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I had some videos and such i wanted to post, but didn’t want to sully TCG’s thread. So I thought I would share some videos from my favorite band Within Temptation. They come to us from Norway, and occupy a subset of rock called Symphonic Metal. If you’re familiar with Nightwish, they have a very similiar feel.

They have a brand new single dropping October 23rd, Utopia and here’s the video.

It’s actually a bit of a different sound than they normally do, but I really enjoyed it.


Here’s yet another classic. Angels. Within Temptation almost always has amazing stories to their videos. They put a lot of production into them

Interestingly enough, I got introduced to this band through Chrono Crusade AMV’s. Yet another reason I love that show. Not only did it help revive my faith in Rock and introduce me to my favorite band, it also introduced me to a whole new genre of music.


The first album I ever owned was Destiny by Gloria Estefan. So I also have a huge soft spot for Latin and Spanish music.


And this one is definitely a classic. It’s one of my all time favorite Gloria songs.


And one last one by Gloria. This is actually my favorite video of hers. It’s from her all 1998 dance album, Gloria! Basically it’s Gloria Estefan sitting in the middle of a giant rave. It’s a really fun video and pretty sexy too!

It’s also extremely Latin!


This is Memories by Within Temptation. Not only a beautiful song, but also an amazing video.


This is another great one by Within Temptation. This is off their last “new” album The Heart of Everything. And when we get to the big, epic Zombie battle in As The Mecha Turns, this is the song that will be playing.

This also happens to be the ringer on my phone. :slight_smile:


Better question is, should I defile your thread with band suggestions for you.


Nightwish. Another favorite band of mine. This is from their last album, Dark.Passion.Play. It features Anette Olzon, their second lead singer.

Sorry I couldn’t get the video. Apparently their publisher doesn’t want them on YouTube.


Another of my favs from Nightwish. This has a very Celtic feel to it.

Once again, it’s a live performance, as their publisher will allows those, but not the music videos.


Now time for something completely different, Jay Brannan. He has very soft, almost asexual, voice. His music tends to be folk and has some very “interesting” lyrics. It’s also a pretty decent video, and has a pretty funny intro.

And no Wicca and Himeno, I don’t like him just because he’s cute… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe… one more for tonight. This is actually my favorite song and video by Jay Brannan. I love the lyrics, the emotions behind the song, and the video’s pretty damn good too. Gotta love black and white!

FYI, the original version of this is also available on YouTube. And I mean original. It was made three years ago, before he got a record deal, on his home computer…LOL


And how could I forget Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman.


And this song is a classic, no matter who sings it…


The Coffee God wrote:

Better question is, should I defile your thread with band suggestions for you.[/quote]

I just didn’t feel right messing with your thread. Though I have no problem with other people posting stuff here. I have a wide range of tastes.

And there’s no reason there can’t be two rival music threads! :stuck_out_tongue:

throws the glove down


Another reason I love this site! Since coming here, my music education has vastly improved. Got turned on to some great stuff in Coffee’s thread and now this one. :slight_smile:
I just fell in love with Within Temptation. And “The Howling” will be perfect for Mecha!!
I’m already a fan of Gloria and I love her “Oye” video. I’m also familiar with Nightwish and I like their music too.
As for Jay Brannan - I would never insult someone’s taste in music to say they like someone just because he’s cute!! :silly:
However, in the case of John Barrowman… Just kidding! I know you love your Captain Jack! He has such dreamy eyes in the “What About Us” video. But seriously, he has a beautiful voice. And I love his remake of the Air Supply song - was always one of my favorites.
Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Here is a song I really like, but I’m not crazy about the video.
You get a cookie (or a moonpie) if you can tell me what anime it’s from!


Thanks LOW! Not bad, though I agree that video needs some work…lol I will have to dig up more for here tomorrow. Would right now, but brain is fuzzy.


Since you like a little Latin flavor, here is one of my favorites! It’s old, but I love it!


LadyOfWicca wrote:

[quote]Here is a song I really like, but I’m not crazy about the video.
You get a cookie (or a moonpie) if you can tell me what anime it’s from!

I f*cking love Franz Ferdinand! There, now you all know.