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Devil Hunter Yohko / Mamono Hunter Yohko (ADV's first release)


###Devil Hunter Yohko/Mamono Hunter Yohko

Genres: action, comedy, horror, magic, supernatural
Themes: fanservice, magical girl
Objectionable content: Intense
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 1990 to 1995

Plot Summary: Yohko Mono is a regular girl making her way through high school–until she learns that she is the 108th successor to a line of warriors charged with defending the earth against demons. Eventually she must fight her ultimate battle against the demon who started it all.

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Devil Hunter Yohko DVD Box Set (Hyb)

[quote]Devil Hunter Yohko is an anime series created by Madhouse, produced by Toho, and published in North America by ADV Films. Devil Hunter Yohko was ADV Films’ (then A.D. Vision) first VHS release. ADV co-founder, Matt Greenfield, said the reason Yohko was chosen as the first release was because "we wanted something that was really very unique, that people were going to say ‘Whoa! What was that?’, because at the time no one in the US had seen anything like this."
Wikipedia: Devil Hunter Yohko [/quote]

Press and Review Excerpts:

Mirroring what was on the previous two editions, there’s a good mix of extras, but some won’t be for everyone as we mentioned earlier. Included is a good retrospective of artwork for the show that has some really interesting pieces. There’s a music video as well and the various trailers used to promote it. The big extra, at least to me, is the Historical commentary by Matt Greenfield, David Williams and Janice Williams that runs along the original version of the OVA. The track has the three talking about the origins of ADV with the start of the company, acquisition of Yohko and the trials getting it to market (blue tabs!) as well as a number of other topics. For those who’ve followed things about the studios with any interest over the years will be interested in it. Amusing tidbits such as learning that their first closet-office is now a “gentleman’s club” will surely spark some interesting comments.

One of the things that I’ll consider an extra but isn’t actually listed as such as during the discs opening sequence. When the ADV logo comes on, we get treated to all the logos they’ve used over the years from their first release to their 10th anniversary one. Talk about bringing back memories of that logo starting up during late night sessions of tape watching many moons ago.

In Summary:
With ADV Films pushing this release out again after several years, I was rather interested in checking it out again. This series was one of my earliest purchases on VHS way back in the day and there’s a certain fondness for going back to the well with it. The show is one that is certainly an early example of how many series would be made over the years but also an example of much of what ADV Films would license as well for quite some time. I can’t really say whether it holds up well or not after all this time because it is so familiar to me and I’m simply too close to it to be able to tell. What I can say is that this is a fun show, one that has a nice blend of comedy, sexy humor and action. It’s a classic for a number of reasons and one that I like going back to in order to explore some of my anime fan roots.[/quote]


Good Good they finally got this up. I think it was one of the first shows I asked about when they put up the


After reading the description for this series, I think I’ll have to watch it ASAP. I have heard some good things about this anime before, so it’s nice to see it on the online player.


Don’t watch it with your daughter, there are some adult situations. This is not one for the kids lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t watch it with your daughter, there are some adult situations. This is not one for the kids lol. :P[/quote]

Thanks for the heads up dragoon. Sad thing is(not really sad for her), she’ll be 18 in less than 2 months. Where does the time go?


Just ordered this DVD (been meaning to for so long now). Now I can officially accept being labeled an ADV-super-fan. :wink:


I grabbed it a few months back, but haven’t got around to watching it yet. Seems like it could be a perfect addition to my Halloween viewing schedule.


If you like so many people I am certain were watching my siggy of my anime list updates you would know I watched this over the summer.

It was great, 6 very funny episode and only the first one actually made me feel funny, I have a few gripes like what happened to the 2 male leads from the first one, why did ADV have her say “Bitchin” and why was episode 6 the first episode to not have a battle that felt like a final battle, but over all a great experience, and a good history lesson.

I like that the DVD had all of the ADV logos of the first 10 years.


I haven’t seen those extras yet since I saw this on SVOD. I’m really looking forward to them, since they’re kind of historic for ADV, especially now after what happened recently. :frowning:


This was a fun show. I’m glad there are others out there who are picking this up and enjoying this. Volume 1 was probably one of the first ADV Titles I got dvd. I think I got it at Anime New York con in 2002. Of course it could have been at Wizard World Philly 03 or Anime Fest 04 too but I am about sure it was 2002 con. Took me a while to get second volume. I’m not totally sure if I did before or after watching it on AN.


I can’t wait to watch it again when my DVDs arrive. :slight_smile: Tons of fun with an over the top hammy 90s dub. Gotta love it! Gonna watch it and the extras to celebrate ADV’s history.


Ah i just finished up this series up tonight and i have to say I really enjoyed it a lot. I kinda miss the 90’s anime now with the chessey good dub.


This series will be expiring from the Online Player on June 30.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should! There’s only 6 episodes… it’ll take no time at all! :laugh:

And remember, it WAS ADV’s first release!