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Seriously though, what are all those buttons for? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone been camping in Friday the 13th yet?


I’ve been playing PTCGO for a very long time. That’s Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. It’s a pretty solid game for fans of Pokemon or its card game, especially with the visual effects added for the attacks… but its RNG sucks, so try not to punch your computer screen when playing this game. A lot of it relies on the luck of the draw, especially if you’re playing the theme decks.

Haven’t been playing other video games for a long time now, since I’m busy with my anime and manga (PTCGO is more like a distraction I play between my anime and manga). I did play Subnautica a little while back. It’s a rather challenging game, which I didn’t really enjoy, and when I got to the Lava Dome, things really became even more frustrating with my Cyclops being… well, I won’t spoil it, but the obstacles there are annoying. The requirement to eat and drink were fine, but I just got tired of it by the time I reached the Lava Dome.

I also played Farming Simulator 17 back then. But it’s just not my type of game, simulated farming. Gets boring quick, even though I know many people enjoy this experience.


PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (xbox/pc)

I need to play other things…


Ni no Kuni II on PC


I bought that on my PS4 and have barely played it… what is wrong with me? LOL! I loved the first one but for some reason I’ve been distracted playing games on Xbox. Which reminds me I left one out that I’ve been playing a bunch lately and that’s Turok Dinosaur Hunter(xbox). I think I was like 11 or 12 whenever it first came out on the Nintendo 64 so I can’t help myself but relive nostalgia.


Zelda ocarina of time + master quest on my Nintendo 3DS
It is a very awsome video game to play.

Pokemon Sun is also a very good game.