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Well, after having some fun doing a bunch of videos on YouTube I’ve decided to move towards doing written/typed views, this time focusing solely on anime & manga. I’ll mostly likely do typed reviews on the titles I’ve done video reviews on, but there are a lot of titles that are either forgotten or were just missed the first time through. This is where my new blog comes in:

So far there isn’t much right now except for a couple of bits of news I found interesting but there is one review that I just put up today: Haja Taisei Dangaioh

I have a good number of titles planned for reviewing and hopefully this will help bring to surface a few titles that I think have either been forgotten or ignored. Not that all of them will be excellent titles, though… For example, there is one title I plan on reviewing that is so bad that it’s hard for me to get through, but I think it deserves a review that covers all of it and not just one or two episodes worth.

Have fun and enjoy!


Thanks for helping out the anime industry, Geo!


fillet wrote:

Well, it’s only “helping” if something like Dangaioh was actually given a good DVD release over here. I’m just bringing to light titles that may have been skipped over by either licensors or by the viewers.


My next review is for an obscure DVD that shows off 8 historic (Read: Older than Astro Boy!) anime features… Including one that should send me to Hell just for talking about it on Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day.



Now here’s a title I can safely say that 99% of the anime community hasn’t heard of, and more than likely you’d confuse it with a certain Squaresoft 3D fighting game…



New review is up, and this time it’s a Masami Kurumada title that most people may not have heard of:



New review is a long one, but it’s one that feel very strongly about. It’s the show that makes up the banner in my signature:

This is the review for the first season. Enjoy!


Next up is Season 2 of Ring ni Kakero 1, with the wackiest and oddest team of Americans you’ll ever see!



Another review earlier than usual, but it’s for a short little pilot that I just wanted to get out of the way:



Another review up, and it’s another Kurumada anime. This will probably be the last one I review for a little bit, but it’s definitely a solid one to watch.



I didn’t like b’t X :stuck_out_tongue:


ZakuAce wrote:

Well, I’ll admit that it probably won’t be a title that everyone will enjoy. Also, are you going off of the dub or the original Japanese version? From what I’ve heard, the dub not only changed the music but also tried going for a much cheesier script.

Either way, like I said at the end of the review I’ll easily recommend Saint Seiya and Ring ni Kakero 1 over it, but I still found B’t X enjoyable to watch, and more recently re-watch.


Here’s my holiday gift for everyone: A review of what is probably the best anime that absolutely no one gave a damn about this year!

Yeah, I said that B’t X would be the last Kurumada anime review for a while, but that last DVD arrived earlier than I was expecting. Enjoy!


Back from my holiday break, and it’s time to look at a mech anime that could be best described as “Gundam without Gundams”:



This started back on Saturday, but I just put up Part 2, so here it is:
Twelve Older Animes that Deserve License Rescues:

It’s never good to forget the past; looking back while moving forward can never hurt, it can only remind. Enjoy!


Below are a few I would like to see saved.

Black Magic M-66
Demon City Shinjuku
Dominion Tank Police
Gunsmith Cats
Robot Carnival
Sol Bianca (two episode version)


ShawnMerrow wrote:

[quote]Below are a few I would like to see saved.

Black Magic M-66
Demon City Shinjuku
Dominion Tank Police
Gunsmith Cats
Robot Carnival
Sol Bianca (two episode version)[/quote]

Forgot to add Gunsmith Cats, but Black Magic M-66 and Robot Carnival are both listed at the end under my “honorable mentions”.


I know, I was just giving my list.


Back again, this time with another multi-parter. This time I take a look at some of the titles within the catalog of Enoki Films USA. While we can watch Izumo and Koi Koi Seven here via TAN’s online streams, there’s a bunch of titles over at Enoki that should really be given a chance, or even a second a second chance, over here:*)*


B’t X ran somewhere, because I believe I’ve seen it - the guy rides a horse with mystical/magical powers, right? Had to be either TAN or Encore.