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In my younger days, living on the border between Texas & Oklahoma, it was common to cross over to buy things. Texas originally had higher sales taxes, but no tax on Food and a few other items, then Oklahoma raised it’s sales tax & everyone started shopping in Texas.

The thing is, people will find a way to avoid paying taxes. Even if it is inconvenient they will do it.

Mark Gosdin


June 28, 2018, 3:50 P.M

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If only the guy had just waited a bit longer, the paper would’ve gone out of business, as it seems all print media is destined to do,and he would’ve had the last laugh.

Once again, a crazy guy with a gun goes to a place that pretty much advertises that it has no guns, and disaster ensues.

I am surprised that the alleged shooter is now in custody.


He was under a desk, from what I understand. Hiding under a desk of someone you just killed… I’ll be flat out, that guy should have been shot


So much for Patriotism

FBI Nabs Man It Says Planned July 4 attacks on Cleveland, Philadelphia

July 2, 2018


I heard about this briefly this morning on HLN. Great job on the FBI.


The part about giving RC cars to children is especially disturbing.


Whoa. I hope he gets the 20 years too.


An undercover FBI agent helped Pitts pick the location for his planned attack.

It’s great that this nut is off the streets. That said, it’s pretty anticlimactic that almost every “FBI arrests potential terrorist” turns out to be the FBI arresting some incompetent crazy guy who only got as far as he did in his schemes because the FBI was giving him a helping hand.


Jul 4, 2018, 6:28 PM ET

Updated 6:52 PM ET, Wed July 4, 2018


I find that funny.


July 5, 2018


GO FIGURE :stuck_out_tongue: lol my name is Nathan.


Just when I think the news cycle can’t get anymore ‘out there’:

July18, 2018

I wonder if Dan Aykroyd also shares that lamentation?


This is my hometown in Iowa, have checked in with all my family & friends, all are ok.


Glad to hear it, they’re having it rough up there.


Updated 6:11 PM ET, Fri July 20, 2018


Last I heard was eleven, but nine of em were from the same family. Can’t underestimate the weather, that stuff gets out of control quick.


July 31, 2018