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Brynhildr in the Darkness / Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Brynhildr in the Darkness / Gokukoku no Brynhildr


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Genres: action, drama, fantasy, mystery, psychological, romance, science fiction
Themes: harem, Human-Experimentation, Superpowers
Objectionable content: Intense
Running time: 23 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2014-04-06 to 2014-06-29
Opening Theme: 1. “BRYNHILDR IN THE DARKNESS -Ver. EJECTED-” by Nao Tokisawa
2. “Virture and Vice” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Ending Theme: “Ichiban Hoshi” by Risa Taneda, Aya Suzaki, MAO, & Azusa Tadokoro*

Plot Summary: When he was a child, Murakami was friends with a girl he called Kuroneko. One day, while trying to prove the existence of aliens to Murakami, she is killed in an accident that he barely survives. Guilty of his role in the accident, Murokami decides to dedicate his life to proving that aliens exist. Then, one day, a new student with mysterious powers transfers into his class who not only looks a lot like Kuroneko, but is named Kuroha, Neko. (from ANN)

Lynn Okamoto’s Gokukoku no Brynhildr Sci-Fi Manga Has Anime in the Works

posted on 2013-09-07 07:41 EDT
Story of magic-using girl who looks like protagonist’s deceased child friend by Elfen Lied author started in 2011

Episode 2 -


I feel badly for those manmade witches. They are being pursued and can’t live a normal life. They look as if they have a short lifespan. If a normal human sees them use magic, they are killed to protect the secret. If the witches are caught and brought back to the “lab”, they are killed as well. And they turn into goo! What a horrible fate!

But no matter what she says, I still think that Kuroha is the Kuroneko from Ryota’s past. Either she won’t admit it, or she has some kind of memory loss. I just can’t figure out about the moles, but I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

Episode 3 –


On top of everything else, the witches have to take “death suppressants” and Kuroha is running out. The results aren’t pretty as Ryota sees when he finds Kuroha covered in blood. She explains that without the suppressants, their skin splits, soon after that, their organs melt and they die. Why would someone do this to these girls? Why the need for manmade witches in the first place?

In any case, Kuroha’s supply of pills for herself and Kana is down to nothing. How are they going to get more? The location of the lab is unknown and even if they did go back, it would mean death. At this rate, Kuroha and Kana only have enough pills for five more days. Five days left to live. But a fire destroys even that slim hope. There are no pills left at all now.

Kana doesn’t want to die that horrible death and requests that Kuroha kill her before that happens. Luckily, Ryota has memorized the drug’s code. Now, all they have to do is break in to the pharmaceutical company’s factory, but that isn’t going to be easy either. I wonder if that is also the lab that created the witches.

Another witch will help them break in, but Kana has seen Kuroha’s death if she goes. And the bad guys know they’re coming. Ryota gets the lowdown on the witch they will be facing. There is a way to neutralize her, if they can get close enough to her. Meanwhile, Saori receives her own instructions. Instant death awaits her if she tries to escape. I also wonder what happened to Kazumi’s pills. She seems to be out of them as well.

At the factory, Kuroha changes the plan at the last minute. Ryota finds out that she is going to sacrifice herself for the others. Ryota just can’t agree to that and runs off to save her. Back at the observatory, Kana now sees his death as well. It’s amazing how her little voice machine lets her change the tone of her voice and can even produce her screams.

Sneaking up behind Saori, Ryota sees Kuroha’s moles. They shifted a bit, but they’re still there. She is his Kuroneko! Crying with happiness, Ryota is even more determined to save her. He also suddenly realizes that when Kuroha uses her magic, she loses her memories, and that must be why she doesn’t remember him. The clues were there and it took him this long to put everything together. He’s sure they can make new memories to replace the old ones, but there’s no time to dwell on this right now. Ryota needs to save Kuroha! However, it looks like he’s too late. And now he has to face Saori!

Episode 4 –


Ryota stabs Saori and demands that she turn back time. Good thing Kana told him that Saori can manipulate time in addition to her slicing magic. However, Saori slices Ryota as well. But to save her own life, Saori does turn time back to just before she kills Kuroha. That uses too much magic and Saori can’t use any more. Kuroha tells Ryota to grab her and Saori runs off. She trips and the man behind everything says that she’s useless. Saori is captured by Ryota and Kuroha.

Ryota wants to know what happened before Saori turned back time. But she’s not talking. Ryota is sure he’s forgotten something important and when he looks at Kuroha, he figures she doesn’t have the moles after all. Nuts! He’s lost that memory of seeing them as well. Saori announces that her life is over anyway. There is no way for her to get out of the fact that she failed in her mission. Kuroha tells Saori to go with them. But Saori explains how she’s being monitored. Ryota wants to see if he can remove the beacon, but Saori tells him it isn’t that easy. Ryota insists on trying and Saori allows it.

But Saori has a plan. If Ryota and Kuroha are distracted by this, then she can attack them again. Just as she goes to make her move, her core is ejected remotely, and Saori melts into a puddle of goo. Kuroha breaks down and Ryota reminds her that they still need to find the pills. But something creepy is moving to Saori’s harnest. Ryota wonders if it could be a witch parasite. It turns into a bunch of eyeballs with a mouth. Ryota screams and steps on it. Kuroha is visibly upset and wants to know what was done to her in that lab. Ryota realizes that “harnest” doesn’t mean “harnessed” after all, but “her nest”. Eww!

And after all that, they only find two boxes of the death suppressants. But it still buys the witches a little time. They rush back to the observatory to give Kana a pill. They find her covered in blood, but alive. Kazumi is there as well and confesses that she only had one pill left, which she split in half with Kana. Kana is happy to see Kuroha alive and well, unlike her prediction. Ryota realizes that Kana’s prediction most likely came true and both he and Kuroha died. Saori must have turned back time, but he isn’t sure why.

Ryota is a little annoyed that Kazumi takes half the pills and leaves. But that is the payment that was promised to her, so Kuroha is fine with it. Ryota goes home, allowing the girls to stay at the observatory. Kuroha thanks him. Once outside, the fact that Kuroha said his name for the first time makes him cry happy tears and he doesn’t know why. But Kuroneko comes to his mind once again.

It’s time for the class trip and Kuroha has made it. She finally gets to see the ocean and gets the feeling that this is something she’s wanted for a very long time. The view brings tears to her eyes and Ryota is happy that he could give her this, even if she isn’t Kuroneko. Kuroha is doing well at school and Ryota has figured out that when Kuroha uses her powers, she loses her memories. Something else he forgot with Saori’s time manipulation. And if Kuroha joins the astronomy club, she can also stay at the observatory indefinitely. Kuroha reminds Ryota that if she and Kana are caught, he’ll be killed as well. Ryota really doesn’t mind if he can protect Kuroha.

Kuroha later asks Ryota what “trust” is and once he tries to explain, Kuroha shows him something that she was given when she escaped form the lab. She tells him that it’s a fertilized alien egg. I wonder if it hatches into that parasite thing that Ryota stepped on. That just made me shiver! Kuroha and Ryota return to the observatory to find that Kazumi is visiting with Kana. Just before the others arrived, Kazumi seems to be under the impression that Kana could move if she wanted to and Kana tells her not to let the others know. That’s interesting.

Now for the fun. There is a bath nearby, but it’s mixed and Ryota would love to see Kuroha there. Instead, he gets Kazumi. But Ryota turns out to be a gentleman and won’t look at Kazumi. That is until she forces him to. LOL Ryota certainly gets an eyeful and gets very embarrassed. He tries to apologize, but that isn’t enough for Kazumi, and she wants him to pay a “booby fee” - something to be determined at a later date. Kazumi pushes Ryota into the water and when he comes up, he falls into someone else.

After knocking the other person into the water, they both come up and Ryota finds his hand on Kuroha’s breast. Kazumi decides to make a graceful exit, and Ryota now finds himself apologizing to Kuroha. Apparently Kazumi set them up. But Kuroha wonders if she’s sick because her heart is pounding so hard and she feels hot. How is Ryota going to explain that one to her? LOL Before he can, Kuroha leaves and Ryota berates himself for being so distracted by her chest that he didn’t look for moles. Poor guy. LOL

Another witch is being questioned by the bad guy. She will give him info on three witches in exchange for pills. Stupid girl. Like he’s really going to give her pills after he gets the whereabouts of Kazumi, Kuroha, and Kana. Meanwhile, Ryota returns to the observatory after his bath to discover that Kazumi has moved in. She tells Ryota it’s her “booby fee” and that shuts him right up. However, Kuroha asks what a booby fee is and Ryota whispers to Kazumi that her boobs aren’t worth that much. That earns him a kick in the face from Kazumi. She also has another surprise coming up for Ryota.

At home, Ryota takes a look at the items Kuroha gave him. If he turns on the mini computer, it might transmit his location. And when he looks at the case the supposed alien egg is in, he can only think of the parasite he killed. Perhaps “fertilized alien egg” means something else? He suddenly finds the entire situation funny. All this time, he’s been looking for aliens and now that he may have found one, he doesn’t believe it. He decides that if he’s going to turn the device on, he has to do it in a place far from where he is.

At school the following day, Ryota gets his surprise. Kazumi is now in his class! Ryota just facepalms. She also tells him that she will be joining the astronomy club. More good news. Back at the lab it’s learned that the bad guy’s name is Ichijiku and he reports to the mysterious Takachiho that twenty seven witches escaped during transport and only eight were recovered. Five corpses were also recovered when those witches ran out of pills. More are most likely dead due to the lack of pills. Takachiho isn’t happy about any of this. He also mentions that some of the pills were recently stolen. He isn’t happy about that either. They then discuss the “plan”. Ichijiku says that he’s already made the next move.

At the observatory, there’s a knock on the door, and a girl enters to join the club. But she’s a plant! This must be Ichijiku’s next move. He refers to the witch as an AA+. More than strong enough to subdue the others. Ichijiku is dismissed and it’s obvious that he doesn’t like reporting to this Takachiho guy. Is he another power hungry idiot that wants it all for himself? Time will tell. And Kotori has been accepted into the astronomy club! No one has noticed her harnest, and I’m surprised that Kana didn’t predict this. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Manami Numakura, Yumi Uchiyama, Mamiko Noto Join Byrnhildr in the Darkness Cast

posted on 2014-05-06 12:34 EDT
3 new characters for anime streaming on Crunchyroll

Episode 5 –


Kazumi confirms that Kuroha loses memories when she uses magic. She also tells Ryota that Kuroha was experimented on so much, that she’s lost all of her childhood memories. The following night, there is a club outing to view the stars. Kuroha is very knowledgeable and wonders how she came by that knowledge. Once again, Ryota wonders if Kuroha is really Kuroneko.

As Kotori looks through the telescope, she tells Ryota that she wants to meet an alien. It’s at this point that he finally notices her harnest. And Kana has a vision of Kotori killing Kuroha! When Ryota confronts Kotori, she’s surprised that he knows about witches and that the rest of the club members are also witches. She claims that it’s a coincidence, but no one believes her. Kotori shows the others that her magic is teleportation. She’s very proud of that, but every time she uses magic, she gets hung up. Is she really Ichijiku’s spy, or is she just playing games?

Kuroha brushes the vision aside. Besides, if Kotori is hung up, she can’t use magic anyway. It looks like Kana has another vision, but doesn’t share it with anyone. The girls actually enjoyed the night out and on the way back, Kana asks Ryota which life is more important to him, his or Kuroha’s. Ryota can’t really choose, but supposes it would be Kuroha. Kana tells him that her vision changed and that he is killed instead of Kuroha.

I don’t think Kotori is the spy after all. It seems another witch is going around, killing other witches. Judging how vicious she is, I think this is the AA+ that Ichijiku sent out. Ryota gets to the observatory early to question Kana about her visions. Since the setting of the killing is a nearby lake, Ryota thinks if they avoid the lake, everything should be okay.

When the others arrive, it’s Kotori’s turn to be questioned. She ran away from the lab with a witch named Chie. Kazumi knows Chie, so that part of her story might be true. However, Chie is conveniently dead, so they can’t ask her to confirm anything. As they question her, Kazumi gets a call from another witch, Shino, that tells her there is an AA+ after her and asks for help. And this is how they end up at the lake.

They find out that the AA+ witch is Kikako and she’s a bad one. She uses cannon magic and is very good at what she does. Kuroha still intends to fight her to save Shino. But she’s too late and Shino is killed. I’ve no idea how Kuroha can possibly win against Kikako, but I know she’s going to try anyway.

Episode 6 –


Ryota tries to convince the crying Kuroha to walk away. Shino is dead and Kikako (supposedly) doesn’t know about them so there is no sense in fighting her. Kikako rips out the dead Shino’s harnest, and it looks like Kuroha wants to fight her anyway. Ryota finally convinces her not to fight and Kazumi tells them to leave the area because the authorities are coming. However, Kotori shows up, calling Shino’s name.

There’s no choice now. Even though she can’t use her magic at the moment, Kuroha will have to distract Kikako so that Ryota can get Kotori away. Ryota also has an idea. He’s found that Kikako’s magic has a weakness. He thinks he can get behind her and hang her up. Kazumi shuts down the park to give them a chance. But when Ryota turns around, Kotori is gone.

Ryota finds Kotori tying herself to a pole. She intends to switch places with Kuroha, but Ryota doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself. It’s too late anyway. Kotori tells Ryota that she’ll be dead by the next day. She has no pills. She just wanted to experience a normal school life, however brief. But if Kotori switches with Kuroha, Kana’s vision will come true. Ryota gets a sudden idea!

Kuroha can’t keep Kikako occupied too much longer, and Kikako finally captures her. Ryota helps Kotori ties herself to the pole and has her switch with Kikako. Kotori does so just before Kikako kills Kuroha, and once Kikako is tied to the pole, Ryota hangs her up, then puts a bag over her head. He tries to question her, but Kazumi reminds them that the police are coming. Ryota is reluctant to kill Kikako, but then he sees that Kotori is missing again. He thinks that she probably went off to die somewhere alone.

Ryota and Kuroha find Kotori at the address that she had put on her club application. Kuroha tries to give her a pill, but Kotori refuses. She explains that the blood in the room belonged to her friend, Chie, who insisted Kotori take her pills. Kotori refused, so Chie stopped taking the pills. That was a very emotional scene. Chie pretty much killed herself so Kotori could celebrate her birthday and experience school life.

Ryota berates her, telling Kotori that without her, the astronomy club will be shut down. Telling her that he will get more pills, he holds out the pill to Kotori, but she doesn’t take it. Kuroha tries something else, and asks if she’d like to celebrate Chie’s birthday the following week. Ryota says if she doesn’t take the pill, he will force her to take it. Crying now, Kotori takes the pill. Ryota wishes her a “happy birthday”. Kotori later visits Chie’s grave and wishes her a “happy birthday”, crying as she does so, and breaking her promise to always smile.

The incident at the park is covered up as being a gas explosion. Ryota realizes he’s dealing with people that have an incredible amount of influence. At the observatory, he finds the girls outside, playing with a hose, trying to cool off on such a hot day. They are all soaked and half naked, yet Ryota is accused of being a pervert for peeping at them. LOL He tells them that’s what they get for running around naked outside. Kotori is also living at the observatory now. And she can cook too!

After the meal, Ryota needs to talk to the girls. He thinks there may be someone that can help them get more pills. The girls are worried about betrayal, but leave it up to Ryota. He asks Kuroha if her magic works through glass and when she says that it will work through clear glass, he takes her with him. He meets with a man named Kogoro in a lab. He’s an arrogant one!

Ryota warns Kogoro that once he knows the things Ryota knows, his life may be in danger. Kogoro brushes it aside, telling Ryota that the heat must be getting to him. Kogoro wants to know what he gains by listening to Ryota’s story. Knowing that Kogoro doesn’t believe in the supernatural, Ryota tells him that his compensation will be a display of real magic and asks what he can break. Kogoro tells him to break anything and Ryota passes it on to Kuroha by radio. The computer on the desk behind Kogoro explodes.

Kogoro runs to the window. Rubbing his hand across the unbroken glass – and there is the sweetly innocent Kuroha, sitting on a bench right outside - he asks Ryota when he managed to plant the explosive. It had to be an explosive device, since a sniper shot would have broken the window. Ryota tells him to choose something specifically to blow up. Kogoro picks the floor near his feet and as soon as he points, it explodes. Kogoro then holds up a pen and that explodes as well. Next, he takes off his glasses and laughs, admitting that it’s fascinating. Now he’s interested in hearing Ryota’s story, even at the risk of his life!

Episode 7 –


Ryota gives Kogoro a pill and asks if he can duplicate it. He then tells Kogoro about the witches and how he got involved with them. Kogoro says that the girls sound more like modified super humans than witches. Ryota asks about the pill again and Kogoro tells him that if they’re lucky, it should take about six months. Ryota isn’t happy with that, but then Kogoro tells him that it could take as much as several years. The girls will never last that long! They only have about a month’s supply left!

Kogoro tells Ryota that he may as well give up, but then he thinks of something. If the ingredients are crystalline, and he can get everyone to help, a month would be enough time. Kogoro just needs to determine if the ingredients are crystalline, which will take about a day. That gets Ryota’s hopes up again. Ryota also gives Kogoro the supposed alien egg. Neither of them believes it, but that is what Ryota was told. Ryota wants to find out what the capsule really contains. Kogoro is eager to see as well, so he takes it.

While they await the results, Kuroha agrees to go to karaoke without knowing what it is. Once Ryota explains it to her, Kuroha wants him to go as well, but Ryota has to work. He gives Kuroha some money to enjoy herself with her classmates. Kuroha really isn’t sure what’s she doing and even gets hit on. LOL Ryota ends his tutoring session early and ends up at the karaoke place. I liked how Kuroha shot down the guy that hit on her, as well as Ryota’s flimsy excuse to Kuroha for being there. But he doesn’t stay!

Once Ryota is home, he gets a call from Kogoro. The pill is not crystalline and will be impossible to duplicate within a month. That’s it then. Unless Ryota can get more pills, the girls are dead. But he isn’t giving up either. If he could only find the lab that the girls came from. At the observatory, Ryota gets a nice treat. LOL He also gets roped in to taking Kazumi to Akihabara for a part she needs. Kotori gives Ryota an idea of why the lab was built – because of alien ruins. Ryota suddenly remembers that Kuroneko once told him that she met an alien. More recently, Kotori had said the same thing, so Ryota questions her.

Ichijiku reports the current status to his superiors. Three more harnests and drasils have been recovered. After Kikako was “interrogated”, which looked more like torture, it was determined that she saw #1107. The others are surprised that one is still alive. Another says that “recovering the grane” takes top priority and they care not if #1107 dies or not. Ichijiku is dismissed and the shadowy figures discuss if they can really trust him or not. But it really doesn’t matter at this point. Ichijiku tells his subordinate that they will be going after #1107 and that they will be using Nanami.

Kotori describes the alien that she saw to the others. But it wasn’t like the all eyes thing that Ryota had seen and killed. Kotori also tells them that the lab has a witch more powerful than Kikako – one that destroy all of humanity. Kazumi tells them that the witch is Valkyria. She’s an “S” rank which is much higher than a triple “A” rank. But Kazumi tells them not to worry. They lab would never send Valkyria to get them. However, Ryota is still worried.

Kuroha gets a flash of memory, where the woman in the accident tells Kuroha that she’s the only one who can save the world. Kuroha wonders if that means she must face Valkyria. Kana asks Ryota about the pills. All the girls look at him. He’s silent for a moment, then decides to tell them the truth. Kogoro can’t do it. Maybe he can, but it will take at least six months – more time than the girls have. The girls kind of expected that and Ryota apologizes for getting their hopes up.

Kuroha tells Ryota that she’d like them to make the pills anyway. Even if it’s too late for them, there may be other escaped witches someday that will need those pills. Ryota still wants to find the lab, even if it means turning on that device. Kazumi goes outside to cry.

Kazumi is late for the Akihabara date with Ryota. She finally shows up, but she’s only ten minutes late. Ryota likes to nitpick! And Kazumi considers this an official date, even if Ryota doesn’t. LOL She even berates him for ignoring her and reading a book on the train. He tells her again that it isn’t a date. Once in Akihabara, Kazumi is in wonderland. She also makes a spectacle of herself. The whole virgin thing was hysterical. Then Kazumi wants to go to a maid café. Ryota reminds her about the part she needs.

When they find the part, it’s an expensive one. Considering how much Kazumi has helped them, he buys the part for her. As a further treat, he takes her to a maid café. That excites her more than getting the part! She later asks Ryota why he wanted to go to Akihabara and he shows her the device Kuroha gave him. Turning it on here may give them a bit of camouflage and harder to find. Ryota turns it on and a strange language pops up. Kazumi gasps. Ryota wonders what language it is. As he scrolls, Kazumi turns away. She definitely knows something! There is also a map on the device. Is it the lab?

Ryota wonders if they should go there, but Kazumi says it’s better if she doesn’t. She tells him that the strange language is German. The text reads – “Kill the witches now.” Now it’s Ryota’s turns to gasp as Kazumi continues her translation – “Only then will we reveal the truth.” I’m sure Ryota has every intention of going anyway.

Episode 8 –


Ryota does intend to follow the map. It was also wise to turn on the device there. Two people speaking in German show up right after Ryota and Kazumi leave. Back at the observatory, Ryota tells the girls about the map and why he intends to go alone. Once home, Ryota does more research to find the map’s location and Kazumi shows up to help. With her skills, Kazumi quickly finds the location.

Once that’s out of the way, Kazumi asks Ryota if he likes Kuroha. She begins to undress as she offers herself to Ryota. He just wants to know why she’s so sex crazy. And now that the busses have stopped running, Kazumi has to spend the night. It looks like it’s going to be a sleepless night for Ryota!

The next day, Ryota takes his trip. The location on the map turns out to be a church and it’s been recently destroyed. He asks a nearby shopkeeper about it and the woman seems frightened. She tells Ryota that it was destroyed about three months earlier. Ryota goes back to the church to look for some kind of clue. I don’t think he should have done that. Sure enough, the police show up and arrest Ryota for “breaking and entering”. But as they take him to the car, it’s destroyed. Kuroha is there!

Kuroha attacks again and Ryota’s handcuffs are broken. He runs towards her, but the cop fires a warning shot. Kuroha tells Ryota to get down as the cops fire at her. They’re stunned when their bullets don’t even reach her. Ryota tells her to break the guns and Kuroha gets hung up. They try to make a run for it, but the cop knocks Ryota down. He tells Ryota the he can see that the girl has a ring on her neck. Kazumi messes up their communications and Kotori switches places with the cop that is choking Ryota. He ends up tied to a tree in the forest.

Ryota later reprimands the girls for following him. Kuroha tells him that Kana saw his death, so they had to come. They can’t stand by while Ryota tries to do things on his own anyway. They are stronger together. Kogoro receives a call in his office. Afterwards, he laughs. He really might have a fertilized alien egg in his hands. Ichijiku receives a report that Kuroha and Kotori were spotted. Nanami is sent to deal with the witnesses and to look for #1107.

Kana has a chance to speak to Kazumi alone and berates her for talking about Valkyria. The others arrive and Ryota wants Kazumi to help him figure out the password for the device. There were words written on a wall at the ruined church and some of them were underlined in blood. But they need to be in a safe place before they can play around with this. Ryota also knows that they are running out of things to try.

Ichijiku’s subordinate questions the police officers that tried to arrest Ryota. They are uncooperative and ask questions of their own. The man tells the officer that he will tell them everything and opens the door. A hooded figure tied up in straps walks in. The man removes her hood and the officers gasp. The man lowers the hood and again asks his questions. This time those questions get answered. I am guessing that the girl is Nanami and that her power is getting others to speak the truth. The girl later fills in the details that the officers left out, so it seems she can read minds too. Then she is sent out to search for #1107.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Band Performs New Brynhildr in the Darkness Song

posted on 2014-06-07 16:00 EDT
“Virtue and Vice” debuts as new opening theme this weekend

Brynhildr in the Darkness Gets Original Video Anime

posted on 2014-06-16 04:40 EDT
Episode 11.5 “Kara Sawagi” (Much Ado About Nothing) in Blu-ray/DVD Box II on September 24

Ep. 13


Really pathetic rush job ending. Watch past the credits so you all can see that Kazumi lives (was saved by Hatsune) but not shown. I wished they would have cut the new scream fest intro just to get the extra few minutes to explain things a lot better.

Episode 13 -


There were a couple of nice surprises at the end. Kuroha turns out to be Valkyria’s little sister. Kana isn’t such an invalid after all. Kuroha got all her memories back. But there isn’t much time for a happy reunion with Ryota, since they still have to face Valkyria.

Although Valkyria loves Ichijiku, he admits to only using her, and yet for the second time in his life, he saves her. But as he dies, he blames it on emotions and tells her that is why he hates humans. With his death, Valkyria vows to destroy the world. Kuroha is the only one that can stop her now.

Kuroha kisses Ryota and tells him that she loves him before going to face Valkyria. Somehow Kuroha survives and Ryota is able to save her this time. Unfortunately, Kuroha has lost all of her memories and doesn’t know who Ryota is - the price for using her magic.

Kogoro has succeeded in replicating the pills. He leaves a message for Ryota to bring everyone over. Ryota is still with Kuroha and cries, with Kuroha trying to ask him what’s wrong. He’s lost his Kuroneko once again. Sadly, Kotori and Kazumi did not get a happy ending either, which was rather tragic.

The end credits wrap everything up. Ryota shows Kuroha the stars. They are joined by Kana, Hatsuna, - and Kazumi! I suppose Hatsuna helped to regenerate her. Nice surprise! This turned out to be a very good story. And the music, especially in the last episode, was wonderful, although I wasn’t crazy about the new opening.

Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime’s 1st Promo Streamed

posted on 2013-12-20 11:35 EST
Elfen Lied author’s story of magic-using girl who looks like protagonist’s deceased childhood friend

Ryota Ohsaka, Risa Taneda Lead Brynhildr in the Darkness Cast

posted on 2014-02-26 13:15 EST
Video introduces Aya Suzaki, M.A.O, Azusa Tadokoro in anime by Elfen Lied’s Okamoto

Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime’s TV Ad Outlines Story

posted on 2014-03-06 05:00 EST
Sci-fi fantasy from Elfen Lied’s Lynn Okamoto to premiere in Japan this April

Hiroki Touchi, Tatsuhisa Suzuki Join Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime Cast

posted on 2014-03-19 15:10 EDT
Science fiction fantasy anime to premiere in April

Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime’s 3rd Promo Streamed

posted on 2014-03-30 15:07 EDT
Sci-fi fantasy series will premiere on April 6

Crunchyroll to Stream Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime

posted on 2014-04-05 19:01 EDT
Broken Blade TV Edition also streaming outside the U.S.

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

October 24, 2014