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Genres: action, comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction
Themes: absurdity, assassins, conspiracy, developing powers, ecchi, fanservice, fighting, school war
Objectionable content: Intense
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2013-10-03
Opening Theme: 1. “Sirius” by Aoi Eir
2. “ambiguous” by GARNiDELiA
Ending Theme: 1 “Gomen ne, Ii ko ja Irarenai.” by Miku Sawai
2 “Shinsekai Kōkyōgaku” (“New World Symphony”) by Sayonara Ponytail

Plot Summary: Ryuuko Matoi carries a large weapon shaped like half of a pair of scissors. She’s looking for the woman with the other half, who killed her father. Satsuki Kiryuuin, student council president of Honnouji Academy, is said to know the woman’s identity, so Ryuuko transfers there. Those who arrive at the school receive a special “goku uniform”, and Satsuki has used that power to rule the school in fear. (from ANN)

Episodes on Adult Swim
  1. If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle (February 7, 2015)
  2. So Sexy She Might Pass Out (February 14)
  3. Junketsu (February 21)
  4. Dawn of a Miserable Morning (February 28)
  5. Trigger (March 7)
  6. Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim (March 14)
  7. A Loser I Can’t Hate (March 21)
  8. I’ll Wipe My Own Tears (March 28)
  9. A Once in a Lifetime Chance (April 4)
  10. I Want to Know More About You (April 11)
  11. I’m Not Your Cute Woman (April 18)
  12. Spit Your Sadness Away (April 25)
  13. Crazy for You (May 2)
  14. Ride Like the Wind (May 9)
  15. Don’t Stop Me Now (May 16)
  16. The Girl Can’t Help It (May 30)
  17. Tell Me Why? (June 6)
  18. Into the Night (June 13)
  19. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (June 20)
  20. Far from the Madding Crowd (June 27)
  21. Incomplete (July 11)
  22. Tell Me How You Feel (July 18)
  23. Imitation Gold (July 25)
  24. Past the Infinite Darkness (August 1, 2015)

Panty & Stocking Helmer Imaishi, Trigger Launch New Anime

posted on 2013-02-07 08:35 EST
Untitled TV series project began planning 3 years ago during Panty & Stocking

Studio Trigger’s 1st TV Series Teaser Streamed

posted on 2013-02-09 10:40 EST
Director Hiroyuki Imaishi’s next project after Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking

Kill La Kill Anime Reunites Gurren Lagann Director, Writer

posted on 2013-05-08 09:05 EDT
Key animator Sushio designs Trigger’s 1st TV anime about battling schoolgirls

Kill La Kill’s 3-Minute English-Subtitled Trailer Posted

posted on 2013-09-25 18:45 EDT
Aniplex USA, Daisuki to stream Hiroyuki Imaishi, Trigger’s series in 5 languages

Kill La Kill’s 30-Second 1st Episode Preview Streamed

posted on 2013-09-28 13:00 EDT
Hiroyuki Imaishi, Trigger’s series to premiere on October 3

Kill La Kill’s Subtitled Preview & Sketch Videos Streamed

posted on 2013-10-03 00:00 EDT
Character designer Sushio sketches in 2 posted videos

Episode 2 –

That was some tennis match! And what is up with that teacher? He really amuses me. LOL

Ep. 01 & 02

Man, Imaishi is just one of those directors you either love or hate.
All of his waaaay over-the-top stuff (like this) that I’ve seen, I’ve never really liked.

And this is sadly no exception.
This is like Medaka Box on crack.

I’m kinda hoping it gets better later on in the season, as I really do want to like this one.

pretty neat armor she wears :blush:

So is this any good?

I hear it is like Gurren Lagaan but the jury is still out on whether it is like GL with Kamina or GL without Kamina. The screenshots I’ve seen make me think that it is post-Kamina GL but the reviews make me think Kamina GL…

So what is your opinion of Medaka Box?

Ep. 04

I don’t drop stuff easily, but I’m contemplating it for this.
It’s just too ADD for me and my tastes.

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]It was good of Mikisugi to explain the uniforms, but did he have to do while his shirt was falling off? LOL He truly amuses me. It’s funny too that he’s teaching the history of Hitler at this school where things are so similar.

Satsuki gets her own Kamui, so things should really get interesting now. Junketsu seems to be more powerful than Senketsu and Ryuko may lose this fight. But Senketsu said that Ryuko has yet to wear him properly. Thankfully, Mako gave her a hint and Ryuko unleashes the true power of her Kamui.

The fight ends in a draw and Ryuko still doesn’t know if Satsuki killed her father. Ryuko will now have to fight and defeat the students at the school to get another shot at Satsuki. And perhaps the answer to her question.[/details]

[QUOTE]Hey guys,

It’s been a whirlwind week so far, with the launch of Crunchyroll Manga AND One Piece coming THIS SATURDAY at 7pm!

Speaking of time though, for those living in the US, Daylight Savings Time will be ending Sunday, November 3 at 2am, which means that 2am then becomes 1am. To accommodate for the change, we’ve got new broadcast times for several of our shows, listed below.

Please note that these changes will occur AFTER DST ends

Kill la Kill - Thursdays at 10:30am PST

Don’t forget to switch your clocks![/QUOTE]

they sure do got some impressive lookin armor :wink:

Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Funny that Ryuko had to go to school in her pajamas. And poor Senketsu – having to get a bath! At least he enjoyed being ironed. LOL No-Late Day was amusing and the route reminded me a little of Deadman Wonderland – just as dangerous! And I know that Maiko girl was putting on an act. Not sure if she thought that staying with Ryuko was her best bet or if she has another motive.

Throwing in the Blue Danube Waltz was a nice touch. LOL The three girls make it to the courtyard, but will they make it to school in the last fifteen minutes? It turns out that Maiko is the Head of Trap Development and only wanted to get her hands on Senketsu! The girl has lofty ambitions. At least Ryuko gets the uniform back pretty easily. However, the school is further away than they thought! They will never make it in five minutes with this last trap. But thanks to a cable car, Ryuko and Mako make it in time and Maiko ends up getting expelled. Hysterical![/details]

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Not sure who the new enemy is, but he sure says some interesting things to Ryuko. Well, he knows Mikisugi, and Tsumugu seems to be interfering with his plans. Tsumugu thinks that Ryuko is going to be consumed by Senketsu and become a monster. And both Mikisugi and Tsumugu are from “Nudist Beach”! No wonder Mikisugi likes to get naked! LOL Tsumugu seems to have a personal vendetta against Kamui and will continue to go after Ryuko even though Mikisugi warns him off. Apparently, Tsumugu likes to get naked as well. LOL

The next day, Ryuko faces Tsumugu once again. But the non-athletic clubs are interfering! And Jakuzure orchestrates the accompanying music for the fight. LOL Tsumugu has managed to take everyone out and Ryuko is next. It looks like a woman in Tsumugu’s past was killed by a Kamui, which explains why he’s doing this. Then Senketsu sacrifices himself for Ryuko. But ironically, it is Mako that ends up saving the day – until she has to go back to cleaning.

Tsumugu tries to take Senketsu again, but this time the uniform speaks to him, warning him not to hurt Ryuko. Jakuzure herself interrupts now, wanting both Tsumugu and Ryuko, but they get away. Ryuko later wakes up alone in Mikisugi’s office and realizes that both she and Senketsu have to become stronger. Mikisugi thanks Tsumugu for saving Ryuko, but Tsumugu leaves him with a warning that he will be keeping an eye on Ryuko and Senketsu.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Ryuko has had it and turns to Mikisugi for answers. Mikisugi finally admits that he and Tsumugu belong to the same organization. He fills her in on some things, but not everything. He says he doesn’t trust her yet, but Mikisugi does tell Ryuko the name of his organization – Nudist Beach. Of course he has the perfect pose to go with this announcement. LOL But Ryuko can’t take him seriously and thinks he’s just lying again. Oh well, it just works out better for him anyway.

Sanageyama gets permission form Satsuki to take Ryuko on next. There will of course be a price to pay for failure, but Sanageyama is confident. A challenge to a duel is issued to Ryuko and is accepted. Sanageyama has an interesting transformation into his “Blade Regalia”, so I think this is going to be a pretty intense fight. Ryuko transforms as well and the fight is on!

Sanageyama has some good moves and seems evenly matched with Ryuko. But Sanageyama has a secret weapon that Ryuko may not be able to beat. However, Ryuko has a plan and blinds Sanageyama with her life fibers. She wins the match! Naked now, Sanageyama won’t stay down and wants to keep fighting. He ends up getting whipped by another of the Elite Four, and finally gives up. Ryuko later rewards Senketsu with some TLC in the form of a good, hot ironing. LOL

Sanageyama begs Satsuki for another chance to defeat Ryuko. She has no need for losers, but he shows her something that makes her change her mind. Another challenge is issued and accepted. Ryuko uses the same strategy and immediately blinds Sanageyama with life fibers. But this time, Sanageyama has a surprise for Ryuko. His eyes have been sewn shut! He is fighting purely on instinct now with his remaining senses – and he’s winning.

Satsuki explains how Sanageyama’s uniform has become his eyes. There seems to be no beating him now. Ryuko takes quite a beating, but before Sanageyama can land the final blow, his uniform overheats and disappears. He’s been redeemed in Satsuki’s eyes, but he still lost the match. Too bad Ryuko is in no shape to fight back now. But she’s still determined to find the truth. Meanwhile, the life fibers have been switched out in Sanageyama’s uniform, and it will work better now. Does that mean another rematch with Ryuko down the road?[/details]

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Ryuko thinks having meals with a family is great which is sweet, but bath time is a completely different matter. LOL All these weird club presidents keep coming after Ryuko and she can’t even enjoy her lunch anymore. Mako fills her in on the why. If someone can bring Ryuko down, they will be rewarded with a Three-Star status. So, all these weird clubs are being formed so the presidents get a Two-Star uniform. Like a Two-Star has a chance against Ryuko! LOL

However, all this gives Ryuko an idea and she starts a Fight Club, declaring herself the president. Gamagori will not approve this new club, but Satsuki does. She thinks that Ryuko is getting into her system, but Ryuko tells her that she’s going to destroy that system. Gamagori has accepted Satsuki’s decision to let the club be formed, but now comes the paperwork. And the massive amounts of it just might be Ryuko’s downfall without fighting. Her solution is to make Mako the president instead.

Ryuko has a nice plan in mind and wants to make life better for Mako and her family. But Mako still doesn’t want to be a club president! Ryuko goes through the clubs one by one as Mako deals with paperwork and meetings. Thanks to Ryuko, Mako’s family is soon living better and seems happy with their new lifestyle. I have a feeling that it isn’t going to last though. And some things never change as Ryuko takes her bath with an audience of Peeping Toms.

More fights are won and Mako’s family is elevated to an even higher standard of living. But the elite family isn’t really a family anymore as they pursue their individual interests. And Ryuko is left to eating dinner by herself. Even Mako has changed. I don’t think Ryuko wanted this. And at school, Mako is beginning to over manage Ryuko and her fights in order to keep her family in the lap of luxury and this is something else that Ryuko doesn’t like.

Wealth is tearing the family apart and Ryuko is getting tired of all the fighting. But perhaps that was Satsuki’s plan all along. Meanwhile, Ryuko seems to be living all alone. She eats alone, bathes unmolested, and sleeps alone in a huge bed. Senketsu asks her if it’s really a victory. Meanwhile, Mako is arranging for Ryuko to face the Elite Four once again. If Ryuko wins this, Mako’s club will rule the Student Council. Sweet little Mako has become a monster. She really fits into Satsuki’s system now.

However, Ryuko is quitting the Fight Club. But Mako doesn’t want to return to the slums, even if Ryuko is okay with that. Satsuki tosses Mako a Two-Star uniform and expects her to fight – and defeat – Ryuko in order to keep her current lifestyle. If she wins, Mako will also get a Three-Star uniform. It was sad to see Mako actually put on the Two-Star uniform and prepare to fight Ryuko.

Ryuko doesn’t want to fight Mako, but Mako has no intention of ever being poor again. Ryuko only defends herself against Mako at first, but even the family shows up and expects Mako to defeat Ryuko. To top it off, Satsuki thinks she’s won. Ryuko gives up and faces Mako in her normal form. She takes quite the beating too as her family cheers Mako on. The fight lasts well into the evening, but at the very last moment, Mako cannot deliver the final blow.

Mako seems more herself as she cries that she can’t kill her friend. She screams at her parents for not trying to stop her. Mako continues to cry as she realizes that all the wealth and social standing has destroyed her family. Mako apologizes to Ryuko and Ryuko tells her to take the Two-Star uniform off. Mako declares that the Fight Club is disbanded. Ryuko yells out to Satsuki that she has lost.

Mako strips off the uniform and Ryuko destroys it. Mako’s family comes running, apologizing all the way, as they strip off their finery. The entire family formally apologizes to Ryuko and of course she forgives them. She’s just happy to see that they are back to normal. They return to the slums and eat together as a family again. And Ryuko is happy!

In a way Satsuki did succeed in her plan. With the Fight Club taking down all the other clubs, the academy has been purged of its undesirables. Satsuki just smiles in triumph as the Elite Four realize this.[/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Satsuki announces a free-for-all at the school, where anything goes. If any of the students reach the schoolyard alive in seven days, they will have a right to fight for a social standing and a Goku Uniform. Satsuki is calling it the “Naturals Election”. Of course Satsuki herself will be staying behind a life fiber barrier while the frenzy goes on around her. And Ryuko thought this would have been her chance at Satsuki too! Oh, well.

The Four Elites take off separately for parts unknown to relax for the seven days. The town is overrun by the insane students and Ryuko decides to take a little scooter trip. Mako invites herself along. Mako considers herself on vacation, since she won’t be participating in the fighting. Ryuko ends up back at her destroyed former home. She tells Mako the story of her father and her vow for revenge, as well as finding the answers to her questions. She goes back to the basement and there is nothing there.

The scooter dies on the way home, and the girls have to walk back. Mako decides to hitchhike and of all the people to stop, it’s Gamagoori! Saying that he has no intention of fighting Ryuko until the seventh day, he gives the girls a lift. On the way, they are attacked by the Automotive Airsoft Club and its president that is after Gamagoori’s uniform. After they crash, Ryuko moves to fight them, but Gamagoori tells her that this is his fight.

It was interesting to see how Gamagoori and Satsuki met. It’s funny to think that Gamagoori is twenty years old and still in high school just because he wanted to stay at Satsuki’s side. Anyway, he handles his opponents quickly and Ryuko gets a chance to see what his Three-Star uniform can really do. That information may come in handy during their own upcoming fight.

The seven days have passed and it’s time for the Sudden Death Runoff Election. The Elite Four will participate in this fight as well. Five towers rise from the ground and Satsuki announces that whoever manages to stand on top of them will be considered candidates for the final election. The Elite Four and Ryuko take the towers. Satsuki knew her Elite Four would be atop those towers, but they now have a request to make of Satsuki. Each of the Elite Four would like to fight Ryuko in single combat.

Satsuki grants their request and another tower rises from the ground. It’s the “Naturals Election Polling Place” and will be the arena for the “King of the Hill Final Battle”. Satsuki tells Ryuko to fight the Elite Four and, if she defeats them, she will be told the details of her father’s death. Ryuko accepts and Gamagoori will face her first. Ryuko transforms and the fight is on![/details]

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Ryuko thinks she’s facing Gamagoori first, but the others protest. They all want to be first and Ryuko says that she will take them all on. But that wasn’t the deal. The fights are supposed to be one on one. Satsuki say that the fight order has already been established. The pillars are of different heights and that will determine the order. Gamagoori will be first, followed by Inumuta, Jakuzure, and then Sanageyama. But Gamagoori says that the others won’t even get a chance for he intends to finish Ryuko off. Ryuko is ready but Gamagoori just stands there. Well? It isn’t the appointed time yet! LOL Geez! Gamagoori intends to abide by the rules and the schedule.

As Mako feeds Ryuko her lunch, Mikisugi stops by. He knocks Mako out for a while so he can talk to Ryuko. He tells her to drop out of the fight. She won’t be able to face all four of her opponents and he isn’t sure how Senketsu will fare either. Of course Ryuko refuses and pretty much tells Mikisugi to mind his own business.

The time for the fight finally arrives and Ryuko is ready. Satsuki tells them to begin. Transformations are made and the fight is on. Ryuko thought she had a plan, but it isn’t working. Her back up plans aren’t working either, and she takes quite a beating. It looks like Gamagoori is going to win, especially when he uses his “whip of love” on Ryuko. It looks like this fight is pretty much over, but I have faith in Ryuko!

Ha! Ryuko and Senketsu had another transformation! Senketsu becomes blades. Gamagoori’s life fibers are exposed and Ryuko uses her finishing move to finish Gamagoori. Yay! I knew she could do it! So much for Satsuki’s “shield” and she doesn’t seem to care either. Ryuko is declared the winner of Round One and she congratulates Senketsu for a wonderful plan. Even Mikisugi is impressed, but he’s still concerned.

Gamagoori cannot forgive himself for failing and is all ready to commit suicide, but Satsuki stops him. She tells him that it’s too early for defeat. Ryuko is still happy over her win, but now she has to face Inumuta. Satsuki gives Ryuko permission to rest, but she refuses. She wants to hurry up and defeat the Elite Four so she can go after Satsuki. Ryuko really is taking on a lot![/details]

Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]The next fight is with Inumuta. Mako was surprised to have a half naked Gamagoori come sit next to her to watch it, but he tells her that he is now a “no star”, just like her. But of course he’s behind Inumuta, while Mako is already cheering for Ryuko. Inumuta can see that Ryuko is tired from her fight with Gamagoori and thinks his win will be an easy one.

Satsuki commands the fight to begin, and Inumuta transforms. Why am I thinking of Tron? LOL Ryuko transforms as well, and attacks. It’s funny that Inumuta’s uniform is call “Probe Regalia” and he gets into some pretty weird positions as he inputs data.

During one attack, Inumuta disappears! Gamagoori explains to Mako that it’s “white camouflage”. It works since Ryuko is taking a beating again, but it’s time for her Plan 2. Senketsu does another transformation and Ryuko can attack the entire platform at once. With no place to go, Inumuta gets hit. Time for the finishing blow! But as Ryuko starts, Inumuta goes back to his regular uniform and forfeits. I really wanted to see him completely defeated, but he claims that he wants to protect his data.

Satsuki allows the forfeit and calls for Jakuzure. However, it doesn’t look like Jakuzure is ready, or perhaps she thought that Ryuko would be defeated by now and she wouldn’t have to fight. Inumuta joins Mako and Gamagoori on the no star bench. Jakuzure makes her entrance with a marching band. She confronts Ryuko and transforms, absorbing all of the marching band instruments. She begins to play music as Ryuko transforms. And they are famous pieces too. LOL

Ryuko is having a hard time against her. That loud music is no joke. And soon Jakuzure begins to fly as well, as she transforms again. She attacks Ryuko from high above and Ryuko just has to knock her back down to her level, so she can fight back. She manages to lasso Jakuzure with life fibers, but Jakuzure can still attack and she does. There is a huge explosion and the platform falls apart, causing Ryuko to fall.

Mikisugi puts a call in to Tsumugu, but I’m not sure why. Ryuko is still falling and wants Senketsu to do something “reckless”. Jakuzure attacks again and manages to hit the whole stadium this time. Out of the rumble and smoke, Ryuko flies – literally! Satsuki is surprised to see a “flying configuration” evolve so soon. Ryuko praises her Senketsu as she flies to Jakuzure. Mikisugi tells Tsumugu that Ryuko is trying too hard and evolving too quickly. What do these guys have in mind? And why? The students cheer as the fight continues in the air. No! No! Don’t stop here![/details]

Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Ryuko’s battle continues as a mysterious girl with a parasol walks through the empty city. She ends up in front of the electronics store where people are watching the epic fight on television. She thinks everyone is having fun.

The fight is all up in the sky now, but Ryuko and Senketsu can maneuver better and try to take Jakuzure out. However, her speakers and those sound waves are just too much to handle. Now that she can fly, Ryuko think that aiming for Satsuki might be the better option. She does, but Jakuzure protects her. She hits Ryuko with her “Musical Barrage” and Ryuko counterattacks. Jakuzure is finally knocked back to the ground. With her finishing move, Ryuko wins!

Or has she? No, this fight isn’t over yet as Jakuzure makes another appearance. This time, her Symphony Regalia is Da Capo. She hits Ryuko with Beethoven’s fifth and the sound of it is really taking a toll on Senketsu. She then hits Ryuko with her finale, but Ryuko is deflecting it, by turning it into a pure tone. She sends it back to Jakuzure and it becomes a battle of tones. With her sound negated, Jakuzure is pushed back and Ryuko sees her chance. She deals Jakuzure the final blow and wins!

The mysterious girl is watching and notes that Ryuko is wearing a Kamui. It’s interesting too that Satsuki is using these battles to further her research of the life fibers. Tsumugu arrives and meets with Mikisugi. The talk about Ryuko’s increasing strength and Tsumugu shows Mikisugi a one of a kind bullet. Jakuzure joins the others on the bench. And now it’s Sanageyama’s turn to face Ryuko. Satsuki announces the beginning of Round Four and Sanageyama transforms to his Blade Regalia MKII.

Just as Ryuko and Sanageyama are about to clash, the girl with the parasol comes between them. Satsuki recognizes her and tells Sanageyama to get back. Satsuki asks Nui Harime why she’s there, but the girl just laughs. Meanwhile, Hououmaru informs Satsuki’s mother, Ragyo, that the “Grand Couturier” is at Honnouji Academy, but she already knows that and goes off to her business meeting.

Sanageyama tells Nui to stand aside because he has a battle to finish, but Nui won’t, saying that she intends to fight Ryuko instead. Sanageyama attacks her, but Nui easily holds him back. Senketsu gets a bad feeling about this girl. Sanageyama uses his strongest move, Isshin Zenzanken, on Nui, but with only her pinky severing a single life fiber, Nui defeats him. Tsumugu determines who Nui is and that Ragyo has sent her. Mikisugi just thinks that “things are getting more complicated by the minute”.

Ryuko is willing to fight Nui if it gets her to Satsuki. Just before the fight, Nui pulls out her weapon – a half pair of scissors! Is this the person that killed Ryuko’s father? Nui admits to pulling her half Scissor Blade out of her father’s dead body. Ryuko has to ask, and Nui gleefully admits to killing Ryuko’s father. But she doesn’t look like the figure Ryuko remembers. However, it’s more than enough reason for Ryuko to want to kill Nui! With a scream of “bitch”, Ryuko begins her transformation.[/details]