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Well, all of the threads on here seem to be about specific games or news about companies and their releases, so I decided to create a thread where we can talk about games we are currently playing. PC, PS, Xbox, Wii, hand-held, other systems, all are welcome! Also, this thead is not bound by the age of a game, so all titles are relevant! Maybe you just got a new game and want to talk about it? Maybe it is a game you have been playing for a while now, and suddenly just want to give your two cents about it? Or maybe you have picked up an old game and realised for the first time that it is better or worse than you remember? Talk about it here! :3

All that is asked in return is that you don’t spoil important parts of the game without the spoiler tags (even if it is an old game) and that you do not argue over opinion-based comments. :slight_smile:


I’m constantly switching between games, but the game I’m playing the most right now is Borderlands. Been playing it with another friend the entire way through, and we just started our second playthrough. Gotta get to level 50, y’know.

Other than that, I’m playing Banjo-Kazooie, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and MW3.


I’m sure if you’re on my Steam friend’s list you have seen me playing a certain Star Trek: Armada quite a bit. It’s actually a game from 2000, and the very first RTS game I ever played. Somehow or another the disk got scratched, so when I tried to re-install it 2 years ago it would stop at exactly 99.3% and go no further. :< Then, in comes the scratch fixing goopy stuff to save the day, and I’m back in action. :slight_smile:

As how it holds up to what I remember of it, I will be honest that I remembered very little of it except for I had fun with it. Looking at the game with new eyes it seems like a whole different thing. The AI is very basic (as in everything is either A or B linear commands) even in hard mode. Heck, I’m even going to test out my ability to hold off 7 Borg AI on hard mode soon (should be fun B) ). The campaign is a lot better and more fun than I remember; I’m just about to finish up the Borg arc, which has to be my favorite so far. |3

Oh, and the USS Yamato is my ship, I’ve already declared it Borg-invincible as it survives any engaugement with them and was only destroyed once by another Federation fleet.


I’ve been playing a lot of different games, I switch off between them quite frequently, but I’ll just mention a few and what I think of them:

Dota 2 is a great PC game, but it has a very steep learning curve for anyone not familiar with the MOBA genre. It’s still technically in beta, so you can’t play it without an invite. The game is a lot of fun though. I’m no good at explaining the intricacies of dota, so I’m not going to try.

Blacklight: Retribution is a free to play first person shooter for the PC, which is a whole lot of fun. It kind of reminds me of Call of Duty, but free. The way the’ve set up the micro-transactions in this one is that you can either pay real money to buy the in-game currency, to buy upgrades for weapons, equipment, and other things. OR you can just play the game and earn currency to get the same stuff. So rather than the usual pay-to-win scheme that a lot of free to play games have, it’s more of a pay-to-get-stuff-faster. Which makes the game a lot more fun. Overall, a great fast paced shooter for the low price of $0

I started playing Civilization V again. I started a simple single-player game with six AI opponents, and 12 city-states. But it seems like everyone wants to kill me. And because I’m so good at defending myself, everyone is afraid of me. I didn’t even have a military until Montezuma decided to declare war. I defended my land against the onslaught of 10 or 15 Aztec units with two Samurai units and a single archer unit. The nice thing about playing as Japan, is they get an ability called Bushido, which allows their units to fight at full strength even when they’re damaged. I now own all of north, south and east Africa… It’s only a matter of time before I control the world! :evil:

The scary thing is though, I have no idea what is going on in the Americas, China has been over there all by herself for the entire game so far. For all I know, she could have all of North and South America under her control… scary thought. :unsure:


Let’s see. Playing skyrim, minecraft, halo reach, call of duty campaign veteran, cell damage: original Xbox, dodge ball: nintendo nes, Mario: Nintendo, skate 3, persona 3 arena, dynasty warriors 7 empires, that about sums it up :slight_smile:


For the past few days I’ve had my life sucked up by Civilization IV. I would have gotten V, but my computer is not powerful enough for a game like that (it can spare very little after IV). I only just recently (after 4 days) realized exactly how to play the game entirely, and I’m having so much “fun” with it that I’ve lost 30 hours to it. I can’t wait to finish up this session and be free of this; too much free time is being burned. XP


Hmmm. I finally played and beat the innovative but ultimately lacking legendary RPG Anachronox and I’m finally playing the “Firefly of video games”, Psychonauts.

Coincidentally, I’ve also been playing Awesomenauts on XBLA.
(Also Tales of… on PS3, but that’s not as humorous, is it?)


[quote=“celestial_being” post=122138]\I’m finally playing the “Firefly of video games”, Psychonauts.

Fun & cute game.


Just recently started playing Persona’s 3, thought it was ok but for some reason I am addicted to it now. Skyrim, Catherine, dead space 2, bf3, Borderlands, um…and the walking dead are the games I have been playing as of late really.


I beat Borderlands a while ago. I’ve been busy lately, so the only game I’ve been able to play is Black Ops whenever my girlfriend comes over. She loves that Combat Training since she’s pretty bad against people online. I look forward to its return in Black Ops II.


Sounds like my girlfriend. Black ops 2 looks ok, but I don’t really like the way the trailor looked for it to be completely honest. Yeah I beat borderlands awhile ago, and have been playing the games I listed again recently.


I’ve been digging into my list of games to 100%, and Radiata Stories came up. I’ve yet to recruit everyone from the Human and Nonhuman paths. As of Monday(?), I’ve wrapped up the human side, and will finish the nonhuman side on the next cycle. I’m supposed to get bonus pictures in the friends’ menu when I finish them, and I’m eager to figure out what they are, tykes.

Also, tough aftergame boss is a toughie. >_<


SOCOM Combined Assault (PS2).


i just bought my friends old ps2 from him and i finaly got to play the transformers armada ps2 game that i never could play. its actually alot of fun and the enviroments are great. the controls are a little convaluted though.

then ive also been playing gravity rush alot becuase its the only vita game that mangages to keep my attention.

but most recently ive been playing fate extra on my psp.


As soon as I get a 100% completion for Instant Action, I’ll start playing Mercenaries, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2.
Later, I’ll get around to doing Baten Kaitos Origins (GCN).


Orcs Must Die 2. It’s tongue-in-cheek coop fun with Funimation voice acting. What’s not to enjoy?


The lead character in SOCOM-Combined Assault is voiced by Paul Mercier, the voice of Leon Scott Kennedy in Resident Evil 2 and 4…


Eh, tracking voice actors who are primarily video game voice actors across games isn’t as remarkable as tracking anime actors in games.

For example: Chris Sabat in Solty Rei and Speed Grapher. He’s a prolific anime actor, so that’s not as remarkable as hearing Sabat in games like Deus Ex or Orcs must die.


Sabat was also Vegeta in DBZ and DBGT…

Paul Mercier -


[quote=“Capt_Hitsugaiya” post=124437]Sabat was also Vegeta in DBZ and DBGT…

Paul Mercier -[/quote]

I’m familiar with that. It might be easier to list who he didn’t play in dbz lol. I’m a fan, but I’m still partial to the original Ocean dub.

This Paul Mercier hasn’t been in all that much, and nothing I’ve played. The only time I have heard him, according to IMDB, is in his minor role in ghost in the shell. I guess you could say that he is technically an anime voice actor, but looking at his slim anime listings, I wouldn’t.