Swagg swagg wooh wooh

HI guys, my nickname really is Duggy :lol: so you can call me that or yourhighness/sire/kidswagginoutrageous jkjk(my sense of humor :silly: )
the animentwrk on demand just brought me here so plz excuse the nubness :stuck_out_tongue:

my favorite anime that i’m just getting into are xam’d/night raid 1931/ghost hound and gilgamesh
ohh i wouldnt mind any suggestions, im into everything action, brain teasers even romance & in return i’ll teach you how to dougie :wink: (not really :silly: )

so yeah HI :laugh:



Post often

Welcome to TAN, hope you have fun. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TAN Duggy, hope you enjoy your stay in this little fun-house here.

Well hello there Duggy! Welcome to TAN. :wink:

Greetings traveler! You’ve wandered down a path best left untraveled… The trials ahead will be hard, and terrifying… But I believe you can make it through to the end… eventually. :evil:

So welcome to TAN! We’re all friendly here, so if you have any questions just ask and someone will quickly come to your aid with a response that is at least 75% on topic! :silly:

Also, Xam’d and Ghost Hound are really good, so I hope you enjoy them… I haven’t seen the other two so I don’t know if they’re good, though in all likelihood I would enjoy them, since I enjoy everything! :slight_smile:

Once again, welcome!

Hello and welcome to the TAN boards, Duggy! ^-^ I don’t know much else to really say… umm… I hope you enjoy your time posting and making many friends!! :3

There is fun here
Welcome B)

Welcome to you! You have some great shows listed there. You might also enjoy Canaan, Demon King Daimao, Shigofumi, GetBackers, Area 88 - actually everything here is good!!!

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here.