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Hiddy ho it’s camping we Go! TAN style. Hey everyone today we’re bring the thrill of the outdoors camping experience to the TAN site. Hope everyone is still in good health and willing to participate in this fun creative online camping activity sessions that’s inspired by the Anime " Yuru Camp "

NOT Rules but A Guideline to go by:
Introduce yourself
Name your camp
Camp colors

Welcome to Camp BTW it doesn’t stand for by the way, but stands for Bring The Wood
I’m the outdoor woodsman Mark Inglewood I like to build fires :fire: to do some cooking with and I’m not as good as the Great Hades` Master Chef but I do dabble a little. I spend most of my time around the fire on my tablet but do like nature’s surroundings

  • My Camp colors are blue and gold
  • My Badges are Camp Leader, Firestarter, SOS decoder and Anime Expert
    The story begins with everybody being held against their will in @slowhand dungeon while she orders the biggest whip she can but forgot to lock the back door and everyone escapes