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Macross/Aquarion’s Shoji Kawamori, Satelight to Reveal New TV Anime’s Title, Cast in October

posted on 2017-09-27 00:00 EDT
AKA: Jūshinki Pandora

Evangelion’s Anno, Dwango Head Kawakami Hold Joint High School Class Online

posted on 2017-09-27 18:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Japanese Government’s Part-Time Worker Anime Video Draws Criticism

posted on 2017-09-28 11:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Anime Director Yamakan Apologizes for ‘Disabled’ Otaku Comment

posted on 2017-09-28 16:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

So… that guy doesn’t want his job or something?

1st Haikara-san ga Tōru Film’s Trailer Previews Saori Hayami’s Theme Song

posted on 2017-09-28 22:10 EDT
November 11 film reveals new visual, casts Unshō Ishizuka, Reiko Suzuki, Kenta Miyake, Shizuka Itou

Animator/Character Design Shares Flood Of “Sword Of The Stranger” Art

September 28, 2017 10:19pm CDT
On September 29, 2007, the Bones-produced, Masahiro Andō-direct anime movie Sword of the Stranger was released and began winning the admiration of action and animation enthusiasts

Answerman: How Can You Tell If An Anime Is Popular?

by Justin Sevakis, Sep 29th 2017

O-shushi Da yo Twitter Manga Gets Vertical Anime

posted on 2017-09-29 14:20 EDT
Anime to launch on Production I.G’s Tate Anime app on October 20

Japanese Anime Fans Pick Top 10 Most Magnet Foreigner Characters

September 29, 2017 2:00pm CDT
Charapedia asked fans this September

The List: 7 Excellent Exorcists

by Lynzee Loveridge, Sep 30th 2017

Aeon Entertainment, Yoshimoto Consider PoupeIIe Of Chimney Town Anime Film as Part of New Collaboration

posted on 2017-10-01 12:45 EDT

The Mike Toole Show: Cool Runnings 2049

by Mike Toole, Oct 1st 2017

Peace Maker Kurogane Anime Film Project Reveals 2018 Delay, Rough Character Designs

posted on 2017-10-02 04:45 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Yuuki Kaji, Takahiro Sakurai star in upcoming film series

U.S. Firm Bain Capital Buys ADK Agency

posted on 2017-10-02 10:20 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Investment firm to launch offer on Tuesday

Answerman: Why Do Dub Voice Actors Stick To The Same Studios?

by Justin Sevakis, Oct 2nd 2017

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Saikano’s Shin Takahashi Designs Characters for ‘Road to You’ Anime Short

posted on 2017-10-02 12:05 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Anime promoting snow tires debuts on YouTube on October 11

Bushiroad’s Takaaki Kidani Steps Down as Representative Director

posted on 2017-10-03 01:10 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Kidani to focus on developing content for company behind Milky Holmes, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House Steps Down

posted on 2017-10-03 01:40 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
John Kodera appointed as new president; House remains as Chairman of SIE to facilitate transition

Love Is Like a Cocktail, Blu-ray Release! PV

Licensing Magazine: Professor Layton TV Series in Development

posted on 2017-10-03 16:00 EDT by Karen Ressler
New Layton title listed for 2018