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Hey TAN members are you enjoying your stay here on TAN hopefully you are but if not we are goin to make it a lil brighter for you and let you know how much we appreciate you this month
So in a friendly gesture mods and lizards let’s give back to are wonderful active community

Edit and that stands for MEMBER APPERCIATION MONTH sorry for not mentioning that at first

I know this is June but I’m just starting it now just thought of it so bare with me

And heres a lil something for you guys you members of TAN


Everyone needs something to pass the time

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Yes reading keeps the mind sharp :grin:

Round Rock donuts for everyone!

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Ok those look good

*Sneaks in and gets one for myself
Takes a bite
Mmmm good lol


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BLT sandwiches for lunch tomorrow or for dinner tonight your choice

fried bologna for lunch



A bag full of sugar

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