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Well, it wasn’t on the online player main page when I posted that at least.
Seems to be back now though.

Coffee yeah, it was re-added today. Some things are rotated off and on.

Yugo the Negotiator
Sakura Wars TV
Rune Soldier
Prefectural Earth Defense Forces
Orphen 1
Legends of Crystania OVA
Divergence Eve
Diamond Daydreams
Cool Dimension
Burn Up Excess
Bento Beat Box
A.D. Police

These shows will be cycled out of the Online Player for various reasons at the end of the Anime Network Holiday Event. Bottom line, if you want to watch any of these shows, might want to do it asap. :wink:

The Event is now finished. Bandwidth is now mine, muwhahaha.

Please remember folks, if you liked what you saw or enjoyed some of the older shows on the Online Player please help support it by tossing in a subscription or give a friend a subscription gift to the Anime Network Online Player. It’ll help get more digital licenses for online, expand the servers/network, and don’t forget the fine folks of Anime Network who were here providing back-end support and fixing stuff during New Year’s day even… Help get Anime Network more anime.

Thanks for taking the time to help, I really apprciate it.

Anime Network VOD Premieres in January 2010

Originally posted: January 7, 2010 @ 5:21pm

Always good to see new stuff coming on AN. Ironicoly I had feeling yesterday while I was picking up Polyphonica, Special A, Blue Drop dvds yesterday that it would be announced that it was going to be on AN this month. Looking forward to watching Destiny Of Shrine Maiden as I haven’t had a chance on dvd.

Special A is definitely worth the money, so don’t regret it. :slight_smile: It’s really good to see these shows coming to VOD. There are a lot of people around here who should enjoy these. Special A is a lot of fun, so I highly recommend that one.

Looking forward to it - January is going to be a great month! Thanks Anime Network! :slight_smile:

Anime Network adds Mobile iPhone App anime subscription

Just posted on my blog…

Anime Network adds Mobile iPhone App anime subscription
Anime Network adds a new anime subscription service for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Anime Network video on demand App gives subscribers access to a select offering of anime TV series and films, as well as exclusive wallpapers for the user’s mobile device. The Anime Network Mobile app takes advantage of HTTP video streaming which adjusts the video quality based on the user’s connection speed, as well as allowing on-the-go access through 3G and WIFI.

The subscription service runs $6.99 and grants the subscriber 30 days of unlimited access to complete anime episodes and films available - New episodes and films are to be added weekly.

Link: Network iTunes App Store

Full Story:[/quote]
Originally posted: January 15, 2010 @ 2:54pm

So I guess they were quite serious about getting TAN on the iPhone. Good to see it too. I will definitely be getting this once I finally pick up an iPod touch, or perhaps if Verizon ever gets an iPhone. (I’m really hoping for this, as it’s time for me to upgrade, and all of their phones SUCK right now!) :slight_smile:

Any chance this app will be coming to the google android platform in the near future?

How about a Samsung Behold? I’ve got T-Mobile.

Anime Network is here to stay!

Anime Network just posted the below on the homepage.


Hey guys,

Those of you that are worried that we (Anime Network) are shutting down can get down from your chairs and untie that noose. We arent going anywhere. AN has always been a separate entity from ADV, and as such business around here will continue as usual.

That’s right, the Online Player isnt going anywhere, neither are the forums or the Community section. Everything will stay as is, just like yesterday, just like this morning. There may even be a surprise waiting in the wings for anyone who’s still feeling the blues. More on that later.

Sorry this was posted so late, I was in class and had no idea, imagine my OoO’’ face when I got the email haha. No one will share their notes with me now…Anyway, everyone just go ahead and take 10 CC’s of chillaxophyl, sit back and relax, we’re here to stay. ^_~ [/quote]
Originally posted: September 1, 2009 @ 4:17pm

Thank the Anime Gods for this. Other than posting every once in a while over at ANN, this is the only non-football forum I visit. TAN is my internet home, and I’m happy it will be staying around.

Thank god. I only have to visit online players for Naruto Shippuden and One Piece, and can enjoy the rest of my anime on VOD…TV the only place to watch anime. (sawwy dragoon :frowning: )

I thought I was going to have to bronze my ADV VHS collection to be able to remember it from. (wait…bronzing a magnetic tape isn’t a good idea is it? BOB! BACK AWAY FROM THE SMELTER AND PUT DOWN THE CRUCIBLE! S-L-O-W-L-Y)

Proud SVOD subscriber here since 2005

Awesome to see TAN alive
Now license as many shows as you can

Hopefully they stop dubbing everything, so that they can get anime running quicker before they become “old.”

Anyway, awesome

good. I dont wanna go anywhere. I like it here. I wanna stay :slight_smile:

THats Good News to hear.

And i like the new creative features.

Thanks, for not leaving. I love you guys. :side:

-abandons ship anyway- lol :wink: