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Sex for Slats now is it?


The Donald famously breached the Great Firewall of China, but now a purported Republican wants to try and build a much weaker firewall to try and censor Arizonans? :confused:

And, as always, who defines what material is “offensive”?

Legally, could Arizona even pledge that money to a border wall? Ex-governor Jan Brewer found out that DC doesn’t like it when states step on its toes regarding immigration, and AFAIK Congress has to appropriate all money spent by the Feds, so it’s not as though AZ could just cut a check for the amount of their “Build it Tall” fund and mail it to Trump.

All of which might substantiate that article’s claim that this could be a bogus law proposal done to raise awareness.


January 23, 2019


That’s really close to home :fearful:


Here’s an interesting Article on Japan’s Idol industry. I recommend reading it

Inside the Weird, Dangerous World of Japan’s Girl ‘Idols’

Mari Yamamoto, Jake Adelstein 01.21.19 12:18 AM ET


Looks like we’re not the only country struggling with these issues.

Japan’s Supreme Court rules transgender people still have to get sterilised
January 24, 2019


Doesn’t that kinda happen anyway when one undergoes the reassignment surgery?

If you keep legacy organs lying around to do that sort of thing then it seems like the trans didn’t complete the transition?

I find it’s all so very confusing.


January 28, 2019


February 2, 2019


With the weather we’re having, HA! Early spring my… yea.


The funny thing about living in OH. Wednesday it was -2 degrees F. Sunday it’s going to be almost 60 Degrees, go figure lol Dead of winter to Spring in a span of 3-4 days


Here in Michigan it was -10 I think, if not lower, and only going up to about 50F.

Post office went nope for Wednesday and Thursday as well.


Bracing for the weather whiplash and you wonder why people get sick.


And the Canadians jeer us for not using metric.

…though it seems to me that the only time the Canadians will say metric is a good thing is when they’re making fun of us 'Muricans. Otherwise, it sucks, they know it sucks, and they (like the Brits) use it as little as possible…last I was in a Subway in Canada, they were still using inches and “footlong” :slight_smile: :+1:


This is my favorite news story today:

February 4, 2019


Doesn’t President Obama still smoke? That could be awkward.

Also, in my state, folks have long been dodging restrictions by snagging smokes from the military. If HI can’t put the kibosh on that practice, this ban is going to do nothing except deprive the Hawaiian state government of beaucoup tax bucks.


February 7, 2019


I’ve stayed at this place, guess I won’t be going back.

February 14, 2019


Uhhhh, yeah, I can see not staying there.

Mark Gosdin


Good lord, I hope not Slow!!!