Hello everyone! ^_^

Hello! I just joined today; and I wanted to introduce myself. My name’s Becky, but I’m all over the internet as Syliece.

Happy Pouncy Bouncy Heyllos to you

Welcome to the magical mystical world of TAN. We’ve been expecting you. Also, looked at your profile and saw that you like some of the same anime as me. Neato.

HEY! Welcome to the site!

Rai wrote:

Wait, this is a website?

Go home Hentai

And if you see a man named Rai. Don’t talk to him or look him in the eye. He is a bad bad man.

Welcome to TAN!

I, too, noticed that you like a lot of the same anime as I do.

If you are in need of more stuff to watch, be sure to check out our Online Player!!

And, if you’d like some Asian Movies, I have some listed in my thread:

welcome to our little igloo of anime. We hope your visit here is a pleasant one.

Welcome to TAN! Enjoy your stay, tykes!

Rai wrote:

I’ll give ya the ol 1-2 once I get there. Maybe the 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 afterwards.

Hentai wrote:

Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?

We’re flattered you could bless us with you presence here. Welcome.

I know. We’re surrounded.

Wow, thank you all for the big welcome!!:kiss: Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been on a FF III binge lol.:side:

I see I have a guest in this thread with me right now…:wink:

Syliece wrote:

And now me!

Hentai wrote:

You and your wacky antics.

PretearHimeno wrote:

[quote]Hentai wrote:

You and your wacky antics.[/quote]

are not legal in 37 states (and 8 provinces).

welcome Syliece