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Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma - episode 21

Curry Taste Test Nightmare Gets Great Score From Judges


[details=Classroom Crisis Ep. 10]

Executive totally outmaneuvered by CEO! Would the real Nasgisa Kiryu please stand up?[/details]

Baby Steps 2 - episode 23

Final Match Intensifies as Nabae Attempts Comeback Against Maruo

Miss Monochrome 2 – ep 10

Secret of Famous Idol’s Success Revealed! Kikuko is “Forever Seventeen”!


[details=School-Live Ep.10]

Tragedy Strikes! Puppy Zombified! Kurumi’s Reunion with Megu-Nee ends in Tragedy! Will Kurumi Survive![/details]


[details=Rin-ne – ep 22]
Rokudo Finally Gets His Christmas Cake - And Eats It Too![/details]

Himouto Umaru-Chan - episode 10

Horseplay in Room leads to Wi-Fi Outage

Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis - episode 4

Toshiki Kai’s big return!! The shocking connection with Ibuki rises suspicion.

Ace of the Diamond: Second Season - episode 34

Catcher Misuki Purposefully Bodyslammed at Home Plate; Shock Fills Stadium

Ace of the Diamond: Second Season - episode 35

Miyuki’s First Home Run Ever Brings It Home for Seido in a Stunning Finish; Beats Seiko High 6-5

ERASED episode 11

Satoru Stares Down Enemy After Memories Return 15 Years Later

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation - Episode 11

State of Emergency: Dark Falz Presence Known; Saving the President Top Priority


[details=Flying Witch Ep. 11]

IndiAnzu Jones and the Flying Whale[/details]

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World - Episode 18

Trapped No More: Subaru-kun Escapes the Darkness and Resets

Cheer Boys!! Episode 5

Breakers Pull Off Spectacular First Performance on Stage

This Art Club Has a Problem - Episode 5

Art Club Vandalizes School Pool Painting a Mermaid with Non-Removable Paints

Endride - episode 19

A Happy Return to the Surface Turns Dark When Secrets Unravel


Darling in the Franxx Ep.23


Attack of the Giant Space Waifu

My Hero Academia (Season 3) - episode 51

Dorm Room Competition Yields Unexpected Results


Seven Senses of the Re’Union Ep. 1


SAO = Sword Anohana Online