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Top 5 Ein Moments | Cowboy Bebop


Oof, I remember not being a fan of the Cowboy Bebop dub, but I clearly remembered it being better than it was.

I’m still not sold on the “Firefly ripped off Cowboy Bebop”, I think folks have a stronger case for Outlaw Star as the introduction of River Tam is eerily reminiscent of the introduction of Melfina. Although, on a side note, so far as I recall, Melfina was not a bad character while River Tam was no bueno, almost the anti-Alita.

Firefly was a western in space, Cowboy Bebop was a gangster movie set in space, with Western aesthetics.

…big question: how is Cowboy Bebop a “Summer Blockbuster”?


Swordfish II / Red Tail Color Variant :

Rightstuf Exclusive Color :

Newbury Comics Exclusive Color :

Mondo Exclusive Color :
Not up on site

Light In The Attic Exclusive Color :


Putting this here just because

Bleacher Report Launches NBA Playoffs Coverage with Cowboy Bebop OP

posted on 2020-08-17 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

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Toonami - Cowboy Bebop 2020 Marathon Promo (HD 1080p)

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Toonami - Cowboy Bebop 2020 Marathon Bumpers (HD 1080p)

The Ed and Ein 1/4 scale Resin figure is up for pre-order .
3 versions . I think the Faye and Jet ones only had two .

This is the definitive version .

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Spike vs Asimov | Cowboy Bebop

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EIN’S First Appearance! | Cowboy Bebop Dub

Enter Faye Valentine | Cowboy Bebop Dub

Legends Never Die: Funimation Gets Nostalgic for “Cowboy Bebop” This Fall With a Celebration of the Classic Anime Series

Oct 5th 2021
Fans Are Invited to Rewatch the Jazz-Inspired, Genre-Bending Space Series and Immerse Themselves Through Music, Art, Product and More… on Funimation!

Legends Never Die! | Celebrate Cowboy Bebop

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Spike vs Vicious | Cowboy Bebop Dub

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Chip Exchange | Cowboy Bebop Dub

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Cowboy Bebop | Anime Date Announcement | Netflix Anime

See you soon, space cowboys. The original Cowboy Bebop anime series is coming to Netflix worldwide October 21. Bang.

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Spike vs Vicious vs Gren | Cowboy Bebop Dub

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Don’t mess with Jet Black! | Cowboy Bebop Dub

The Crew of the Bebop | Cowboy Bebop

Talk About a Chase Scene! | Cowboy Bebop Dub

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Spike vs Mad Pierrot | Cowboy Bebop Dub

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