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Peace Maker Kurogane Film Project Reveals Rough Character Designs for Saitō, Tatsunosuke, Saya

posted on 2017-11-06 00:15 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Toei Reports Increase in Profits in 1st Half of Fiscal Year

posted on 2017-11-06 11:30 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Copyright, licensing, TV anime sales up; film, theatrical anime down from last year

Answerman: Why Does Anime Often Feature Ear Cleaning?

by Justin Sevakis, Nov 6th 2017

IG Port Establishes Digital Publication Subsidiary

posted on 2017-11-06 17:30 EST by Karen Ressler
The Ancient Magus’ Bride editor steps up as representative director

1st Haikara-san ga Tōru Film’s Clip Shows Benio, Shinobu’s Meeting

posted on 2017-11-07 02:00 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film based on historical shōjo manga opens on Saturday

1st Part of LayereD Stories 0 Smartphone Game’s Anime Streamed

posted on 2017-11-07 11:15 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Anime to stream through iOS/Android game after launch this winter

Anime Limited Schedule Updates (UK)

posted on 2017-11-07 14:09 EST by Andrew Osmond
Revised schedule through November and December

Shochiku Reports Increase in Sales Over 1st Half of 2017

posted on 2017-11-07 15:00 EST by Karen Ressler
Company notes Kuroko’s Basketball, Tokyo Ghoul films as popular titles

Rem Returns To Challenge “Fate/” In Newtype Character Rankings

November 07, 2017 2:46pm CST

TV Anime “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo” Gets Blu-ray Box Release in April 2018

November 07, 2017 10:30pm CST
Anime character designer Yoichi Ohnishi newly draws the bookcase cover

Baito Saki wa Aku no Soshiki!? Super-Villain Comedy Novel Gets Net Anime

posted on 2017-11-08 00:35 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Vertical Anime app debuts anime about high schooler working at evil organization on November 13

Saori Hayami, Mamoru Miyano Introduce Highlights of “Haikara-san ga Tooru” Anime Film in Video

November 08, 2017 12:30am CST
Miyano says, “This film gives a strength to live to us in the present day.”

Answerman: How Long Will Anime Stay Up On A Streaming Site?

by Justin Sevakis, Nov 8th 2017

Akitaro Daichi Pays Tribute To 100th Anniversary Of Oldest Anime With NSFW-ish Sequel

November 08, 2017 3:01pm CST
Produced by Jun’ichi Kōuchi in 1917, Namakura Gatana: Hanawa Hekonai meitō no maki or Dull Sword, is the oldest surviving anime

Anime Nominated for Top Buzzword of 2017

posted on 2017-11-09 17:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

1st Haikara-san ga Tōru Film’s Clip Shows Ranmaru Confessing to Benio

posted on 2017-11-10 02:15 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film based on historical shōjo manga opens on Saturday

Kodoku no Gourmet Net Anime’s Promo Video Streamed

posted on 2017-11-10 10:00 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Series starring Kenyuu Horiuchi debuts on November 29

Answerman: Why Do American Actors Show Up In Japanese Commercials?

by Justin Sevakis, Nov 10th 2017

5 Anime Films Submitted for Animated Feature Oscar

posted on 2017-11-10 13:34 EST by Karen Ressler

Human-Powered Battleships Return in New Gainax Promotional Anime

November 10, 2017 2:17pm CST
16.5 minute anime feature promotes the town of Onahama in Fukushima Prefecture