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Discotek licenses first two Galaxy Express 999 movies and rescues Project A-ko!

:cheer: :woohoo:

Link in spoiler Banner at top of site may be NSFW

New licenses!

Galaxy Express 999 movie
Adieu Galaxy Express 999 movie
Project AKO (Original movie)

Live action:
Princess Blade
Aquarian Age


Now I don’t have to get wallet robbed searching for the VHS copies of GE 999. Hopefully these will have the dubs Viz did as they were at the time some of the best dubs done for Anime. Guessing the the third one is a no go right now but that’s cool it never has gotten released here. Hopefully if they and the FOTNS TV do well Discotek will pick up the GE 999 TV series.


GE999 looks like something I’d enjoy. I love the classics.


Will be nice to get Project A-Ko on DVD.


Good to see. I’ve been wanting to check out the GE999 movies for a while and I’ve always heard great things about Project AKO.

Also, is that the same Princess Blade that ADV use to have? If so, I may have to pick it up. There was some king of packaging goof up with mine. I bought the double pack with Dark Water, but it actually came with the extra features disc from the two disc Princess Blade release. So I have the extras but no movie.


Definiely some surprising licenses from Discotek. The GE999 are more than likely going to purchased by me sooner or later, and the others are right under “wait and see”.

Really, ever since licensing the Fist of the North Star movie Discotek has been on an amazing roll with their licenses. There may be yet a company who might be able or willing to license Ring ni Kakero 1 some day…


This is great news. I finally can replace the taped from TV tapes of GE999 movies. I said this elsewhere but GE999 and Project A-Ko was some of the first anime I saw and knew they were anime. Just as I was getting into it as GE999 Movies were on Sci-Fi channel back in the day. Wikipedia does list PA-ko as being on Sci-Fi to back in the day but I remember GE999 Movies and not that. I’m glad too for PA-Ko because the first movie is hard to find. I know right stuff still has copies of the rest of it for sale and in stock.
GE999 and PA-Ko wasn’t shows that made me a big fan that was Sailor Moon but it was one of first shows that got my foot a door as a fan. It introduce me to what Anime was and I knew it was anime.


heh, gave up on ever seeing this available again. 999 Dub was very good. Characters delivered lines with great emotion.

AKO is one of my all time faves. (dub was not quite as good on it however)hmmm, wonder if they would save the 3rd and 4th OAV of AKO, I never cared for Plot one or the Grey vs one.
but 1,3,and 4 were aces.


I am SO glad to see Project A-Ko rescued

Instant buy.


[size=16]Discotek Media Adds D.N.Angel TV Anime[/size]
posted on 2011-05-02 23:56 EDT
ADV Films once released this anime of Yukiru Sugisaki’s action comedy manga


More surprised it was Discotek that rescued this then anything. Figured Funimation would have gotten it. Least this means if the extra’s from the ADV releases are included I can replace my thinpak if I wanted to. Though I think most of those extra’s were English cast related. So hard to say if they will be kept.


I have the singles with art box for this one, and have even gotten a few autographs on it over the years, so I have no interest in the release. However, it’s good to see DN Angel finding a new and for DiscoTek to pick up another title.

I have to agree with Pup. I figured this show would be rescued at one point or another, but I never thought it would be DiscoTek.


###Discotek Adds Demon City Shinjuku Anime
posted on 2011-06-15 09:05 EDT
Ninja Scroll’s Kawajiri directs video anime


I have this on VHS!
I might actually have to pick this one up.
I haven’t seen it in quite some time, and my VCR died awhile ago, but I remember liking it.


I think I have it on DVD . Not sure if not probably pick it up might get it anyway if the video is any improvement.


Remember watching this back in the day. I will most likely get as its an old favorite of mine. I even have the RPG they wrote for it.


Another Kawajiri classic. I’d pick it up if I had money.



This will be joining the two Galaxy Express movies and Project A-ko in my collection.


I was just thinking about this one the other day. It was actually one of my first anime DVDs and I was planning on rewatching it in the near future.

Good to see DiscoTek continuing to pick up more classic anime, even though I will likely pass on this one for now.


This title made me want to own a wooden Boken. Sadly I could no harness any power through it.
It soon became a prop in video shoots, and to hold a door open.
Anyhow, I liked this title back in the day.