumor.

Samon determines that the girlfriend saw past the rumors and discovered the truth. Meanwhile, Hakaze can see that Yoshino really loves his girlfriend and she hasn’t decided yet if it’s “annoying or endearing”. The guys wonder why Yoshino had never told Mahiro anything about his girlfriend and come to the conclusion that he must have had a good reason to hide her. Was he embarrassed by her? Samon suggests a female teacher from the school. Or maybe a married woman? Perhaps a younger girl from an elementary school? Mahiro pretty much shoots down each one, but nothing can be left to chance. Hanemura seems the only sane one in the run of this discussion. But when asked his opinion, he comes up with the “cafeteria lady”! He’s told to stop acting like a fool and take the conversation seriously! If these guys could only hear themselves!

Hakaze observes Yoshino with his phone. She probably thinks that he’s texting his girlfriend. But Yoshino is having another flashback to that Valentine’s Day where Aika tells him that she wants to be with him forever. He remembers their kiss and closes his phone. Hakaze asks him if he was contacting his girlfriend and he tells her he wasn’t. Hakaze gets angry and tells him that she loves him! And not just a crush either but such a love that her “heart won’t stop pounding”. She calls Yoshino “dense” and tells him that she wants him. Then Hakaze says that she wishes that his girlfriend didn’t exist and warns him that because of that, the Tree may kill his girlfriend. She says that she can’t give up her feelings and challenges Yoshino to make her give up on him. Yoshino is just shocked!

Hanemura is still listening to the guys come up with ridiculous girls for Yoshino and wonders why they are avoiding the obvious answer. He raises his hand and asks if he can say something. He says that if she isn’t an “imaginary girlfriend”, then from everything he’s heard, there is only one person left.

Yoshino now realizes that is why Hakaze has been acting so strange lately. He tells her that there is no need to keep the secret anymore and that she doesn’t have to worry about his girlfriend. He tells her that the Tree of Genesis won’t be able to harm her. He opens his phone and tell Hakaze that he “loved Ophelia”. He shows Hakaze the picture on his phone and asks her why she would have to worry about his girlfriend – who died a year ago? As a stunned Hakaze sees Aika’s picture, Hanemura is asking if Yoshino’s girlfriend couldn’t be Mahiro’s sister. This surprises all the guys, especially Mahiro! I have to say it’s about time – this was really getting to be a comedy of errors. But of course this now presents a different set of problems for everyone involved. That is, if Mahiro believes Hanemura.


Episode 18 –


Hanemura’s question makes Mahiro laugh. He says it isn’t possible, but would be amusing if true. Hanemura argues his point and asks if it were true wouldn’t that be why he kept it a secret? When Mahiro wants to know why Yoshino would do that, Hanemura is about to say it’s because Mahiro was in love with Aika too, but falters and stops talking before he can say it. Mahiro still says it isn’t possible, but perhaps the others in the room are beginning to consider it.

As Yoshino shows Hakaze the picture on his phone, Hakaze says that she understood that they didn’t get along. He tells her that it was to keep Mahiro and others from finding out. Hakaze thinks about it and puts two and two together from all that’s been said and done. Even Samon is thinking about that day when Yoshino claimed to know who Aika’s boyfriend was. This angers Mahiro again and he reminds them that Aika is dead, whereas Yoshino claims his girlfriend is still alive. Hanemura reminds Mahiro that is Yoshino’s story and no one else has ever seen his girlfriend or heard her voice on the phone. Now even Mahiro has something to think about.

Hakaze is in a panic, thinking that Aika had died because of her. Yoshino calms her and says that they still can’t confirm who is responsible for Aika’s death. He gently reminds her that that is part of what they are investigating. Yoshino tells Hakaze not to feel guilty, but Hakaze is still upset and wonders why she can’t sense any feelings of revenge or anger from Yoshino. He tells her that those feelings wouldn’t change anything, nor would they bring Aika back from the dead. He feels that unlike Mahiro, vengeance won’t make things right.

When Hakaze questions why Yoshino saved her from the island, he tells her that he didn’t want Aika’s dead to bring tragedy and reminds her of the story of the Tempest. He tells her it had a happy ending and since Aika was always talking about the story, it made him want to save Hakaze. She is calm now and realizes that Yoshino has been carrying this burden alone – but why wouldn’t he tell Mahiro? Mahiro is still arguing against Yoshino. He tells the guys that Yoshino didn’t even react to Aika’s death and perhaps this statement just added more fuel to the fire.

Hanemura says that maybe Yoshino is the kind of guy that doesn’t show his emotions and can act as if nothing is wrong. He reminds Mahiro that both he and Yoshino had lost everything to the Trees and were dragged into this conflict, but both of them act as if they didn’t care - perhaps because they had already lost something even more precious. Yoshino tells Hakaze how hard it was to visit Aika’s grave and to hide his feelings. And Hakaze realizes that he’s doing it again. She asks him if he can ever be happy again. Yoshino isn’t sure but he can only hope that all this won’t end in tragedy.

Hakaze tell Yoshino that it’s already a tragedy. He tells her that even if he acted sad, it wouldn’t change anything. This unemotional state of his angers Hakaze and she grabs him, telling him that there should be things he can’t control. He just asks her what he should do and pushes her away. Should he tell Mahiro? Tell him that Aika was his girlfriend and that he is suffering more than Mahiro is? That he learned of Aika’s death from a phone call right before they were supposed to go on a date? That he collapsed from shock? Yoshino asks Hakaze what that would accomplish.

Hakaze would at least like Yoshino to be angry at her, but he knows that she is suffering as well, so how can he be mad? Hakaze yells at him to stop being so considerate of others and be more honest with himself. He finally gets annoyed and says that he doesn’t know how to do that. He doesn’t know how to be happy in a world without Aika. He finally breaks down and asks how he can bring Aika back – how can he change an illogical world? Then he wants to know if he will get everything back if he strangles Hakaze. He falls to his knees, crying, and says that even tears won’t change anything. Hakaze hugs him and just lets him cry everything out.

Samon is now completely convinced that Aika was Yoshino’s girlfriend. Mahiro just leaves the room. Hanemura is upset, but Samon has his own problems. All this has led to the current situation and it was as if Aika’s death “sent all logic in a downward spiral”. He feels that everything is about to fall apart. And now for Yoshino’s sake, Hakaze is vowing revenge against the Tree of Genesis, if it is determined to be the cause of Aika’s death!

Jun is sent by Samon to watch Hakaze and Yoshino. He doesn’t want Hakaze to find out that Aika was Yoshino’s girlfriend. He worried if she does, she may do something to the Tree. I think he’s a little late! Jun finds Hakaze and Yoshino and Hakaze sends Yoshino away so they can talk. As soon as he is out of hearing, Hakaze begins to talk to Jun about love. Jun wonders what is going on and why Hakaze’s feelings seem so much deeper than before.

Of all things, Mahiro is cleaning! Perhaps this is helping him to calm down and think. Evangeline is annoyed that the guys had to figure out who Yoshino’s girlfriend was. But she can’t worry about that now – she’s investigating the Black Iron Syndrome. She feels alchemy may be involved, but Hayakawa already considered that, so he isn’t surprised. Evangeline’s theory is that the Tree of Genesis did not create the world from nothing, but was a weapon brought by aliens to destroy civilization! What???

Samon is planning the next appearance of the Mage of Exodus when he learns that Jun has lost Hakaze and Yoshino. Hakaze locked Jun in a room, but did tell him that she wanted to “test” the Tree of Genesis. She wants to see if the Tree will obey her will. But if the Tree only see her as a tool and ignores her, then it must be destroyed. Jun is against this test, but Hakaze tells him to stay out of it. Samon is obviously upset by this news, but before he can do anything, the Mage of Exodus makes his appearance.

The Mage tries to destroy the Tree, but this time, it protects itself. Mahiro sees it on the news. The world can see that another Mage has appeared! It’s a disguised Hakaze! She has the Tree attack Hanemura, but Hanemura cannot back down. Hanemura deflects the attack and destroys the Tree, but the trunk remains. Hakaze draws her sword and attacks Hanemura directly. If he doesn’t do something, the Tree will just keep regenerating. The watching Samon soon realizes that Hakaze is trying to push Hanemura to his limit in order to increase his power. However, Hakaze is doing this for Yoshino.

Yoshino is left to travel by himself. He sees the newsfeed on the train and worries about Hakaze. She had told him all about her plan and she wondered what the public would name her. Looking at her outfit, Yoshino thinks they should call her the “Dancing Princess”. They part, going their separate ways with a promise of meeting soon. Yoshino watches her walk away and when a chill wind blows, perhaps Yoshino gets an inkling of the future. He closes his eyes against the gust and when he opens them, Hakaze is gone from his sight. Now, on the train, his phone rings and it’s Mahiro. Yoshino realizes that Mahiro is now awake. He missed the call, but he thinks that if Hakaze has the courage to confront the Tree, he can find the strength to face Mahiro with the truth.

Hakaze can see Hanemura’s exhaustion and lets him win their supposed fight. Hanemura destroys the Tree for all to see. Mahiro stares at his phone before tossing it on to the sofa. He then walks out the door. Will he go after Yoshino? Does he really think that Yoshino could have killed Aika? Time will tell!