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Chaika, The Coffin Princess / Hitsugi no Chaika-


I kinda got the impression from this one that it was going to be coy with the possibility of wincest but then it doubled down on the non-ambiguous wincest theme. I shoulda known lol

Seems that a bulk of the acclaimed shows this season feature “true” wincest. They actually do seem to be interesting, despite that, which is cool.


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]The hero’s name is Dominica, and she invites the trio she just saved to her mansion. Akari comes up with a ridiculous story and Dominica actually believes it. It turns out that Toru and Akari aren’t related by blood after all. Dominica tells the trio to stay with her until it’s safe for them to move on.

Strange that the mansion is filled with images of Dominica. The kitchen hasn’t been used in a very long time and there isn’t any food. It seems that a cat is watching them, or perhaps spying on them. The garden contains even more images of Dominica. There aren’t any other people in the mansion, nor is there any evidence of a dragoon. All this is very strange. And stranger still is the fact that Dominica does not recognize Chaika.

Instead of stealing, Toru wants to ask for the remains. If Dominica refuses, then they will use force. Chaika is hesitant, sensing that Dominica is a good person for being kind to them. Toru has to remind her that Dominica is an enemy. Over dinner – good thing they had food with them – Toru asks Dominica for the remains and she draws her sword. If Toru wants them, he will have to fight her.

Both Akari and Toru face Dominica, and Toru is now convinced that this is not the real Dominica. During the fight, it’s seen that Dominica can heal instantly. She even tells them her weak point. The fight moves into the mansion and out to the garden. There, Toru destroys the projection and statues of Dominica. From her reaction, Toru is positive who he’s fighting now and asks where the real Dominica is.

Chaika shoots Dominica and the lady turns into a dragon, telling Toru that this is the form he wanted. The fight continues until the dragon falls down. Akari had poisoned it, but poison doesn’t really affect it, so Chaika shoots it again, and Toru attacks it again, aiming for it’s weak spot. That does the trick and the dragon turns back into Dominica.

Toru learns that the real Dominica had died from an illness after the war. It was sad that the dragoon was left all alone and unwanted. She built a shrine to her master and that is what her life became. Toru refuses to kill her now. His only goal was the remains. Finding the eyeballs where Dominica said they would be, he hands them over to Chaika.

The trio prepares to leave and Dominica transforms again, this time into a little girl, and wonders what she should do next. She needs something to live for and has now decided that her next goal is to kill Toru. She tells Toru that her name is Fredrica. She offers her hand to Toru and when he takes it, she bites his arm with her sharp teeth, which heals his wounds. Fredrica says that she did this so she can fight him fairly later on.

Now that they’re on the road again, they have a new addition to their group – a cat. It turns out that Fredrica was the cat at the mansion that followed them around. Chaika is very happy to have a feline companion. However, Toru is confused. Not only did the cat overhear everything they said at the mansion, but he wants to know why someone that has vowed to kill him is now traveling with them. Chaika had the perfect response – “More company, journey twice as fun!” I think she forgot the circumstances again. LOL But I do agree with her. I also feel sorry for Toru. I’m sure his life just got more complicated.[/details]



[details=spoiler]-Frederica goes off on her own (Assuming she’ll be back)

-A new Red dressed version of Chaika appears.

-Each Chaika is captured by the other group.

-Personalities are different as Red Chaika wants to kill everyone who abandoned her father and resurrect him.

-Gillete’s group on the chase

-Akari gets jealous[/details]


So, why couldn’t Count “Mageneto” Abarth use his wizardry on the main characters directly? The crunchy subs said that he could control everything in the mansion and they were in the mansion…

They keep saying “saboteur” but the people that they’re describing with that word seem a lot closer to stereotypical shinobi. Speaking of the saboteurs, besides making red lines appear on their face, what exactly does their “Iron Blood” technique do?

This show isn’t bad but it really lacks zazz. It also lacks a competent seiyu for Chaika but thankfully the character isn’t a talker.


2nd Chaika - The Coffin Princess Anime Season Set for October

posted on 2014-05-14 13:00 EDT
1st season’s finale gets advance screening at June 20 premium event

The official website for the Chaika the Coffin Princess television anime confirmed on Thursday that the second season will premiere in October. Original light novel author Ichiro Sasaki indicated that the anime was planned to run two cours (quarters of the year), split into different seasons.

The website also announced that there will be an advance screening for the final episode of the current season on June 20. The joint advance screening/premium event will be held at the Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku’s Cinema 1 theater in Tokyo. In addition to screening the 12th anime episode, the cast of the anime will record a special radio episode.

The fantasy story centers around Toru Acura, a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life now that the war has ended. He encounters Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old sorceress carrying a coffin and follows her in hopes of finding meaning to his life again. The two travel with Toru’s adopted sister, Akari, the employed member of the group and thus Toru’s source of income.

The first season premiered last month, and Crunchyroll is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.



[details=spoiler]- Matheus (The guy who sicced the Unicorn on them in Ep. 1) Interrupts the prisoner exchange.

-Fights with Cockatrices occur and the exchange is called off.

-Akari goes to town and sets up a new exchange

-Red Chaika makes Toru an offer (She likes him too)

-Frederica returns

-Everyone is reunited, although Red Chaika is a little miffed because Toru chose White Chaika over her.

-One last encounter over parts, then both groups part ways…[/details]


I know that they kinda set it up at the end of ep 4 but Frederica going AWOL and missing the showdown that resulted in White Chaika being captured felt too convenient.


You knew it was coming, and now it is. Releasing in October:


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Toru really has his hands full. Chaika is too innocent and Fredrica has a lust for killing. He needs to keep the both of them on a very short leash! Akari needs to be added in that as well. She’s good at getting information, but her taste in what she considers food leaves a lot to be desired. Yuk! Anyway, Akari got a lead, not on a hero exactly, but she found out that there are former soldiers in Perimeral. She also found a wanted poster in the town and it’s for the three of them. Time to get on the road again!

Gillette is beginning to have doubts that the trio he’s after are the bad guys. But it seems the wanted posters have paid off. The trio were spotted in Perimeral, but were described oddly. It looks like Toru made a bad choice in going to Perimeral. They are bound to run into Gillette and company. Toru also knows they’re being followed. Then they meet a bandit that talks a bit like Chaika. Toru gets out of the car to face the cloaked bandit.

Toru manages to uncover the bandit’s face - and it’s Chaika? Akari tries to keep her Chaika safe, but it looks like the bandits got her, and Akari can’t get to her. Toru wins his fight and grabs the bandit. So, now there’s a white Chaika and a red Chaika. And here comes Gillette and company! The bandits run off with white Chaika and Toru is stuck with red Chaika. Even so, they need to hide from Gillette at this point.

When they are safe for the moment, red Chaika is tied up and questioned. Akari notes that the girl has the same scar around her neck as white Chaika. They give her the name of “Sticky” until she reveals her own name, which is Chaika Bohdan. So, she is another Chaika! Meanwhile, the captured white Chaika finds out that there are other Chaikas out there and they all claim to be the emperor’s daughter!

One of the bandits finds a note for an exchange of the Chaikas. But that might be a problem since Gillette’s men have found the cabin where the white Chaika is being kept. Toru has a pretty good idea that the red Chaika is also searching for the emperor’s remains, but the girl claims to be the “real” Chaika. She does want to gather her father’s remains, but this Chaika wants to kill everyone in revenge for the emperor’s death. Red Chika also has missing memories, just like the white one. And just like the white one, Akari is jealous of this one too!

The two groups meet at the waterfall just before dawn. But I’m sure the exchange will be anything but smooth. And if there are multiple Chaikas, Gillette is going to be running around in circles![/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]The Chaika exchange is disrupted by an attack of birds. The cockatrices are targeting both of the Chaikas too. The bandit saves white Chika and Toru protects the red one. Matheus is behind this attack, and is controlling the cockatrices. The bandit and white Chaka make a run for it as the female bandit lays down covering fire. Both parties agree to a later exchange. The bandit runs away with white Chaika as Toru and his party are left to fight the birds. Red Chika is freed and her weapon returned to her as she helps them fight the cockatrices. Red Chaika seems very impressed with Toru.

When Toru and the others return to their car, Fredrica is waiting for them. She tells the group that they look tired and asks Chaika about her new hairstyle. Toru puts off an explanation, but tells her that they need to leave. Fredrica transforms and pulls the car from the rubble with a promise that Toru must fight her later.

Matheus wonders if either of the two Chaikas was the real one. Leonardo tells him that it’s possible that both of them were real. He says that the emperor probably had many wives and may have named all of his daughters Chaika to increase the certainty of having an heir. Sounds good to me. But why does this theory surprise Matheus? He also thinks it’s impossible. But now they will have to capture every Chaika they can, and hope to find the real one among them.

In Perimeral, the Council of Six Nations is currently in session. None of these guys get along! All of them want something different too. Steinmetz brings up Chika and the others dismiss his claims as a fairy tale. Instead, he is told to take care of the farming disputes and that assignment passes on to Gillette’s group. Gillette is annoyed, but will follow orders.

Red Chika makes an offer for Toru to join her, but Toru will not betray his employer, white Chika. Red Chaika tries to entice Toru with promises of battle. He hesitates, but then leaves to fix dinner. Red Chika makes him promise to think about it. Akari is in Perimeral to get information and the bandit stops her. It’s time to make another Chika exchange.

Akari tells Toru that the exchange will take place at Perimeral’s central plaza. Frederica wonders which Chaika Toru will choose. At the exchange, Toru declines red Chaika’s offer. He explains that white Chaika needs him more. This does not please Red Chaika. The exchange is made without incident and white Chaika is reunited with Toru. But I think she wanted more of a reaction from him. LOL Betrayal was expected and the Akari with Toru is really Fredrica. Akari has gone after the female bandit, who is in sniper mode.

There is a commotion and the soldiers are alerted. It’s time to leave! Once again, Fredrica goes her own way. Akari joins Toru and Chaika and gives Chaika back her hair ornament. Once on the road, Chaika brings up the fact of there being multiple Chaikas. Since her memories are missing, she wonders if she’s a fake Chaika. Toru tells her that she is herself. And she is the Chaika that he wants to work for. Toru tells her that he will protect her from her enemies, no matter who they are.

And here are red Chaika and David standing in the road before them! Chaika stops the car and grabs her gun. David asks for the remains and Toru refuses. Red Chaika now also wants Toru as part of the deal. In fact, David says that red Chaika will accept all of them joining her. All except white Chaika that is. If this is the case, Toru says that he is red Chaika’s enemy. The two groups fight and Akari goes after the hidden Selma again. Chaika shoots at Red and David. Toru transforms and attacks them. The others end up fleeing.

Back on the road, Toru is troubled not only by people like Gillette being after them, but now they have to worry about multiple Chaikas being after the remains as well. They will need some kind of plan. Red Chaika watches them ride off into the sunset and plans to face them again someday. She says it’s fate. I just can’t wait to see how many more Chaikas show up![/details]


Unaired Chaika – The Coffin Princess episode to be bundled as an OVA with Vol. 12 of the light novels


Ep. 7

[details=spoiler]-Guy gives the group the location of the next piece.

-Gilette’s group attacks and our group is saved by the arrival of Fredrica, who’s none to pleased that she hasn’t got her fight yet.

-Diving into the fog they discover that it creates illusions, but only Toru is affected while the others are protected by Chaika.

-You find out that the fog creates illusions of being betrayed by your friends. Toru is betrayed by Chaika who runs off with Gilette in the Illusion.

-Chaika creates a hole in her shield and they snap Toru out of it. Fredrica’s a little too enthusiastic about it.

-They Stop the Illusions by destroying the machine creating it, and obtain the part from the now crazy hero who was betrayed by Marco.(I wonder if the Emperors remains are cursed somehow. One locked in his house, One dies of illness, and this one just lost it mentally)

-Toru talks about his romance options and literally pisses off both Akari and Chaika. “DRIVING!”[/details]


I liked how this episode was a total “foil” of what we’ve seen recently. It’s like they knew that the Frederica bit last time raised questions and addressed it here.

…Gillette and his crew remind me a lot of Pumpkin Scissors. They even have a similar unit name.


Episode 8 had a great moment when the main character says “no, nothing we can do” to the “Can you rescue her?” question. Nuance: it has it.

…which is why I hope that if this should get picked up that I hope that it doesn’t get a CA dub (despite my wish for Carrie Savage to be in the dub) as nuance isn’t their forte.


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Guy shows up again. He brings information on the next hero, Simon Scania, the wizard of the Koenigsegg Empire. Currently, he might be in the nearby town of Rademio. But this information is four years old. Toru insists that Guy knows a lot more than he’s telling. Guy is still saying that he’s only a messenger, but Toru remains suspicious. Guy finds this “desirable” and disappears.

In Rademio, Toru learns about the Valley of No Return, a place full of permanent fog. It’s been like that for four years. A connection? I think so. Unfortunately, those that enter the valley really don’t return. Meanwhile, Gillette is also getting some information on Simon Scania. Gillette notes that something is very wrong with the circumstances surrounding these eight great heroes of the war. There is a rumor that they may have been cursed by Emperor Gaz, or at least by his remains – a definite possibility.

Matheus has located Chaika’s group within Rademio. Gillette’s group intercepts them. He demands their surrender and of course Toru refuses. Gillette then asks Chaika what she will do with the remains of her father. He’s surprised by her answer of a funeral. But Gillette is warned by Vivi not to believe her. Time to fight again! It isn’t going so well when Fredrica finally decides to show up. There’s that blood lust again!

Fredrica immediately transforms and the others are shocked to see a dragoon on Toru’s side. She’s all for killing, but Toru just wants her help to escape. Not really want she wanted, but Fredrica scoops them up and flies away, leaving Gillette’s group far behind. Toru directs Fredrica to take them to the mysterious valley. Chaika tries a spell after they arrive, but thinks the fog may be magic as well. And the source of that magic may be the remains.

Toru asks Fredrica for another favor and she refuses. While he argues with her, Chaika takes it upon herself to head down into the valley. Toru and Akari have no choice but to follow. Even as they are trying to be careful, the cliffside crumbles away and the three fall into the fog. Fredrica transforms and follows them.

Toru wakes up next to Chaika and talks about having the dream again of how they fell from the cliff. Apparently, Akari did not survive the fall. Chaika comforts him and tells him not to blame himself. But there is some kind of barrier and Fredrica, Akari, and Chaika are watching Toru outside of it. Akari is all ready to kill Chaika again. She is just too jealous. Chaika convinces her that the Chaika with Toru is a magical illusion and not really her. The fog transforms fantasies into reality. And Toru is having some interesting ones of Chaika. Akari will never forgive him!

The barrier is Chaika’s and it’s the only thing protecting them from the effects of the fog. In Toru’s fantasy, there is only one piece of Chaika’s father left and Gillette has it. But it won’t be easy to get it. Chaika tells Toru that it doesn’t matter anymore. Gillette arrives on a white horse and Chaika runs to meet him. Gillette lifts her up onto the horse with him and Chaika tells Toru that she is going to marry Gillette. Toru asks her about the remains and Chaika says she get it anyway as Gillette pulls a decayed arm from his jacket.

Gillette hands the arm to Chaika and she tells Toru that they are to be married right after her father’s funeral. Toru is devastated. Gillette says that Chaika needs someone of proper lineage and not a saboteur. Then they laugh. Chaika thanks Toru and says goodbye as she and Gillette ride off followed by an interesting hearse that resembles Cinderella’s coach. LOL Toru calls out for Chika not to leave him and begins to run after them.

The girls inside the barrier watch as Toru runs towards them. The plan is to take the barrier down, grab Toru, and put the barrier right back up. It works and Toru is still crying and calling out for Chaika. But then he’s surprised to see her in front of him. Akari grabs him and slaps her brother around a bit to bring him back to reality. Just as he does snap out of it, Fredrica helps as well, perhaps a little too zealously. LOL Now that he has a bloody nose, Toru is told what happened. It was all an illusion. But what to do now?

Chaika has a way to let them move through the fog without harm. Using Chaika’s magic, they tunnel through the fog. Toru suddenly sees the illusion of Chaika and Gillette on the horse again and ignores it. The group reaches a device and Chaika destroys it. The fog suddenly dissipates and they are all in the sun again. In a ravine near the broken device, they find a skeleton. Is it Simon Scania? A crazy old man yells at them for barging into his “home”. Toru asks if he’s Simon, but is ignored as the disheveled man mumbles about worthless magic.

As the man rummages through some crates, Toru asks again if he’s Simon and the man denies it. However, Fredrica recognizes him and says that it is him. The man says that he’s not going back to the army because he almost died. Simon tells them that Marco sold them out to the enemy. Simon also tells them that his supposed friend, Marco, also stole Simon’s wife, Elena. In a roundabout way, Simon explains the magic of the fog. It’s designed to put people through the kind of betrayal that Simon went through.

Chaika approaches Simon and tells him who she is, requesting the return of her father’s remains. He tells her to go ahead and take the useless thing. It’s a leg this time. But when he sees Toru with it, Simon looks as if he wants to keep it, before saying again that he doesn’t want it. He even points them to an easy way out of the valley. The four leave the crazy old man in peace.

Chaika later tries to talk to Toru about his illusion and says that she’d never betray him. Toru tells her that they would never be together like that anyway. Toru thinks that it was only about Chaika because it could not have been either Akari or Fredrica for obvious reasons. Chika is miffed. Akari pokes her head out from the back and is also miffed. When Toru tries to talk to Chaika again, she tells him that she’s driving and can’t talk. He’s asks if she’s upset and she just says that she is “Driving!” LOL Then Chaika throws food at him. No, she isn’t upset at all. LOL Toru, you insensitive numbskull!!![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Taking the back roads, Toru and company come upon a group of armed men that want them to pay a toll. They tell Toru that the territory belongs to the Neo Gaz Empire. Toru brings up the fact that the Emperor is dead and meets the “General” that wishes to restore the empire. And they expect to do this with Princess Chaika. Well, it’s the first Chika is hearing of this!

The general and minister are introduced along with the head of the Imperial Guard. Princess Chaika herself comes out to see what all the commotion is about. Frol asks for the toll again. Akari suggests they break through, but Chaika hands over a coin. Toru reprimands her for giving them a silver coin. Frol then demands an inspection of their vehicle. The coffin is seen and questioned and Akari says that they are traveling performers and that is their prop case. The General demands that they put on a performance for Princess Chaika and they are taken to a broken down house which also happens to be the castle.

These guys are actually building a small community of people that supposedly were chased out of the Gaz Empire when it fell. As the princess sits upon her throne, Akari introduces their performance. As it goes on, Frol thinks Chaika looks familiar. He finally recognizes her, but then forgets when kitty cat Fredrica makes her appearance as a dragoon.

Gillette has been told to take a break from the Chaika case. He seems to be getting a bit too involved and he’s questioning if Chaika is really that bad. But even on break, he’s still going over all the information on the Gaz Empire. There’s nothing to help verify what he was told and he remains just as confused as ever.

Over a meal, Chaika reveals that she too was once a citizen of the Gaz Empire. Once Toru verifies that these people are nothing more than a band of thieves, he feels it’s time to leave. But Chaika is having a chat with the princess. She really believes that she is restoring the empire, and wants to make a home for the others. The princess tries to recruit Chaika to help her. But this princess isn’t all that innocent.

The princess seems to be the leader of these thieves. She leaves it to her men to take care of Toru and Akari, as she goes off to steal from the wealthy. Meanwhile, Chaika won’t leave because she made a promise to see the princess the following day. Promises are important, but since the road is bad, it would be better to leave in the morning anyway. Toru gives in. The princess is caught during the robbery. Toru is awakened by the general asking him to join them. Toru refuses and the fight begins.

The fight ends before it really begins and as Toru and Akari tie the thieves up, Frol realizes that the girl with them is the real Chaika. Lavr arrives to tell the others that Julia was captured, and is surprised to see everyone tied up. Toru is ready to leave, but Chaika wants to rescue Julia. Toru can never say no to Chaika! But once they see the prison, Toru is ready to give up and leave. Chaika tells them that she will use her magic to save Julia. The plan works and Julia is reunited with her brother thieves.

Julia apologizes to Chaika for lying to her and says that maybe it’s time for them to stop being thieves. Chaika inspires her to find another goal. The men return the silver coin to Toru and he asks them what Emperor Gaz was like. But they never met him and know only that he was a great wizard. No help there. Toru and company get back on the road. Toru finds it strange that the people of the former Gaz Empire know nothing of their emperor. This was a nice little interlude, but things are going to get serious again![/details]


I believe that I may have seen proper usage of “whoever” and “whomever” in Crunchy’s subs for episode 9. The first one actually gave me (and the crunchy player lol) pause due to its nested nature.

BTW, why doesn’t anyone wonder why Gillette travels around with oddly dressed and underaged looking girls?


Ep. 11

[details=spoiler]Brace yourself for a dark turn of Events…

Damn it Fred, you better not be dead…[/details]


Ep 11

[details=spoiler]If she isn’t dead, that kinda helps prove why Toru doesn’t want to fight her.

The whole, her weak point is her head not being true, what hope would Toru have in a fight to the death with her?


Holy Starship Troopers, Batman!

Was the person who was shown on the hillside


Guy? It has been so long since he’s shown up that I’m not sure that I recognize him. Regardless, his dry observation was fun; note to self: diversity ain’t all it is cracked up to be

Edit: I remain hopeful that this series will soon be making the jump to another forum on here B)