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Di Gi Charat

Genres: comedy, science fiction
Themes: aliens, bunny girls, catgirls
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: (PR) Dejiko is a perfectly normal princess from the planet Di Gi Charat, who arrives in Tokyo with dreams of becoming an idol. Unfortunately, girls with cat ears and a tail, and who can shoot ray beams out of their cat eyes, aren’t exactly what most prospective employers are looking for. But there’s one place where Dejiko does fit in perfectly: Akihabara, where a kindly game store owner offers a job to Dejiko, her sidekick Puchiko and their balloon-like protector Gema. But things still aren’t going to be simple, as Dejiko’s bunnysuit clad rival Rabi-en-Rose wants to become an idol too. And when the notorious Black Gema-Gema Gang, led by Princess Piyoko of the planet Analogue, lands in Tokyo, it will be all Dejiko can do to keep up with Piyoko’s nefarious plot of opening a rival game store across the street! (She’s kind of on a budget, since her parents spent all their money unsuccessfully trying to take over Di Gi Charat.) Can an interstellar cat princess really find happiness on Earth in the music industry? Find out in the DI GI CHARAT!
Number of episodes: 16
Vintage: 1999-11-29 to 1999-12-23

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Sentai Filmworks Press Release (TV)

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Di Gi Charat TV, Eps 1-16 (Sub/Dub) are live at ANO

English Dub Cast

ADR Director: Fusako Shiotani

Genma - Jennifer Sekiguchi
Di Gi Charat - Jessica Gee
Petit Charat - Mia Bradly
Rabi-en-Rose - Michelle Ruff
Minagawa Takuro - Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Kimura Takuro - Ethan Murray
Abarenbou - Geoffery Fontaine
Yoshimi - Liam O’Brien
Alien - Michael McConnohie
Mishter Mangaer - Sam Regal
Pyocola - Sandy Fox
Takemi - T. Axelrod


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Di Gi Charat Anime Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Drama CDs

January 14, 2019 7:07pm CST
Cast reunites for two new stories

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Di Gi Charat Seiyuu Unit D.U.P. Announces 20th Anniversary Reunion

September 29, 2019 2:47pm CDT
Digiko, Usada, and Puchiko are back together for a limited time

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