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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia / Tasogare Otome×Amnesia

I’d forgotten about this, until now. Went back and read the ANN review, where it says: “The [dub] script stays tight but varies a little more than recent Sentai Filmworks dubs, which may contribute to a more fluid dialogue flow.”

I’m not sure what they mean by “stays tight”, I can only assume that it means that ANN’s reviewer still hasn’t gotten the memo that a dub isn’t supposed to be a word-for-word reading of the subtitles, but “more fluid dialogue flow” gives me hope that this might be a Chris Ayres dub that doesn’t sound as wooden/stilted as some of his others. That would be a great leap forward for Sentai IMO.

MY LORD! Biggest text fight I ever did. Guy was not only disagreeing that Clint In Dusk was great IMO, but he comepletely disrespect my opinion all together beleiving in himself that his opinion is fact. Went on with war until moderator gave a warning. Don’t know if this fight keeps going. But anyones opinion I respect or respectfully disagree if that is returned to me. And when I do reply in disagree. Its mostly comedy purposesses like, “WHAATTT!?”.

LINK (bs3311 vs MarthKoopa):

Another soul lost to the Black Friday Sale:

It’s on backorder now.


Anyone thinking we might be getting a Dusk maiden Steelbook?


That would really be nice. I loved the story. Seems like it would deserve it



Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art




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