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Favorite Guitarists!


Post up some impressive stuff of your favorite guitarists, or the ones you just think are the best there ever were! Feel free to discuss and chat!

Start off with one of my favorites…

“Dimebag” Darrell

[size=16]WARNING[/size] there is cursing in the videos so if you do not approve of it or do not want to hear it then you may not want to watch the videos*

Guitar Clinic Part 1

This video won’t allow it to play on the forums and the forums won’t allow me to just post the link alone so on type in “Dimebag Darrell Guitar Clinic” to view Part 1.

Guitar Clinic Part 2


It’s really tempting to post Eric Clapton before Slowhand but I’m afraid of the whip :slight_smile:


I don’t really care for music that much, and the guitar is such a common instrument. But I suppose I do like this guy, quite a lot actually.


It’s really tempting to post Eric Clapton before Slowhand but I’m afraid of the whip :)[/quote]

Hahaha embrace the whip! You’ll get used to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting 3 string guitar.



Also, I like George Harrison. Listen to Taxman sometime!


What’s with the “Ahem” Himeno? lol Not a bad song. This type of stuff is getting me to listen to a wider variety of music. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stevie Ray Vaughan hands down:

If you dont like this, you might not be Texan!


:ohmy: Damn you Rai. I was gunna post SRV


I liked it and I’m not Texan. :stuck_out_tongue: Dimebag was definitely Texan though. :slight_smile:


you’re all going technician over touch and groove?

Satch, Keller Williams, Trey Anastasio, Bill Withers (it doesn’t hurt to have a voice that compliments your soulful style perfectly), maybe even a Cantrell or a Steve Howe if you caught me on the right day.

since you all went the technician route I’m shocked nobody brought up dream theater or Steve Vai. I mean steve vai was so awesome he needed an extra string just to keep himself occupied.

SINCE THIS IS AN ANIME FORUM, honorable mention to Steve Conte =)


Whoa whoa whoa, SRV fulfills all three criteria you mentioned. Steve Vai’s pretty sweet too, might have to queue him up soon.


Eric Clapton

Omar Rodríguez-López



the solo starts at about 2:10


Oh hell, I’ll do it…

Steve Vai

Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn/BB King/Eric Clapton


Duane Allman is one of my Favorites.

and Toy Caldwell B)
._. Well I like Marshall Tucker Band better then the Allman Brothers. o.0
Just me tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


okay now that I think about I forgot a few that I just can’t leave out

Joe Walsh
Thin Lizzy (dual guitarists)
Stephen Stills


I have lots, but here’s a couple.


It’s really tempting to post Eric Clapton before Slowhand but I’m afraid of the whip :)[/quote]

This. Eric Clapton is easily the best guitarist on the planet. The man is a genius. I have a guitar pick he once used :stuck_out_tongue: .

(I’m not posting a video because there was already one posted about him and I’m too lazy to look for one)

He’s cool and your not. Don’t feel too bad though.


I have a guitar pick he once used.[/quote]

Hand. it. over. right. now!