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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia / Tasogare Otome×Amnesia

I really like the cover and disc artwork. I can’t wait for this release. You have no idea how many hookers and how much beer I had to ship to Houston to get them to pick this one up. :wink:

Not to mention whatever “favors” you gave to Media Factory to accomplish all of these beautiful extras!


Episode 1 (Dub) is live at ANO

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia English Dub Cast.

ADR Director - Christopher Ayres

English Voice Cast

Teiichi Niiya - Clint Bickham
Yuuko Kanoe - Emily Neves
Momoe Okonogi - Brittney Karbwoski
Kirie Kanoe - Jessica Boone


Wow, they just now posted that!

The day of the online premiere isn’t too bad.
Especially considering the DVD/BD doesn’t come out for another month.

Though I do agree, they’re usually more on top of cast announcements.

Wait, the DVD/BD is not out yet? That is really annoying!

You can pre-order it from TRSI ( Dusk maiden of Amnesia DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) ) and it’ll probably be shipping out in the next couple weeks as Sentai stuff usually ships out relatively early, but the actual street date isn’t until June 4th.

Yea, this show wasn’t on my buy list as I didn’t see myself wanting to watch it again, so I wasn’t aware this was one the shows Anime Network is airing long before the street date. I know another show I preordered the first one or two episode will on here before I get my DVD from TRSI.

Just for kicks, I watched the 1st dub episode.

Everyone seems to be doing well (Especially Brittney Karbowski, she really nailed Okonogi).

Emily Neves can’t really say too much yet since all of Yuuko’s really good scenes are after the 1st episode. (I assume she’s doing the voice for Kage-Yuuko as well)

I was kind of surprised they kept all the honorifics in the dub, since most usually drop them when dubbing.

They kept the honorifics again?! Facepalm.

Back in the day, for the Princess 9 dub as I recall, Grant & Greenfield said that they left the honorifics in to help match the lip flap. I, begrudgingly, accepted that. That they’re still doing it is a tad ridiculous. It’s not a translation if it is rife with untranslated foreign words, words which are honestly a crutch for the translators. Why write dialog that conveys to the viewer a relationship between two characters when they can ham-fistedly express it by simply not translating Japanese words for the relationship? It’s less work for them and leads to an awkwardly spoken dub that gives the dub-haters plenty of ammunition so why not?

Anyhow, I’m still not sure about Karbowski. She might fit this role, I haven’t seen enough to tell, but she is truly a woman of one voice. I try to watch her characters without bias but that is difficult when each of her characters has the voice of every character she’s ever voiced in a prior show. I’ll have to see.

Why facepalm? It was kinda expected, at least for me. For starters, Christopher Ayers ADRed it. Majority of those that he’s done kept the honorifcs, especially those very Japan-centric shows.

As for the dub, nice solid one. Felt everyone fit their roles, Jessica Boone FTW.

Jessica Boone is awesome. Even though I enjoyed her performance in Canaan it is nice to see, or rather hear lol, her in Section23 stuff as a slightly less crazy character.

As for the honorifics, I facepalm because I’m an optimist, hoping that Sentai will rise above. I’ve heard that all blame for a dub goes to the director, heard it from Chris Ayres himself, but with anime I wonder about that as Chris Ayres isn’t writing the scripts and doing the translations is he? I can’t say that I care for Chris Ayres’ dubs much as he’s the “anti-Foster” but I don’t want to lay the blame on him when it isn’t just. If the blame is on him, well, I’ll have to mention it at one of those fan q&a panels.

As for “Japan centric”, it’s anime so every show is “Japan centric” from my viewpoint. Arguably every anime takes place in Japan; they might cal their country/setting by another name but it is still quite Japanese.

So when an anime takes place in Japan it’s “magically” OK to skimp on the translation and leave the Japanese honorifics in there? If that’s your position then I don’t agree. Either fully translate every dub or leave the honorifics in them all, similar to Bang/Zoom. Otherwise we start down the slippery slope. Where do we draw the line on what Japanese is left in an English dub? Should Japanese characters always use honorifics in dubs, even when they’re dealing with non-Japanese characters? Why only leave in the honorifics; why not leave in all the Japanese words as how can we pick & choose? While we’re at it, why don’t we pronounce all of the English words as would the Japanese because that’s how they’d do it?

There’s already a perfectly good Japanese dub track available. Why make a bastardized second one? C’mon Sentai you’re better than the other guys who refuse to do a proper translation.

What’s funny is that I just read complaints on another forum over Sentai not using honorifics in K-On! The Movie. I guess you can’t please anyone.

Ok , then how do you handle the opening sequence in an Anime like Campione! ?

Do you translate everything, even though Godou is in Italy? When Erica first confronts him, speaking Latin, he responds in English, but the rest of the scene is in Japanese. If you dub everything into English, you lose the intent of the scene and how it’s supposed to be played out.

Granted Infinite Stratos’s dub 99% of the honorifics were removed, which works because of all the International students attending there, only Tabane’s were left in. They were left in to show that even though she’s a genius, she’s a bit odd and leaving the honorifics in for her reenforced that.

As far as Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is concerned, it takes place at a school in Japan. Leaving the honorifics in makes the show culturally accurate.

Believe me, I understand your point, but in conclusion I have to ask, how accurate do you want your dub to be? Change too much and you actually lose the original intent of the show itself and you end up with Battle of the Planets or Star Blazers.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia


Just got it from right Stuf.

-The OVA is freaking hilarious, especially the opening sequence where Kirie hijacks the intro…

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Talk about a stellar review!

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Blu-ray Complete Collection Review at ANN

Overall (dub) : A-
Overall (sub) : A-
Story : A-
Animation : B+
Art : A-
Music : A-

I’m just finishing up the bluray, and I have to say that it deserves the excellent review. It’s a great show and it has an excellent dub as well, with or without honorifics. I also appreciate all the effort they put into extra features. I hope we see more releases like this, though it seems to happen primarily with Media Factory releases.

Also, the opening credits on the OVA are hilarious!