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Great news (at least to me...)

Hi all! I have some great news to share. I just got a job! It’s only a part-time cashier position at a local Walmart, but between that and the survivor’s benefit I’m receiving from my late wife’s Social Security, it means that I am becoming more stable financially, as well as getting some structure back in my life. As an added benefit, more money means more anime!



I know it’s tough to sit around and do nothing all the time. I’ve been doing a little part-time work myself. It’s nice to feel wanted (and that spending cash ain’t too bad either).




Good Luck with the new job.


You know what the problem with doing nothing is?

You never know when you are finished. :smile:


good luck with the job newshawk


Good news on the job front Newshawk. You could be like me and have a job that can be awfully quiet and then something goes “ping” and you find yourself up until 3AM sweating bullets trying to get all the computers to play nice again. :scream_cat:

Mark Gosdin


I am glad to hear it, Newshawk! :smiley:
I have been looking for a job, but no luck as of yet. :sweat_smile:

Good luck with the new job. :3


I’ve lost 2 jobs in 2014, each with their own set of circumstances and I’ve been a bit bummed this past month but I’m hoping to see a pick-up soon like you are.
Congrats on your new job and hope it works out for a long time to come. :smile:

Thumbs up to that!


Congratulations. Jobs can be hard to find, and you have to keep going somehow. Every bit helps whether it’s full or part time.
I’ve moved to a new city for the work I wanted, still learning the new places and faces. But have been kept busy.
Keep smiling, enjoy every day as it comes, working and enjoying friends, anime everything you value and enjoy.

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hey @Newshawk hows it going with ya hope u r doing ok

u still holding down the fort :european_castle: in wally mart
ive done my shopping there to buy a printer
or have u found something new and improve

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Sorry that it took so long to reply, Kyouta. I’m just about to my fourth year at Walmart. Six months after I started as a part-time cashier, I transferred to another store as a full-time sporting goods associate and I’ve been there ever since.


That’s great news and I heard u guys got a few raises thats more money for u spend it wisely lol and is that Wal-Mart open 24 hrs it seems like all of them R starting to close at 12

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