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I’ve been to Pflugerville, my brother lived there for a time in the mid 70’s while he was working for the US Department of Labor office in Austin.

I’m sorry but that is stupid, excuse me … bone stupid, but I’m sure the parents who children’s lives are put in danger from a fire that the automation misses will be forgiving, not.

Mark Gosdin


Your brother was a Pflugie? Hahahah, that’s what we call 'em. I live a little bit north of there in Round Rock.

But yeah, machines never make any mistakes or fail or anything, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this plan.


I remember eating in a Bar-b-que Joint in Round Rock. That was a loooong time ago, but it was good food and I recall it fondly.

Mark Gosdin


Oh! I bet it was Rudys! Excellent!


Sometimes I read the news and wonder if I’m in some parody site:

June 13, 2018


I heard about this. You know I’m just expecting a Meanwhile in California… segment at some point on the news.


It won’t happen, a split up like that would take Congressional approval and there is no incentive to seat 4 new Senators who would likely be Democrats. That’s why there is only The State of Oklahoma and not Oklahoma & The State of Sequoyah as Congress in the early 1900’s would not accept two more Democrat Senators.

Meanwhile in California …

Mark Gosdin


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Besides, 52 stars on the flag would just be weird.

Though it occurs to me that the US flag only having 48 stars wasn’t that long ago.

…Maine and Nebraska allocate their electoral votes on a congressional district basis, instead of a “winner take all” state-wide scheme. I’d like to see more states adopt that system TBH.


Lol. As a native of California… I really don’t care, that place is ate up with it and the wrong folks are just getting away with it to this day. Great melting pot, very diverse culture-wise, but I can tell ya first hand it’s a waste.


I hear the argument that if the State Legislature properly represented all the regions of CA that the state would be pretty harmonious, but I also know that even back around The Founding states were breaking apart because they were too big.

Virginia let Kentucky break away to become its own state, Massachusetts gave up Maine, and let a portion of itself (Boston Corner) join New York.

…there’s also the observation that the West Coast is just 3 states while the East Coast is ~14.

If 4 new Senators puts the kibosh on the project, maybe that could be ameliorated by “demoting” Hawaii and Nevada from statehood? :rofl::wink:



Interesting. I seem to recall there being some buzz that Kennedy wouldn’t retire if Gorsuch’s nomination were forced through the Senate, but if that buzz was “legit”, clearly he’s gotten past that.

…On SCOTUS, I’m still puzzled by the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision, where all of the supposed conservatives voted with their “arch-nemesis” liberal justice The Notorious RBG to form a liberal majority, while the remaining liberals (and Roberts) formed the apparently conservative minority vote. Bizzaro World.

If only Congress would actually take a stand on issues, instead of constantly kicking the can down to SCOTUS, whose unaccountable 9 members don’t have to worry about getting reelected… :frowning:



Hashtag #urk I file single and zero, where is all that money I earn going?


I’ve been watching this world for nearly 60 years, Bizzaro is the mildest term I could give it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mark Gosdin


You really really really don’t want to know.

Mark Gosdin


As I understand it, businesses having to go through the expense of collecting sales tax is supposed to be justified by that money being spent on public goods that benefit them (eg:roads).

But if RightStuf has to collect sales tax on my state’s behalf, and send it to 'em, Shawne Kleckner’s company is paying to process the sales tax but getting nothing in return :question:

IMO online sales tax would make more sense if it were levied based on the etailer’s location.


Congress has the ability to regulate Sales Tax collection across state lines. Commerce “clause” of the Constitution which was intended to prevent just such a problem. Eventually they will, likely by capping the percentage of the tax that can be collected.

Mark Gosdin


The search for D.B. Cooper: Investigators say they’ve confirmed skyjacker’s identity by decoding long-lost ‘confession’

June 28, 2018


I find this all to be a tad confusing as Article 1: Section 9 says that Congress can’t tax articles exported from any state, and Section 10 says that states can’t turn a profit (so to speak) on taxes laid on imports/exports, and that any such taxes need explicit Congressional approval.

Yet SCOTUS can grant approval in Congress’ stead? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :confused:

As I was taught, the Commerce Clause was written up because the pre-Constitution states stymied commerce by concocting a byzantine tax code for interstate trade. This sales tax scheme seems to me like we’re unlearning a lesson that the Founding Fathers had to learn the hard way?

…in my state, sales tax was supposed to have been repealed decades before I was born. If only the pols had kept their word (:rofl:), I could’ve been in a state that doesn’t have a financial stake in this court decision.