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Sunrise: Keanu Reeves’ Enthusiasm Clinched Cowboy Bebop Deal

posted on 2009-03-23 04:56 EDT
In panel with Satelight about global business, Sunrise indicates script approval clause

Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Writer Peter Craig Interviewed

posted on 2009-06-23 22:08 EDT

This one I have not forgotten about. I think he can do it.

Reeves? As Spike? no no no no no no. I’m sorry but the guy just doesn’t have the personality…i just pray that the script is amazing. Not good, not okay, effing blow my socks off good…the Departed kind of deal.

think about it, he pushed for it real hard. besides, it’s got a Sunrise Oversight committee…unless Keanu can pull a Gendo Ikari, I think this will be wonderful. Besides, he’s going to be playing a carefree character, not gonna be a problem then…loses the stick.

Reeves reminds me of me, monotone and tries to use words and hands…to little effect…conveyance…

Keanu Reeves: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop is in Rewriting

posted on 2009-09-22 23:28 EDT
Actor indicates that “everyone is in there” from anime’s main characters

Good, it was in rewrite only because it would be too expensive, they don’t have to cut too much and they could take a page or two from other highly successful low budget films.

I see this languishing in developement hell for god knows how long. Reeves will grow tired of waiting and move on to other things. And when it does get made, without Reeves and probably half the team from the article, it will come and go from the theathers in bout 2 weeks.

Gee thanks for your support

Why your welcome. :slight_smile:
Glad I can help fellow Bepopers with a dose of Hollywood reality.

I still have hope. That’s the best part about being naive and possibly mental. Smoke that for a moment then come back and totally crush my hopes! I look forward to pointlessly arguing with you, mainly because I like you!

Naive and Mental ? Hannibal Lecter in grade school! Your on to something.
Words like “…satisfying western narrative” sort of scare me.


Personally, I can’t wait to see what they do to make Keanu Reeves look like Spike. Has Keanu ever been in a movie where his hair hasn’t been short?

bill and ted’s most excellent adventure and the sequel…

honestly I kid you not, I am sure he’ll be fine, I mean he is pushing for it. Either a he thinks it will make a lot of money, or b he really likes the show and has been wanting to do it for a while, but has been a closet otaku for so long he is scared to come out…and now he has the opportunity to make this movie and is pushing hard for it. There is likely a certain amount of ambition necessary he can exhibit.

This would make such an awesome film! I hope they pull it off. Who would play the beautiful Kay?

I actually think Reeves would work with Spike. When it comes down to it, they can look similar. It’s true that Keaneau has little personality, but let’s face it, neither does Spike.

I’m not sure about the acting chops, but on pure physicality alone, Megan Fox would make an outstanding Faye Valentine.

Live-Action Bebop Producer Reveals 1212 Entertainment

posted on 2009-11-12 23:57 EST
Company to focus on remakes of manga, anime, Japanese games, French comics

Every anime to live action movie sucked to no end, FYI Dragonball Z: Evolution and Astro Boy. And not just anime based live action movies but video game to live action movies sucked also FYI Mortal Kombat I and II, Resident Evil, etc.

If your going to do something, do your homework and do it right, not half ass because people arn’t stupid and can sense the bullshit through the theater screen.

I’m going to see this if it IS made. I’m always going to think “What’s Neo doing on Mars?” but I’ll watch it anyway