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In the past, the vast majority, and at at times all, of the shows on TAN were from ADV. Over the past year, there have been more and more shows popping up from other distributors and licensors, like Right Stuf and Enoki. Is this a trend that’s going to continue, or will we mainly be seeing Sentai or AEsir shows for a while?

Same question as above also throwing in the fact that ADV is shaken up a bit.

redshirt1 wrote:

Yeah, TAN doesn’t exactly have the direct line for programming it once had. So I’m just curious how this is all going to affect the type of shows they air.

I wouldn’t call it a trend, no. But I think that we try to go after anything that’s out there at the time, so whether or not it turns into a trend remains to be seen. For now though, expect a lot of Sentai and AEsir shows to pop up.

How is the progress going for TAN to become a regularly Aired channel? Will this ever go back into the works, or will TAN just stick to PPV and subscription service.

Linear is always a possibility, but right now we are more focused on improving VOD and the OP and other small projects. That’s not to say the linear channel is completely dead, it’s just not on our radar at the moment.

IF you could be a marvel or a dc which side would TAN be, and which marvel/DC would you choose to be in particular?

Why is it that about half of the anime ADV buys awesome, and the other half complete and utter crap?

Will we see more sub only releases like Clannad?

What is a better business model for you guys: buying one anime that you know is awesome but is kind of expensive like toradora, or buying more less popular titles and hoping one of those is successful enough to cover the whole investment?

How long can the industry sustain itself if the rate of piracy continues to increase at the clip it has been increasing. Do you see a ceiling for the amount of revenue loss that can be attributed to piracy?

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What are Hillary Haag, Steve Blum, and Greg Ayres like in real life?

The facilities in Texas are hardened against anti-anime attacks, whether they be by aliens, monsters, or disgruntled magical girls? If not, you really should do something about that.

I think the “half are awesome, half are crap” statement can apply to pretty much all the R1 companies. Look at some of the horrible shows Funimation, Media Blasters, and Geneon have licensed over the years. Plus, you have to remember that sometimes the “good” shows are lumped together with “bad” ones, and you have to take both to get the one your really want.

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Haissan wrote:

A Marvel or DC what? Reminds me of Marge Simpson saying “Look! I’m a Star Wars!”

I’ll assume you said Marvel or DC, I’d like to think we’d be DC. As for which superhero I’d say The Green Lantern. Nothings better than Whoopin’ ass with a giant green fly swatter!

Major geekage question here, how come you guys hosted (maybe still do) all your websites in your offices? I remember when you had the hurricane over there and had to shut it all down. I was gobsmacked, I’d assumed it would be in an old nuclear bunker like all truely important sites. :wink:

I think I got a good one here. Do you think you guys will ever stream new shows straight from Japan, similar to Crunchyroll?

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TommyTwoTacos wrote:

That’s quite a subjective statement there! There might be some shows you dont like, that other people follow religiously. Think about that for a while.

Time will tell on this one, but for now yes you probably will be seeing more sub only releases. Depending on how they do, though, anything could happen after that.

I think that, in any business, putting all your eggs in one basket is always a bad move. Like I said above, some shows ring true with certain people, and are garbage to others. Especially in this industry, where the average fan is as fickle as they get, relying only on one show to make it big wouldn’t be the best choice you can make. There are some exceptions obviously.

Piracy is a big issue, moreso in this industry than any other, what with our genre of entertainment already being what you would call “niche”. If something isn’t done about the exponential increase of piracy, then there’s no telling how long or how far the business will go before it collapses.


[quote]In the spoiler tag is a naked picture of me. Please, look at it and rate the glory of my large hairy mass.

YOU LOOKED! What does that say about you?

No thanks!

They’re like a cloud made up of rainbows, smiles, and your favorite toys when you were a kid.

We have a designated protector of the anime, he is pictured below:

Kodama wrote:

If your goal was to make me sad, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Shame on your Kodama. I’m not sure how to answer your question, not my department. Now if you wanna ask me about Street Fighter 4 tier lists, then I’m your man.

dragonrider_cody wrote:

That IS a good one. I’d love for that to happen personally. Not very sure what’s going on in that respect over at the top of the mountain, but I do hope theyre discussing it. It would be a great opportunity for us.

Rai wrote:

[quote]Kodama wrote:

You said “ask me anything”, so I did. :laugh:

Gaming is not my thing, not for 10 years and even then not beat 'em up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no shame![/quote]

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