Error on main site

Just reporting that the main site is down with some error. Using my technical knowledge (as my job does involve writing web apps) it seems the server is trying to access something on Amazon S3 with TLS 1.1 or 1.0. Either the main site is running on a version of Windows Server from XP days, or some .NET framework/library in use, for some reason, is configured to use outdated TLS/SSL to grab something from S3 and not the latest supported version.

Fun fact for non-tech folk here, TLS 1.0 is just a rebranded SSL 3.0 with almost no changes, and the changes that are there are minor, so at best, it would have been SSL 3.1

I assume this will prevent people from being able to log into the forums if the SSO feature is part of the breakage. It would also prevent people from finding the forums if they have never been here and found the site recently for some reason.


They are working on it.


I got an 403 error code.

For some reason I think I’ve broken the Internet somehow when these show up. But glad we’re back now.