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Fillet's Exotic Room



Lol, I like this thread!



Keep em comin’ y’all, I need some art for my room!


Sorry @fillet I haven’t posted pics I will start back posting again


Thanks buddy, I need new print outs for my bedroom walls :blush:


This makes me wonder what it must look like in your bedroom.



I didn’t know that was that small I’ll give you another soon @fillet


Now I’m really curious. This would be something to see. Show and tell fillet! someday. :smile:


Lol, different room now. The one was getting quite colorful thanks to printouts from the posts here, but I have nothing up at my new trailer yet, haven’t been here in over a year until last month. I’ll post some pics when I get some new art going on the walls.


it did not work o well

MOD EDIT: Image fixed.


Is it this?


yes it is slow im on a different computer and im trying to see how it works





Thanks Kyouta, keep em comin’!


heres another one @fillet


Whoa yea, thanks Kyouta!