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Devil Music Vol. 1 Thread


My musical prowess extends far into the bowels almost all genres. With the exception of gospel and pop-country I enjoy music from all walks of life immensely. Figured I’d harass my own thread with anything music instead of decaf’s from now on. So to kick this mess off here’s some news I came across that all you Nine Inch Nails peeps might enjoy.


Now we’re cooking! And what… only those two genres excluded… what about our beloved Justin Bieber? :laugh: Anyway, congrats on the new music thread, and keep the tunes comin’ in!


I was aimlessly wondering the bowels of my musical spaceship and came across some gems. Back in 2001ish to 2003ish I’d stay up late “high” and watch MTV2 music videos and Adult Swim. These videos are etched into my memory because of their absurdity and just plain weirdness. Or maybe it’s because I was high… Either way all these songs are awesome.


I’m gonna go ahead and post tomorrow’s today. Welcome to the future… of… Sunday!
We have Slayer, White Zombie, Pantera, & Sepultura. Enjoy!

On a side note I just realized with this post I’m half way to 666 posts. Yea me? Not really we’ll see. XD








[size=6]Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified (2013 Live Variation)[/size]

I haven’t shared any tunes lately. I implore you to turn this music up, dance, shake those hips, and relieve the stress that ails you.

If the video doesn’t show, a link will be posted below for your convenience. Please enjoy the music!


Garbage - #1 Crush

Bush - Mouth(Stingray Mix)


Smile Empty Soul “The Hit”